storyline NPCs coming to Hax Nuit


there are so many ways to be creative in OpenSim – from making objects, scripting, coordinating events, and even tweaking the OpenSim code itself =)

my creativity is limited to prim-based building and virtually no scripting but there are times when i wish my creative toolbox was larger. one of those times is for Hax Nuit, but fortunately a talented and passionate person has decided to add her creativity to it:

I settled on an idea for the first NPC set, a mother and child. The story line: mother and child live/squat in an abandoned corner apartment in the SE side of town. The mother cannot leave the apartment as she is not well. The son sometimes goes out wandering to play, and sometimes to forage for food to bring back to mother. I’ve recorded the first path for the child and did a mockup in my private building world.

My *current* thought is to make it so that sometimes when the son goes out he gets “lost” or loses track of time while playing. Visitors will be encouraged by mother and/or son to return the son safely back to the mother. When successful, the visitor can be rewarded in some way (haven’t decided how yet). Scripting will track who has engaged with the mother and son, which will then determine how that visitor will be interacted with 1st, 2nd, subsequent encounters.

The bed will eventually be just a bent up messy mattress and tattered blanket on the floor, I’ll have to make those sculpties. I need to make or find some play type animations, maybe hop scotch like or skipping for the son.

this person is Ohn Lang and apart from mad skillz i envy, this storyline is very creative and a perfect fit for Hax Nuit. in her pictures below, i am totally blown away by the NPCs she has created! thank you Ohn and there’s no doubt that your creativity (and originality) will bring Hax Nuit to life =)

ohn-1 ohn-2

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written by Ener Hax

January 18th, 2013 at 8:45 pm

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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to implement Storyline NPC’s in my SoaS for months. I have read the documentation in the, found scripts such as the ones by Araxie Longoar. And I have been able to rez an NPC. That’s about it. The problem with creating scripts is that the “samples” still have variables in them which my very old brain can not realize or understand. I keep hoping for a “Aha” moment when the clouds part, but that never seems to happen.

    In any case I will watch your endeavors with great interest. And perhaps some kind person will either make a comprehensive tutorial for the NPC creations and movement or perhaps some scripts may be released which are have the same ease of working for the “computer challenged” as the SoaS programs have been for me.

    Many thanks for all your good work



    19 Jan 13 at 12:42 pm

  2. @mrjoyce When I get far enough along (I gotta buggy script and tunnel vision at the moment, ><) with what I have right now, I can put the scripts out on the ohns freebies world in Kitely. It will be a basic moving NPC that repeats a cycle of movements, animations and behaviors using a notecard.

    With that combination, it should make it easier to see how to create more complex scripts for NPC behaviors according to your own needs. I'll try to be good with comments :D

    As far as the NPCs for Hax Nuit, I will leave it entirely up to Ener to decide whether to share the scripts from those :D

    Ohn Lang

    20 Jan 13 at 3:49 pm

  3. Ohn,
    Thank you. I have checked out the Greeter you have in your store in Kitely. That script looks like a very good beginning to my being able to understand just how to implement the NPC scripts.

    I look forward to seeing the other scripts in time.

    Thanks again


    21 Jan 13 at 2:26 pm

  4. @mrjoyce
    There should be instructions in that package of scripts. That NPC works with a volume detect prim, rather than sensors.

    Ohn Lang

    22 Jan 13 at 4:13 pm

  5. woohoo! Ohn has been hard at work! and as far as any scripting you add to the Hax Nuit project, you can share it as you see fit =)

    the entire OAR won’t be made freely available but if you want to share your NPC work, that’s totally fine =)

    personally, i am in total awe of Ohn’s skillz and NPCs are fascinating =)

    Ener Hax

    22 Jan 13 at 9:55 pm

  6. I popped an action NPC package out on the ohn freebies world, SW area out behind the elevator demonstration (really tall building). The NPC and behaviors configured in that package are demonstrated in world (animations are freebies, and just to demonstrate how to animate). The NPC is named Moving Man, configurable walking, talking, animating, sitting, standing, pausing. The NPC controller can also be configured to rez objects throughout the region which can then be used for NPC to sit on as configured in the action card. Out of the box, the NPC controller contains 3 objects which are rezzed and positioned when the owner first touches the controller to create the NPC. There after, the NPC cycles through configured actions and is re-rezzed upon region restart.

    Everything in this package is copy/mod/transfer. I put quite a bit of information in the information notecard. To try the NPC out of the box, be sure to read the notes about minimum requirements in the instructions (basically, make sure the same area used by the NPC in ohn freebies is clear in your region). If you have any problems with permissions or taking a copy of the package, IM me and let me know. Oh, and remember, nearly all fun NPC commands are restricted to world owner, so the controller needs to be owned by the world owner to fully function. This object works in Kitely OpenSim configurations. I’ve not tested it in other grids.


    Ohn Lang

    24 Jan 13 at 2:06 pm

  7. […] far to techy for me. thankfully, i’ve met Ohn Lang who is interested in adding very cool storyline NPCs to Hax Nuit. since that time, she has developed a nifty starter kit for anyone interested in trying out […]

  8. […] there is nothing scripted, i think that’s a decent amount of time. my great hope of awesome scripted NPRs were dashed with the abrupt loss of the talented Ohn Lang – no one knows where she went and […]

  9. I use a combination of llToLower, llMessageLinked & the use of lists to simplify the text input for the NPCs to respond to my commands, even if I typo or misspell something. My solution is probably a bit borked but functional. llToLower changes the case of letters to all lower-case, eliminating case-sensitivity in llListen & other things. This works as long as the word or phrase your script is listening for does not contain any upper-case letters. The method I use for text pre-processing converts all text to lower case, then fixes typos before relaying them to the next script. This makes the NPC AI seem a little more natural because people usually know what you meant to type & respond accordingly. I want to try converting something like LibreOffice spell checker into the text processing script, but that may require using notecards & dataserver events. This complex method simplifies words & phrases for the AI to respond consistently even with typos or spelling errors. I did not want to create a grammar-nazi bot or anything, but even that could be amusing to interact with, lol. As for storyline flow, I would use the llSleep function then adjust the delays in that function while watching the NPC interactions, per NPC event.

    Mick Scarbridge

    31 Dec 14 at 4:15 pm

  10. if you ever want me to post you as a guest post, i’d love to~

    so many people are interested in NPCs (including me) =)

    Ener Hax

    14 Jan 15 at 10:44 am

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