the size of a person is measured by the size of their problems


some drama on a G+ group was brought to my attention by my fave goth VW scripter

some noise about my freebie store (seriously? my simple prim stuff? nothing magical, no fancy textures, and not even any scripting) =p

first off, i have a wonderful and respectful relationship with Tranq. he’s helped me with hours of advice and step-by-step instructions to get my machine running properly =)

secondly, when Kitely changed its access options, the loss of the two hour a month free access for free accounts hosed our Enclave Harbour access plans. it’s no longer feasible and that was a call made by subQuark and myself. Enclave Harbour is on the back burner but will eventually be realised (it is important to us – SubQ taught middle and high school for years and i’m a direct result of a positive role model for my college science and math studies). Enclave Harbour will either be hosted by nice people (two awesome offers) or given away free (now that Mac SoaS exists, that might be reasonable)

rather than continuing to pay $35 a month for something that we’d never use, we dropped it and that meant me losing the extra sims i had for the freebie shop and Hax Nuit (yes, yes, yes, i know that Kitely’s awesome, i’ve blogged about that a bunch)

and for me, what’s the point of having the shop or Hax Nuit up if i wasn’t going to tweak them (i can’t see spending $19.95 a month and yes, yes, yes, i could have created multiple accounts – but there’s only one me)

when i decided to drop the store i thought of Tranq and maybe paying back the favour, plus have this content available to InWorldz people (including my top two old timer friends and my fave Swedish meatball). the content had been online for a year at for anyone to snag and then exclusively on Kitely for a year (favouritism!)

i asked Tranq if he was interested in any of the store’s content or the entire thing; he was thrilled and i was happy, what a concept – two friends helping each other out and feeling good about life – virtual and real (i <3 and respect Tranq very much) =)

anyways, i added notes in italics into excerpts from that G+ group to put in my canadian two cents:

” . . .  remove the shop from Kitely when likely they will become Hypergrid enabled . . . Ener’s freebies would have been available to a much bigger public . . . Still, it’s her decision but I do wonder why she didn’t add a little freebie shop to Hax Nuit before she downgraded. She could have added some freebies to Kitely market too.”

ugh, forget about duplicating my work with the Kitely market! it was already free and why would i want to spend hours figuring out that noise? i’m not a merchant, i don’t sell anything

and i can’t figure out how i would add the store to Hax Nuit – the store is the size of an entire sim and Hax Nuit has over 35K prims. to me the store’s scale makes it fun, not so much the contents, and tossing my chairs into a shop in Hax Nuit makes no sense for an abandoned walled city

“Still, I wish Ener every success at Inworldz with her freebie shop.”

aww and thank you, but you do realise that i am not in InWorldz and how do you have success with freebie stuff? i don’t have any near future plans to login – i’m kind of busy with a full time job, a part time job, and a family. it’s now InWorldz’s shop and their content, and frankly, there’s no way i’m sweeping the floor of that giganto 16 acre shop every night!  =p

“What I find good about this is now it is obvious that despite those grid owners saying they do not play favorites, this shows folks they in fact, do. Nothing wrong with giving someone a free region at all, to my thinking, just be upfront and real about it.”

doh on ass-umptions – and why is imagining a nefarious endeavor ever a “good” thing? i don’t have a free region! the store is evidently a full region, but it’s not mine anymore and i’m flattered that the InWorldz team thought it was fun too (if you haven’t been, i think it’s rather unique, i’ve never seen anything built to this scale) *pats self on the back*

and who played favourites? it was free online, then in Kitely, and now InWorldz (hmm, maybe i get around too much!) – i asked Tranq if he wanted some or all of my freebie OAR – it’s my stuff, i do what i like with it. it’s now part of the freebies InWorldz offers its residents

guess what, you can do what you like with your prims too =O

hmm, i’m asked subQuark at lunch today if he wanted some of my shrimp quesadilla because i didn’t eat it all, is that favouritism? (it’s my favourite for sure!) YUM! =)

“Tho [sic] I suspect if this got out some other [sic] probably would not like it to [sic] much, but that’s their own fault. I doubt they would admit to this openly or in their own forums.”

if what gets out? that someone gave some prim objects to someone else? it’s not a winning lotto ticket or the cure for cancer. ugh, i don’t have a free sim in InWorldz or anywhere else either (i deleted Hax Nuit yesterday – that’s tomorrow’s post). shhh, since this might spread in forums, don’t tell anyone that i’m a french canadian jew with a big nose and maybe even chlamydia, that’s a secret and isn’t that the excessive love of clams linguine anyway? *ewww* o_O

“. . . Ener has stated she did not like the Kitely costing changes [while not apparently fully understanding them and still much lower than inwz], it is a full region OAR she gave David, and that OAR is loaded into inwz…unless Ener has decided it is ok to pay inwz 75 a mth, of course.”

nope, i don’t pay nobody nuthin’ and yep, i’m an idiot not understanding enough (certainly not able to understand that $35 a month is less than $75, but it sure is less than the $2,920 i was paying SL!) but i am learning to tie my shoes – the only OpenSim home i claim now is Sim-on-a-Stick! \o/ FTW! for the effing win!

“In any case, giving OARs to others is common in the Meta, and as Talla said, it is Ener’s choice to do as she wishes with it.”

yay, thanks for allowing me free will (i knew i left socialist canada for some reason – damn poutine eating frogs) *shakes fist while looking north*

“And it does not matter anyways, inwz won’t ever be anything other than a small niche grid while the rest of the HG’ed Meta continues to move forward.”

gee, that’s mean spirited and if it doesn’t matter, why bring it up? i know that my dear friends like it there and i heart Tranq, so i’m as happy as a clam (doh on the clam reference!) =D

so there! na-na, na-na, boo-boo! =p

btw, “na-na, na-na, boo-boo” is an example of my new fave word – onomatopoeia!

flame on ya flamers! =D

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written by Ener Hax

February 11th, 2014 at 9:25 pm

posted in virtual worlds

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9 comments to 'the size of a person is measured by the size of their problems'

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  1. There is only one drama queen in the comment section of that post in G+ and she has got personal issues with InWorldz. Whenever they get some positive mention in any blog related to OpenSimulator she will show up and leave more or less hateful comments.

    So don’t take it personally, it is not really aimed at you. It is targeted against InWorldz. In a way I even see her ranting as a positive advertisement of InWorldz as she looses any argument she stirrs up…

    Orlando Frequency

    12 Feb 14 at 12:24 am

  2. Inworld’s was not my cup of tea I left after 6 months but that doesn’t mean they are terrible people or should be run threw the gutter’s,

    You are well respected and only small minds think like that!,
    don’t let it get you down’ just imagine how miserable they most really be inside to be so hurtful and selfish we really should feel sorry for persons of that nature just imagine what their parent’s went thru :-))


    12 Feb 14 at 1:09 am

  3. I found this video it shows their are more then just a few old crows in the world besides those online being flamers:-)


    12 Feb 14 at 1:17 am

  4. HUGS to Ener ! I happen to love Poutine especially proper “genuine” poutine… Please don’t insult the Poutine… We’ll have to call you back to Canada and force you to use Real Maple Syrup on your pancakes & Real Fresh Squeaky Cheese Curds on your poutine… maybe even have to get you loaded up on Beaver Tails too, do you like yours with Cinnamon Sugar or Homemade Jams ?

    To use an analogy of sorts… the Real Poutine = the real people who help out others, document, support others efforts in OpenSim… The Trolls, Dramatists etc are the Genuine Imitation Poutine made with processed cheese slices…(ok stomach roll over warning)… May present OK initially (first looks anyways) but totally toxic underneath.

    ** PS ** Sorry about the horrid mental picture of processed muck on poutine, potentially traumatic ! **

    That dramatists have pushed a lot of good folks away over the years… They revel in their misdeeds and the drama they generate without realizing they are hurting the community that they purport to like, love or even support… Case in point is the number of Developers and former OpenSim supporter’s that have moved over to In-Worldz and are working with them to develop their “fork of OpenSim”. In fact, that in itself is part of the animosity for “some people” because they left OpenSim & Viewer Dev’s because of the drama and bull phooey games of some folks. The dramatists and trolls seem to have, or simply choose to, take on hard feelings about that and therefore they bash anything and everything they can, to make themselves feel better about themselves.

    Ironically… The dramatists & trolls have not figured out that they themselves are hurting the growth & expansion of OpenSim by spreading such vitriol. Real developers, Educators, Professionals & Corporates who are investigation Virtual World Technologies look at OpenSim and related forums, blogs etc and pick up on the negativity, infighting, childish (kinder-garden sandbox fighting) and make judgements on that. Most folks want to avoid drama & childish games and when they see it flowing, they walk away… In several cases, this infighting & trollishness has even pushed grps/orgs out of OpenSim and onto platforms like Unity-3D, OpenWonderland and others to accomplish their goals & aims…

    Bottom Line: Ener do what is best for YOU and YOUR GOALS & AIMS and ignore the fools who choose to bash… They are only propping themselves up and their own feelings of inadequacy at the expense of others. Your work with SOAS, Hax Nuit & Everything else you have made available, has ENRICHED THE OPENSIM COMMUNITY and added VALUE to ALL, so please don’t take the fools to heart. Sadly many do not seem to comprehend that COMMUNITY = COMMON UNITY.



    12 Feb 14 at 7:20 am

  5. lol, thanks everybody! i’m glad you know me this well =) i’m pretty transparent but will get a chip on my shoulder from time to time

    what got my goat wasn’t the freebie stuff but the attack on Tranq which he felt needed clarification

    the world is big enough for InWorldz to be a part of it and they will rise and fall due to a good number of factors (least of all my store!). Tranq has been wonderful with me and i’ve never spent a dime in InWorldz

    i was a volunteer firefighter and paramedic for a few years while i was in school and giving back to the community is important to me whether that’s comes with risk of physical harm or virtual flaming harm! =D

    the web wouldn’t be complete without drama and, at some point, a comment needs to appear blaming all of this on Obamacare or probably Bill Clinton!

    and poutine with processed cheese slices. egad – the humanity!

    and i really like the common unity! that’s brilliant!

    vive le québec libre!

    Ener Hax

    12 Feb 14 at 7:39 am

  6. “forget about duplicating my work with the Kitely market! ”
    I feel for you there.
    Kitely Market is very well organized, but it does take time and hard work to load up a store
    Not like you just snap your fingers and there it is.

    “to me the store’s scale makes it fun, not so much the contents”
    the content is excellent, but it was the concept and execution of the store that I liked to show people

    I did feel rather sad that the freebie store was leaving Kitely. From my point of view it disappeared inside InWorldz, possibly never to be seen again.
    However, things change. If it lived in a free Kitely world, and accessible only to premium members, that rather negates the concept of freebies, and how different would it be ?

    It seems a few of us have had to rethink our plans in Kitely, because of the pricing change. But this is really preparation and a wake up call for future Hypergrid connection, and how we choose to deal with that. We can still use Kitely as a low cost and flexible provider, but it seems difficult to use for a freebie world, unless you are able and willing to cover the whole cost. At the same time Hypergrid offers risks and opportunities, and a way forward.
    Options are there, in and out of Kitely, we each have to work out how to use them and what works best for us.

    “when the wind changes, some build walls, some make windmills “

    Keith Selmes

    12 Feb 14 at 8:21 am

  7. Sorry about the frightful image of processed cheese on poutine… ;) at least I did not say “Velveeta” the Edible Oil Product… LOL

    The Etymology for “Community” is below… for those inclined to know it’s derivative history … ;)

    Community (n.), from Old French comunité “community, commonness, everybody” (Modern French communauté), from Latin communitatem (nominative communitas) “community, society, fellowship, friendly intercourse; courtesy, condescension, affability,” from communis “common, public, general, shared by all or many,” (see common (adj.)). Latin communitatem “was merely a noun of quality … meaning ‘fellowship, community of relations or feelings,’ but in med.L. it was, like universitas, used concretely in the sense of ‘a body of fellows or fellow-townsmen’ ” [OED].

    An Old English word for “community” was gemænscipe “community, fellowship, union, common ownership,” from mæne “common, public, general,” probably composed from the same PIE roots as communis. Community service as a criminal sentence is recorded from 1972, American English. Community college is recorded from 1959.


    12 Feb 14 at 9:01 am

  8. I think I owe Ener an apology for suggesting her freebie shop could have been added to Hax Nuit rather than removing it from Kitely altogether. I didn’t think about the scale of the shop. My bad!

    But, anyway, I don’t have a problem with Ener giving it to Inworldz and I don’t have a problem with Inworldz itself or Tranq or any of the owners. In fact I rather like Tranquility Dexler. If anyone could have changed my views about that grid it was Tranq that did it plus I have friends there and I would rather not hold Inworldz, as a community, responsible for the negative views and contempt some members of that grid hold for other grids, core Opensim and the Hypergrid concept. And, sorry to say, but the negativity is not all one way.

    Minethere Always has her own views born out of negative experiences she and her friends feel they suffered while being deeply involved as members of Inworldz and she is apt to bring up these issues when ever a topic about Inworldz is published. But, because someone comments in the same topic as others it doesn’t mean the others share the same views unless they clearly make a point of it.

    G+ Opensim Virtual is a community and covers many topics about what happens in the Metaverse including events, promotions, help topics, hosting and news which picks up on blog posts too. Ener blogged about her freebie shop closing at Kitely and it opening at Inworldz. As such, that was a news event and worthy of mention. It was not reported negatively but some sadness was expressed that it was leaving Kitely. However, in the comments, Tranq and Minethere exchanged views about Inworldz intentions. No one joined in and they were left to it and they dropped the discussion after a few heated comments.

    Opensim Virtual posting guide clearly states members are free to express their views but there views are their own and not those of the community owner or anyone else.

    Minethere was free to express her views and Tranq was free to challenge those views. There was no name calling or abuse that is usually associated with dramas so I was quite saddened that Ener chose to quote out of context and mix comments from different people in order to make her point.

    But still I think you are a fantastic feisty blogger Ener who speaks her mind and I love you to bits for it as ever.

    Talla Adam

    14 Feb 14 at 6:31 am

  9. Argh, sorry I got here late to the party!! Nobody told me of this…grrr and phooey and gosh darnit!! Any margaritas left??

    Look, I have as much right to say and do what I wish to say and do on the net, as anyone else has, and as Ener has to make it into drama when it was not, really.

    I have opinions, and I often state my opinions, and here in Texas many of us, especially who live in the countryside, and most especially women, are like that…and, we could care less what others wish to do with that, twist it around to fit their own reality, ignore the passion involved, ignore the fact that some people are much more complex and multi-faceted than some [even while thinking they are more than black and white people…go figure that one..]

    I could care less what anyone wishes to do with my comments towards David or that grid. Especially since that is not even the real issue, and am I required to explain myself to every tom, dick, harry and jane anytime I make a comment they do not like, or that they do not understand? Do any of you do that?

    Keep in mind that just as any of you have conversations in private, others do so also…can I get a hoora on that???

    I was never actually all that invested in showing this little slice of the net the real issues with the inwz grid owners, and if I had been things would be much, much different. I never cared…if people are so dumb that they cannot grasp that some people actually do think about what they do, what they say, and what ramifications any of that may have, then that is also not my problem.

    David, and Jim, and a couple of others took it upon themselves to insult me publicly, and I expect if any of you were insulted you may feel the need to reply in kind….and I didn’t even do that…what I did do is make fun of them and primarily show them as not relevant…there are many ways to deal with rude people.

    And often I did not even respond, because I am under no obligations of any kind to respond to anything I do not wish to, and sometimes allowing those kinds of people the last word is best anyways.

    I actually waited for around 6 months before I did my little expose of that grid, and it had nothing to do with all the good folks there, most who since left since I was actively there over 2 years ago now. The blog clearly stated this, and some of my reasons, and it clearly stated that Beth is the issue there.

    David was only a small side thing in that drama, that I did not cause, in allowing my main avie access to the grid again. Because after a few days, and also seeing my alts were not affected, it was clear in my mind that if I wanted to settle things there I had to do a move around her. My alts were never affected and in fact getting an offline to one alt is how I realized I could still use them. I used that one to IM David, and the next day he “allowed” my main avie access again, and I used several months to talk to friends there and get most of them into email or other ways to communicate that would be out of the control of Beth, and I used that time to get out content of mine I wanted to have available and which I had not before considered I would need to do.

    Once I dealt with David in emails and he clearly showed me he could care less about my losses there, he then became a nobody to me just as Beth was…Jim later commenting in places only made him one to me also. And that is not to mention the alts and such who have made extremely rude comments to me, even when I talk about things totally unrelated to that grid.

    Personally, in my playtime I am not interested at all in being treated rudely and with such contempt and lack of customer service that I could get better down at the local country convenience store, and why would I? and would you?

    As well, as my blog states clearly, I was never told of anything I did wrong, because I did nothing wrong but upset Beth by distributing the Miss inworldz crown that the creator had already given out full perm [because she was upset, as was I, about Beth taking her hard earned crown away and giving it to some half-illiterate nobody who could care less how she got it, and pretends she actually earned it..and Beth not only went in and changed her profile when she kept saying she was miss inwz but also threatened her with banning, which she did for 3 days, but threatened her that if she got her friends to support her they would also be banned], I just gave it out more, and Beth freaked {I have all that in IM history on my computer.].

    Long story short, I do not have to explain myself to anyone, anywhere, and I quickly realized that not only did most people not care, but that also people would twist it around to serve their own ends, as several from that grid have done since then.

    Soooo, pfffttt…but if you wish to quote my words again Ener, step up and do it publicly, and then maybe I will hear about it sooner, and if I am in the mood, maybe I will say something about it.

    btw, thx Orlando, I had not previously known how you felt where I am concerned, and I always enjoy and appreciate knowing rather than not knowing.

    You all can do your drama and it is not my place to ever say otherwise, but if you wish to sling my main known name around [which I purposefully only use in public because I stand behind my words and deeds]…then say it plain and simple.

    This is all old news and I even added that to that blog page and made the “most looked at” sidebar thing to not show it since it is the most viewed on that blog and I did not wish to give it even that credibility anymore.

    But, please, I already know, and understand people could care less as long as they are not affected personally…I saw that with the OSG drama of last year and have seen it with my own issue with inwz when I was more interested it discussing it.

    You can see but a glimpse of the nonsense I have had to put up with in this blog and the comments, which totally discount all the good things I do for this Meta which I love…if I wish to have one small unimportant old issue with one grid I think is messing up the Meta [as any open eyed person reading all this could plainly see], then I am entitled to do just that….just as any of you are.

    bleh…if I seem upset here, I am not, actually…lololol


    Minethere Always

    18 Apr 14 at 2:27 pm

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