using Flickr as your texture Source


Flickr is a great tool for storing and sharing your images. virtually every image in this blog is served up via Flickr and we have over 12,500 pics there! o_O

a free Flickr account will allow you to show 200 images. you can upload more than that, but only the latest 200 will show. for $24.95 USD per year, you can have unlimited images and are able to access your originals

when you upload an image to your Flickr account, it gets resized and compressed into a jpg format. once uploaded, you can set permissions for who can view them and who can download them. you can also set your license and i like setting ours to Creative Commons to allow others to use them. some of our images have ended up in wild places, like a rocket image used in an article talking about terrorist training in Second Life! o_O


our 12,600th pic

one thing i am going to start using Flickr for is storing the textures i use in Enclave Harbour. even though I don’t use a lot of textures, it’s easy to get lazy (for me) about keeping them well organised on my home machine and i lose track of them (especially signage for some odd reason). plus, with my textures on Flickr, I can access them from anywhere which is handy since i use sim-on-a-stick on my laptop when i’m away from home *gee, i must of had my thinking cap on to come up with that revelation!* =D

Torley has offered his textures via Flickr for years (btw, the texture on the left is one of my faves – can be coloured to anything to add shading)

you will need the paid “pro” account to access your originals which, i assume, most people would want to do. the originals will be the exact files you uploaded in the format you created, they’ll just be renamed but you can tell they are originals by the file format and the “_o” at the end of the name like this: 6837510627_e7186fffee_o.png

so if you make your textures as 256 x 256 png-8s, then that’s what you’ll have with the downloaded original

you can arrange your textures into a Flickr Collection (like Torley does) and have sets within that collection as a way to organize them

if you are more organised than i am, you can save yourself $25 a year; but for me it’s the only way i can keep from being so scattered! =D

a note on using a third-party service like Flickr – even though it’s a paid service they still have the Yahoo! terms of service and can cancel your account at their discretion. i batch process my general in-world snapshots with Fireworks to turn them into jpgs and adjust contrast and i should have kept them all rather than deleting them after uploading to Flickr

today i bought a $30 tool called Bulkr that allowed me to download all 12,599 image originals and automatically sort them into folders as their flickr set names. it took about three hours to download them all (well, it is four year’s worth of in-world pics) =)


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written by Ener Hax

February 7th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

posted in virtual worlds

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  1. I use FLickr but i have a problem with alpha pics. When i upload them the invicible parts get black. But if i upload them directly to the blog they are fine. I guess its because Flickr saves them as JPGs so u cant use png? Is there a solution for this for a no tech swedish blonde? :}


    8 Feb 12 at 1:22 am

  2. nice question and i’ll add the answer to a post today

    try going here

    and then “view all sizes” for each of the three and then select origibnal and then download original

    the three will be transparent but flattened. so that means the two PNGs will keep all their full transparency and the gif will keep the transparent background but lose the alpha of the shapes themselves


    Ener Hax

    8 Feb 12 at 6:12 am

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  4. Great! But that means i cant link pictures from FLickr to my blog anywoo. Ty!! <3


    8 Feb 12 at 3:53 pm

  5. why? i still link images? what you mean?

    Ener Hax

    8 Feb 12 at 3:56 pm

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  7. […] this and usually lose the original work file, thus my attempt to upload working texture files to flickr as a texture source) […]

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