slight changes to freebies


for 99.999% of you, these changes have no affect on you

i should have done this from the start and used a “real” license on my freebie stuff. actually, my boss subQuark suggested i not give away any stuff, except for things like my Hanukkah dreidel and independence day flags and beer! *he can be a stick in the mud at times but he is sage*


nice portfolio item! =p

a CC license isn’t the same as normal copyright and tries to offer a “relaxed” license to content. regardless of how much you place CC on your work you are always, and ultimately, protected by copyright laws. however, enforcing strict copyright protection under something that you explicitly said was CC would be difficult, but not impossible

it’s kind of like waivers for doing dangerous things – regardless of how many you sign and how legal they are, a court can always strike them down in extreme cases

anyway . . . most of you use freebie stuff in a perfectly fine way and you don’t have to give an attribution to the stuff you use in your personal sims. i added the CC thing out of frustration more than anything – i needed to do something or i’d explode. adding the license won’t stop anyone from being a fraud and it should not impede on your use of it

the event precipitating this was incredibly minor in the scheme of life (but so is a mosquito bite) and probably a sign of something larger that my blinders keep me from seeing

i’ve been thinking of easing back from my personal obsession of blogging everyday. i have not missed a single day since May 25, 2009 and think i’ve proven that i can stick to something! that’s 42 months of blah, blah, blah! =D

i also have a few OARs i’d like to finish – the floating campus and a cube office, both are about 70% done but have been neglected (the cube office fully embraces OpenSim) =)

my focus should be Enclave Harbour and educational endeavors (and Sim-on-a-Stick!) =)

side note: holy cow! it’s almost the end of 2012! dang! o_O


this and a notecard in everything – ugh, i’d rather be building


at least, and at last, i finally added a telehub to the store!

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written by Ener Hax

December 30th, 2012 at 1:06 am

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  1. @Ener,

    Considering this and the last post, it may be time to make another post and mirror it as “Read before Using” on your content site,

    I would do it in 4 sections: 1. use of content in an image, 2. use of content in a sim, 3. use of content downloaded on another web site, and 4. use of content in a sim download and in a sim content catalog.

    There’s examples of the proper way to give credit such as the following: illustrations showing credits given in various SL and RL fashion magazines as a list at the bottom or sidebar of the illustration and photos. The same for content on the open sim creations web site. Edit out the credits in the same illustrations and photos for the no-no version. I would consider the credit requires links or the url pointing back to since they are used by search engines to increase search ranking

    Tack the 4 following clauses in your license and that should be the end of it until something unforseen happens. This should help save time if you choose to use them:

    1. The terms of license is subject to change without notice; you agree that your license is subject to these changes and that you agree to periodically review for any changes made to the license. (everyone does this in their TOS)

    2. I have read the “Read before Using” and agree to comply with it and any changes that are made to it.

    3. If I have downloaded any content and no longer agree to the terms of this license – I will delete from any storage devices, virtual worlds, and games including my inventories the content and any copies of it that I am in control of and will notify you of the same that I am not in control of by providing you the url, name of the person and their physical address, name and location of the sim and game with the content.

    4. I will notify you of any violations and the url, name of the person and their physical address, name and location of the sim and game of this license by others that I had observed.


    30 Dec 12 at 8:15 am

  2. dang Joe! you are the official legal counsel

    that’s really nicely written and thorough =)

    thanks a ton, i’ll do that in the New Year and star calling you esquire joe from now on =)

    Ener Hax

    30 Dec 12 at 9:46 am

  3. I ain’t no stinking shyster. Although a couple of firms that I worked for, the attorney like to over book hearings and take off more than normal, so I was one of the few non-lawyers that had permission to do hearings on occasion and was marginally supervised with marginally being used liberally as an adjective if you could call it supervised. BTW all that esquire meant was a fancy title for being a land owner. Or in other words, I went to charm school and was taught “fantastic” meant bull shyte.


    30 Dec 12 at 2:22 pm

  4. I have nothing to add but this: Happy New Year, Ener! :)

    Abel Undercity

    30 Dec 12 at 5:35 pm

  5. Happy New Year to you Abel!

    all this has blown over now and the drama is done but joe’s sage advice will get rolled in to this very soon – thanks joe! =)

    Ener Hax

    31 Dec 12 at 9:30 am

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