Space Base Workstage – v2

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when i want a distraction, i often go piddle in one of a zillion copies of Sim-on-a-Stick i have. today i dinked around with the Space Base workshop and added a few things to it

two “best practice” things are an invisible safety rail so you don’t fall off the work stage edge on both the landed ship and flying ship and also lights to each one

there are 4 lights on each to give a soft glow to your work, in case you forget about the time and find yourself working after virtual world sunset =)

i also added some sculptie rocks and three groups of plants to break up the landing area, oh, i also added a moon! apart from the default moon, there’s a small moon using a real NASA moon texture that revolves around the flying ship! =)

if you’d like the OAR, it’s here on the Ener Hax site. the license is only intended to keep people from claiming this work as their own. you don’t need to give an attribution if you use it, just don’t be a schmuck and say you built this part of it (modify it all you want and duplicate it, share it, use it!)

you can also visit this in Kitely – Space Base Workstage


using 20 metre spheres lets me see where the actual light will reach – that way i can try to place them in optimal positions (6 lights is the max old viewers can “see” 0 so these 4 plus the sun and moon)


once i like the physical placement, i reduce the lights to small spheres and set their light properties then make them phantom and invisible


oversized kelp and ferns hopefully keep an other world feel (the ferns are a nod to the many movies filmed in British Columbia!) =p


that’s not the default moon, it’s a smaller one that both revolves and rotates

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written by Ener Hax

August 10th, 2013 at 11:11 am

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