those InWorldz peeps are nuts!


by nuts, i mean in a great way! a handful of my old SL friends call InWorldz home and always speak well of it and i have a great relationship with Tranq (no, not that kind of relationship) =p

two summers back Tranq helped me get my PC squared away so that it would properly run Imprudence 1.4 – he went way above and beyond and spent hours walking me through configurations. it’s the kind of knowledge that i can always use going forward and a sign of how good a teacher Tranq is (apart from his crazy mad tech skillz) =)

well, Tranq does it again – he amazes me with his utter passion for all things virtual world. he placed some of my builds in a new fangled HTML5/canvas dealio that lets you look at those objects online. my day job has firewalls that prevent me from hitting virtual worlds (thus my use of SoaS) but these i can hit

what a cool way to show your work via an everyday browser!

you can spin and zoom in on objects and even the textures are visible. one thing i need to check is if the skid steer model i sent him included its tire treads, which aren’t a texture but a viewer bumpiness thing

i’m not sure if these links will be perpetual so i also did a YouTube of how they work

this is a cool tool and certainly an awesome way to show off your work (i’d love to put this on my portfolio as resume items and how cool would that be for merchants and websites!)

thanks Tranq! you are def the man! learn more at InWorldz =)

direct YouTube link

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written by Ener Hax

May 9th, 2013 at 10:37 am

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4 comments to 'those InWorldz peeps are nuts!'

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  1. Really hope many Sl users and or builders will give a try to a closed but loved and well managed grid for a change, being Inworldz as 3th rock or avination or Kitely for sure much worth trustable then Linden “EA” Lab!

    ZZ Bottom

    10 May 13 at 4:12 am

  2. The policies in SL seem to be getting a bit strange lately, and they periodically break objects by reducing and limiting more and more things each year, forcing builders to make updates and workarounds or seek other grids. I have no idea why SL has decided to break high mass physics as this was an interest to me previously. It may have caused sims to crash from memory faults or physics engine lockups when people rezzed very large megaprims, such as the 65535 meter cube. (That is almost 256 sims x 256 sims x 256 sims in size.) Luckily I’m a grid hopper and go from SL to IW to OS to keep things from going stale. I find that SL is great for social events and such because of the sheer volume of people there, IW offers builders free uploads and other nice features without people pestering you by asking for L or trying to send you for a ride across the sandbox with a cheap pusher bullet, and OpenSim gives the user the ultimate configuration option – they own the sim, server, and hardware so the user makes the rules. I like mixing things up in OpenSim, such as random environment changes on sim bootup. Blue sun in an orange sky anyone?

    I am developing a few neat css3 tests pages to work with making web pages look cool and load faster than background images by using gradients instead. This would give in-world web based gadgets the extended controls while not being so plain or laggy.

    Mick Scarbridge (SL).

    Mick Scarbridge

    17 Jul 13 at 9:46 pm

  3. “pestering you by asking for L ” holy kaw, do people still do that inSL? way back when i was inSL, i was amazed at how many people just ask for money!

    when i was a Mentor, it was astounding at how frequently brand new rezzed people at Orientation Island would ask for sex!

    i don’t miss that nonsense!

    but on the other side, i loved when new people rezzed and wanted to learn how to build – very cool people!

    thank goodness there are peeps out there like you Mick, who keep thinking outside the prim! (literally with your texture scripting!) =)

    Ener Hax

    18 Jul 13 at 8:24 am

  4. Actually, this month a complete stranger decided to ask me to “borrow” 15,000 L as I was busy building something in a sandbox. I laughed and asked them to stop e-begging people in that sandbox. Another asked me for a random 200 L while I was at another sandbox, testing things there. My general “default policy” regarding strangers asking for L is “sorry, I don’t have any L to (lend/give).”, which is true. I use my L to upload mesh and textures frequently, then build with them and sell things to earn more L to support my building habits, lol. Most of these types go to sandboxes to e-beg for L from all people there, and some do it so much they bum a good 8,000+ L from the masses in a month. Others do the whole spampire thing, where they request bites without asking first to everyone at safe hubs or sandboxes.

    I am working on an AI script for using my old alt account as a security bot that can integrate RLV to move on command or when specific things are detected. If successful, my alt could also be a good form of infotainment, combining witty humor with facts, definitions, and other things. I may use notecards for the AI subject “plugins” instead of scripts, which can simply be dropped in to add a subject. I made a script-based “ten-codes” plugin, as well as “morse-code” and “phonetic-abc” for a demo to test with before deciding on adding a notecard.

    Mick Scarbridge (SL).

    Mick Scarbridge

    27 Jul 13 at 4:31 pm

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