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“Better late than never.”

That expression is surely stretched in this case.  I spoke at a conference in Corpus Christi, Texas back in April and created a video to run as a promo between sessions. The presentation was made as a Flash projector file to ensure it would play on any PC. After the conference, I was asked if I would provide a web-friendly version.  Being five minutes long, it becomes difficult to export it out as a movie from Flash effectively.

The projector piece was 42 MB, far too large to present well online.  But, you can always go back into the flash piece and update the compression settings for all the video clips.  Going from 1,100 kbps to 400 kbps on the video clips and dropped the SWF from 42 to 20 MB.  Still very large but closer to acceptable.

Being a fan of online tools, I finally decided to let handle the conversion and streaming aspect (CODECs are always sketchy when handing off video files to other site). But being able to embed the HTML from into any site avoids CODEC issues.  So here it is, better late than never!

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written by subQuark

August 24th, 2009 at 9:17 am

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  1. Great. I got a bit confused with your comments on Video in flash format. There is no problem uploading the file in flash format with 42 MB, I guess, I never had problems with that, I guess works as mp4 files (my fav. video format), I only need to edit on a video program and on the save options I select the video file to force download mode (set to 1mbps).

    I’ve used before a video file with 610 mb (mp4 H-264) and direct link to it, hosted on my server and worked very finne to any of my visitors.


    24 Aug 09 at 9:48 am

  2. Way cool… great showcase of SL, and obviously a lot of time put into finding the right places in SL and putting it all together. The Lindens should pay you for the free advertising!


    24 Aug 09 at 2:41 pm

  3. I wish! The Lindens are great at customer support, but not customer service. The distinction being that they are wonderful at fixing broken services (phone support is efficient) but terrible at answering questions from users interested in promoting the product (in my case, writing a workbook on my eLearning approach).

    This video ran for two days (poor people working the conference) and was used to introduce the final keynote speaker – Pathfinder Linden from the Boston office.

    I have emailed John (Pathfinder) on a few ocassions with praise for their Boston efforts and about this conference, yet no acknowledgement.

    Not to sound pompous; I am fairly well respected in eLearning circuits (having been invited to 8 venues in 6 months), am evangelistic on Second Life, provide free resources to the eLearning community encouraging the use of Second Life (this video included), was asked to author a book on Second Life as an eLearning 3D application (not as a collaborative tool), and yet…

    Add to that the subscription Ener and I hold with Linden Lab and there is the absolute realization that Linden takes such efforts for granted. Must be nice to have so many people advocating the use of your product and be significant users of it as well

    It’s good to be King, or M Linden, at least.

    David Miller

    24 Aug 09 at 3:13 pm

  4. Hey spy, the problem I run into is is saving as a movie from the flash authoring tool (File > Export Movie). Flash does not save out to MOV unless set to Flash 5 or below and then if you save to AVI, you have CODEC issues for viewers.

    So I export out as an 3ix AVI, then to, then no worries on streaming or CODECs.

    I agree that MP4 is the way to go and I publish my video tutorials that way (and they get pushed to iTunes as well).

    David Miller

    24 Aug 09 at 3:34 pm

  5. Did u tried to upload pure flash? as many others alow FLA format easily, since most of them convert the formats to flash output.


    25 Aug 09 at 1:14 pm

  6. Oh major “doh” on me! I tried a SWF but never tried a FLA! Where were you Sunday night at 6 PM when I was messing with this! I could have saved 2 hours of optimizing, resizing, and general dread! =)

    Thank you for the information, I am heading over to try it out (and maybe have better quality online!).

    David Miller

    25 Aug 09 at 8:03 pm

  7. Now I saw “doH” sorry my mistake I didn’t mean only fla allowed to, also ready for SWF (not fully as I see) I saw many people complaint about SWF doesn’t make the conversion quiet well, some audio versus video sync issues.

    Read this: “The files I upload usually to are .mov (QuickTime) versions of the movies I create. You can’t upload the .swf and related files as is going to automatically convert a copy of your files to .flv (this is generally good) and .swf can’t be converted to that type. Uploading .mov allows me to accomplish two things: 1. I can connect to the converted .flv (or the original .mov) from a website or blog post either in an embedded player, link, or pop-up window; or, 2. I can link to the .mov file in a blog post which will get picked up by aggregators like iTunes (with a little help from FeedBurner which can turn a simple blog rss feed to a podcast/vodcast feed).” hope that helps.

    And of course I don’t use (used that before) because they can just delete your videos (from Second Life). They say “We do not work with “viral” video (i.e. one-offs), we do not accept videos that are primarily intended to market a product or service (unless you are a paying advertiser) and we do not accept gameplay videos.”

    Next time the best (and very best) is to try another file format (.mov, .avi or pure video format) than swf (pretty confusing to understand how works (and I am since 1 year on movie productions). Otherwise the best it is to host the SWF and embed that on a web page and pray hopping that your visitors are able to see, or to write a comment telling that they are not able to see it lol


    26 Aug 09 at 11:43 am

  8. Wait a minute, subQuark is??? Holy crap, small world! Philemon Wright HS??? Knock me over with a feather!

    Torli Duffy

    1 Sep 09 at 1:15 am

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