using grunge maps to age textures

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grunge map

this is a grunge map and you can find a variety of them on CGTextures as well as splatters

grunge maps and splatters might, or might not, have an alpha channel to them. for grunge maps, it doesn’t matter much because i simply set its layer to something like 20% opacity to get the quickie effect i want. for a splatter, i’d take the time to use the magic wand or remove the background colour from the palette to make its background transparent

i use grunge maps as a cheat to “age” images, in this case, signs for Hax Nuit like the two images below


i did 37 textures last night and applied this to 4 or 5 and did not want to spend too much time on these (took about an hour to straighten, crop, and optimise all of them). they’ll be placed on a sim that is set to midnight so the detail isn’t critical and they also just serve as ambiance and don’t present any critical information

the first one, the Drugs sign, is meant to be a store marquis sign that would have been lighted from within. the second one, which seems to be some kind of show poster, is meant to look like a faded paper poster that might have been in a store window

the grunge map was applied as a layer and the image was reduced in brightness and contrast and decreased in saturation and increased in lightness. the poster’s white border was isolated and a little yellowing applied (there are no black borders on these like you see below)

you could spend more time on these but, as with this entire build, it’s a balance of development time and detail with time being the determining factor. images were all optimised to png-8s, usually with 128 colours rather than 256 and sizes are typically 512 pixels as the largest dimension and many are 256 pixels since detail isn’t vital


Hello Kitty is Japanese but i found HK graffiti from Hong Kong (HK to the HK!)

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written by Ener Hax

December 12th, 2012 at 7:43 am

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