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i am interested in Unity because it can play in a browser, on an iPad, and on Android

apart from that, i have little inclination to start creating in Unity because, in my opinion, it makes it harder to do virtual worlds. easier accessibility is clearly the advantage that Unity has, however, OpenSim is far more approachable

my personal “acid test” for this and to demonstrate what i mean by “more approachable” is to ask how long would it take to get a 12 year old to the point where they can create a house in a 3D space. i know what it takes to learn Blender (great tool but steep learning curve)  and in OpenSim i can teach someone how to make a house in an hour, including textures and scripting a door (cut and paste, but they still get a door)

OpenSim will be my choice for a while as far as having a way for kids to create BUT . . . Unity may be the choice for sharing what i have built in conjunction with subQuark’s book. his project is about virtual field trips and not about teaching anyone how to build. for that purpose, Unity seems to be the only viable browser-based option and a very good one performance-wise

to be fair to Unity and Tipodean, i wanted to post a video showing the quality settings that redsolarmoon, Chris Collins, and Eurominuteman educated me about (the video below was made from Tipodean OpenSim conversion this demo – boys sure do love guns!)

the video shows how the user can set their own quality settings (hit Esc) and the overhead difference on the CPU is minimal – my Task Manager went from 22% on the lowest setting to only 29% on the highest!

the quality of textures, lighting, and shadows do change but i still see some edges not getting anti-aliasing applied – it is a minor thing for being browser-based but still one that i hone in on and is shown in the full size of the static image on the left

overall, i am very impressed with this and with it as a possible means to do the virtual component of subQuark’s field trips for Enclave Harbour

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written by Ener Hax

July 16th, 2011 at 11:41 am

posted in OpenSim,virtual worlds

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  1. Just as we have a web server with a browser at the client end, then I believe Opensimulater regions should be served as they are now, from a server, and a user connects with a viewer(application, mobile app, or browser).

    Bundling or preloading, like for example, Blue Mars did is not the right way. The assets must come from a server, not from a preloaded file on the users machine.

    The Kitely approach is the right way. An opensim server, with unity viewer, such as Tipodean’s BuiltBuyMe viewer.

    Yes, the various Unity viewers need further development work. Currently they are like the very earliest Second Life viewer. But progress is afoot, and I wish the Unity viewer approach the best luck in the way forward.

    Breen Whitman

    16 Jul 11 at 3:49 pm

  2. I think the anti-aliasing not working might be due to the available post-processing rendering options (such as glow,etc) disabling anti-aliasing. Possibly a engine/hardware limitation. Not for certain on this, though. But, this is what I seem to be seeing from answers in Unity forums. Someone mentioned that anti-aliasing cannot be changed during run-time. So, it needs to be set during the build. Just basing this on what I understood in the forums.

    FYI – I made my own web demo using the Fantastic option and the anti-aliasing does indeed work. I’m using the free indie version so I don’t have some of the snazzy rendering features. That could be why? Not sure.


    16 Jul 11 at 4:43 pm

  3. Educators require in-world building in groups, and only enables this with cinema class rendering. Vastpark is also listed with Immersive Education Initiative iED, whose educational requirements benchmark the approach “Create Once, Experience Everywhere”…


    16 Jul 11 at 7:07 pm

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