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looking for the sim-on-a-stick download site? =)

self-contained HTML pages for Sim-on-a-Stick – may 16, ’13
supplemental non-internet HTML content

SoaS 0.7.5 – feb 17, ’13
latest version of OpenSim and a megaregion note

forget Simona Stick, use your own name for SoaS – jan 26, ’13
change the avatar name

does Sim-on-a-Stick collect any of your data – jan 2, ’13
what info is collected via Soas?

running Diva’s Wifi Admin Panel – sep 24, ’12
adding accounts to SoaS

Dot’s mega SoaS on a Mac and Kitely – sep 19, ’12
16 region SoaS on a Mac

16 region Sim-on-a-Stick hack – sep 15, ’12
setting up a 4×4 grid (16 regions) on SoaS

Sim-on-a-Stick 0.7.4 – video walkthrough for n00bs – sep 8, ’12
from download to viewer login in 3 minutes and 16 seconds *thumbs up*

Sim-on-a-Stick 0.7.4 hack – 1 region to megaregion to 4 regions – sep 7, ’12
change one region to a 2×2 megaregion to four 256 metre regions

sim-on-a-stickBreen’s port 9100 mod for Sim-on-a-Stick – aug 22, ’12
reduces conflicts with almost everything – comes standard on SoaS

Sim-on-a-Stick Installer video walkthrough – jul 29, ’12
easy wizard driven installer!

sim-on-a-stick on a Mac! – may 12, ’12
Dot Macchi runs sim-on-a-stick on a mac

changing regions & loading OARs for sim-on-a-stick – mar 20, ’12
changing regions and uploading OARs

customise your sim-on-a-stick login message – mar 19, ’12
change your viewer’s welcome message

what’s in a name – making accounts for sim-on-a-stick – mar 18, ’12
how to create accounts for your stick

sim-on-a-stick success – primary school – feb 10, ’12
fired up imaginations & students wanting to work in OpenSim through lunch!

sim on a sticksim-on-a-stick success – art gallery – part 2 – jan 27, ’12
art catalogue video of the oct 20th post

Multi-user Sim-on-a-stick – reprint – aug 8, ’12
Erik N.’s tutorial to network SoaS in the classroom

hypergrid from sim-on-a-stick – jan 15, ’12
hypergrid from sim-on-a-stick

Apache is not running for sim-on-a-stick? – jan 6, ’12
turning off Internet Information Services (IIS) might stop Apache is not running error

studio-on-a-stick – dec 5, ’11
turning your sim-on-a-stick into a studio on a stick with additional portable applications

make your stick bigger – for sim-on-a-stick of course – sep 26, ’11
change from FAT to NTFS format for bigger files

changing terrain textures for sim-on-a-stick – sep 24, ’11
changing the terrain textures

back up your sim-on-a-stick OARs – aug 28, ’11
how to back up region OAR files

multi-user sim-on-a-stick – aug 8, ’11
set up your sim-on-a-stick to allow multiple users to log in


sim-on-a-stick with media on a prim – may 10, ’11
media on a prim via the SL 2 viewer

sim-on-a-stick region change – apr 14, ’11
changing from the root region to the others on a 4 region setup

sim-on-a-stick account admin – apr 5, ’11
Diva’s Wifi account admin panel

sim on a stick – usb that is – september 21st, ’10
how to create a folder command prompt for XP

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written by Ener Hax

December 5th, 2010 at 10:28 pm

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  1. Ty a lot for this!! *must try it*

    Mera Kranfel

    6 Dec 10 at 12:58 am

  2. Hello from France !

    I succeeded in Roger’s tutorial first steps but even if apache and mysql are running i can’t succeed in managing mysql because i can open a command line prompt in mysql folder.

    If i run opensim.exe it launches then stops.

    Please help me because i want to explain how to set up opensimon a stick in Bamako next week for innov africa forum.

    Best regards.


    6 Dec 10 at 4:14 am

  3. Thanks for this handy listing Ener. I always get distracted reading your other interesting blog posts when looking for sim on a stick informaion :-)

    Finally got mine working a while back and gave up my rg sims. May delve back in with a simhost server sometime soon now that hypergridding is working, but for now it’s sl dancing (i’m a danceaholic…) and sim on a stick building (maybe a little sl building too :-).

    Thanks again for all the work you’ve done to make this information available.

    Happy holidays.

    Take care.


    6 Dec 10 at 11:53 am

  4. thanks for the holiday wishes =)

    if it was just me, i’d probably only be on sim-on-a-stick! for now anyway. you can do anything that you could in a hosted world

    actually, my stick runs better than we ran in RG!

    the best to you too this holiday season =)

    Ener Hax

    6 Dec 10 at 12:36 pm

  5. […] USB read times (I would have not thought of that) – and has gathered those links onto a master post (even a zipped OpenSim installation that will run on most […]

  6. […] USB read times (I would have not thought of that) – and has gathered those links onto a master post (even a zipped OpenSim installation that will run on most […]

  7. hi all. not sure if this is the right place for this or if it will be helpful, but a great open source tool for managing your sql databases is SQLBuddy ( It gives you the main functions needed for creating databases, users and even tweaking your tables and data with a really nice and clear interface. totally portable and works on every browser. the scripts are low overhead so they work nicely on stick sims. unfortunately, development has stopped but the project will remain available an as it stands, it’s a solid tool worth checking out.

    cheers, .core


    13 Dec 10 at 10:18 pm

  8. thanks mimetic! the way you describe it sounds great (and not scary)

    with OpenSim and your own grid, things like your trash never really get emptied and you need to get into the db to do that. until your comment, i figured i would never try that for fear of screwing things up!


    Ener Hax

    14 Dec 10 at 6:17 am

  9. Thanks for this handy listing Ener. I always get distracted reading your other interesting blog posts when looking for sim on a stick informaion :-) Finally got mine working a while back and gave up my rg sims. May delve back in with a simhost server sometime soon now that hypergridding is working, but for now it’s sl dancing (i’m a danceaholic…) and sim on a stick building (maybe a little sl building too :-). Thanks again for all the work you’ve done to make this information available. Happy holidays. Take care.

    Latoya Bridges

    22 Dec 10 at 1:56 am

  10. hi Latoya, sorry about your comment getting caught for moderation (it should not have been). i am glad to hear of your success with sim on a stick! it actually works very well and for most of what i have been doing in the last year it would have been just as good!

    the SimHost setup we have works really well because it is a lot of hardware but i can’t speak to how well their other solutions are. we have a real server no different than if we had a box through a hosting company (in fact, i know what the hosting company is because i have root access to the server)

    seems like it would be ideal for a small group of friends to share a box and it’s cost, but they would have to be a tight group, you know how money stuff can mess up friendships

    good luck and thank you for the wishes. i hope these holidays and the upcoming year are filled with good things for you =)

    Ener Hax

    22 Dec 10 at 8:40 am

  11. […] . . . now that i see a USB 3.0 which decently priced one, it’s time to add it to the list of OpenSim on a USB posts. at the time of my research, USB 3.0 sticks were in the hundreds of dollars! […]

  12. hello,
    i got sim on a stick working for a small while off usb to lap top..but then SQL stopped working.’Not connected’ i moved the contents to lap top and works fine. any ideas why? usb not fast enough?
    any ideas?

    so the sim on my laptop is ‘stuck’ on that laptop..anyway of moving it?

    cheers, Pyewacket


    8 Mar 11 at 2:19 am

  13. drat! i have not had that kind of error. i doubt your stick is too slow, that would just make it laggy

    so it does not work on either one now? neither the laptop or the stick?

    i have copied it several times to different machines (tested on 5 i think) and on 4 diff sticks

    i’d stay first download the files again and try those in a new folder on your laptop. if SQL runs then something changed in your original one

    if you have not built much, i’d delete the existing files and start fresh – if you have built stuff then try a new copy of it all and then take your old data folder from the mysql folder and drop that in and overwrite the new data folder

    i have no idea if that will work (i would think it should) and am not home to test it out =(

    your issue is good to hear about and should let everyone know that they need to back up every time they build. i tend to expert the OAR whenever i shut down since i have to quit from the command window anyway

    drop a note if that works (i hope it does)

    Ener Hax

    9 Mar 11 at 12:53 pm

  14. Wondering if there is a way to have two avatars log into one Simonastick. I’d like to demo something and it would be useful to have two avatars.

    Nice product!

    Riendra Taselian

    5 Apr 11 at 7:23 am

  15. i saw that somewhere and am looking for that info. i’ll post tonite on the account creation and hopefully on networking. you do need a router and other PC on it as well as your host machine . . .

    Ener Hax

    5 Apr 11 at 12:30 pm

  16. yikes Riendra! it looks complicated:

    An externally visible IP address or domain name (preferred).

    If you don’t know how to set up an externally visible IP address, this might help you:

    You need to setup port forwarding on your router, so that all traffic to ports 9000 through 9010, TCP and UDP, is forwarded to the machine where your OpenSim runs.


    now if you want to just do multiple login on the same machine, try adding a “-multiple” at the end of the viewer’s command line:

    G:\usb-opensim\ImprudenceExperimental\imprudence.exe -multiple

    Ener Hax

    5 Apr 11 at 5:43 pm


    Great site! I just recently caught the OpenSim bug, and I am trying to learn all about it, inside and out. I set up a Sim-on-a-stick, and it’s working just fine (a no-brainer, actually.)

    Anyway, I was poking around one of the grids a couple weeks ago (I can’t for the life of me remember which one or where) and stumbled across a cool region that had a dock and a boat that you could get into, sit in, and navigate around the water. This was SO COOL!!!

    So does anyone know what I’m talking about? Can I somehow get a copy of it so that I can play around with it on my own sim? I found a book about Second Life scripting, and I’m sure that will come in handy, but anything pre-made would be a great starting point.

    Jim Barr

    3 May 11 at 10:27 am

  18. hi Jim, i may be able to hook you us with a script to build from

    is your comment email one i can send it to?

    vehicles can work if you tweak them, like in this video – i have a large invisible prim under it:

    Ener Hax

    3 May 11 at 11:37 am

  19. Ener, yes, please use my comment email. I’d love to start digging into this. I don’t have youtube access from work but will check it out when I get home. Thanks!

    Jim Barr

    3 May 11 at 1:02 pm

  20. I just can’t seem to log in. It actually freezes on login screen. Any ideas anyone???

    I click opensim32 batch file, Mowes loads up everything seems fine then a message appears socket exception port 9000, blah blah blah terminated, then impru loads up, i do the simona stick 123 thing and a 1/4 of the bar loads up and then it just freezes???

    Bradd Laval

    10 Jun 11 at 11:43 am

  21. so like one out of four times it locks up? that sounds like some conflict with another service running on your machine. i know that Skype can cause it to fail and needs to be closed (not uninstalled)

    i bet it is something in the background. i am not a good trouble shooter, but i think it would be interesting to shut your machine down, and then restart and try OpenSim without starting anything else

    if it were me, i’d probably do an advanced Revo uninstall of Imprudence (even if you are running it 100% from the stick) and then delete the entire OpenSim (if you made stuff, export the OARs and maybe copy your existing OpenSim on a stick to another stick (or even archive it ion a CD)

    after the uninstall, download it fresh

    that’s a pretty drastic way to deal with it, but i don’t have further insight =(

    Ener Hax

    10 Jun 11 at 4:39 pm

  22. TY Ener,

    It’s prob something i overlooked/missed or the port is being used. But I’m no opensim tech geek. I’ll just have to carry on asking…

    Bradd Laval

    11 Jun 11 at 6:56 am

  23. hi Bradd, so you actually are using this as a real grid eh? you are able to hypergrid to the OSGrid?

    i have never connected it to a router and finally snapped to it about your router error

    have you read Diva’s text file called DNS.txt in her doc folder? it has stuff like this in it (and more):


    The first thing you need to do is to open up ports on the firewall of the laptop/desktop where you will run OpenSim. Open:

    TCP port 9000
    UDP ports 9000, 9001, 9002, 9003

    Next, you need to setup port forwarding on your router, so that all
    traffic to TCP port 9000 and UDP ports 9000-9003, is forwarded
    to the machine where your OpenSim runs. If you don’t know how to
    do this, use Google. This site is particularly informative.

    *** VERY IMPORTANT ***

    If the machine where OpenSim is running later gets assigned a new
    local IP address, you must update both the hosts file(s) and the
    external DNS (dyndns or other). Then restart OpenSim.

    Ener Hax

    11 Jun 11 at 8:09 am

  24. Ener,

    Simonastick works on my old Toshiba laptops but gives an error regarding port 9000 on my Dell i5. i have forwarded port 9000 and the other laptops run it perfectly.

    So basically its Dell I5 problem with simonastick and port 9000. If the port 9000 wasn’t forwarded I think simonastick wouldnt have worked on my other machines. I even diabled the firewall but still got the message abt 9000 access denied.

    I checked out the ‘port forward’ link and nearly fainted when i tried entering geek tech mode so i left it. Cos the older machines can run it, I just wanted to run on superduper grafx – yeah me vain.

    I just need to find out how to bypass the 9000 exception error access denied thing.

    Bradd Laval

    11 Jun 11 at 4:49 pm

  25. P.S I think it got something to do with ‘not listening to port 9000′. Even though how would i make it listen to port 9000?

    Bradd Laval

    11 Jun 11 at 4:56 pm

  26. Bradd, Mera said: Regarding Bradd; If he has a router he has to open the port in the router. The firewall often fixes this by itself. Its also possible to use another port as 9001.

    i hope that meas something to you! i am clueless

    Ener Hax

    12 Jun 11 at 2:16 pm

  27. Ener, I read that sim on a stick v 7.1.1 was mesh enabled and tried it with one of the mesh enabled viewers, Kirstens s21. But I don’t see the mesh upload options, mesh and mesh wizard. Are there any settings that need to be changed, on either the viewer side or the sim on a stick side, to enable the mesh upload options and so that sim on a stick will upload mesh?


    21 Jun 11 at 12:08 pm

  28. hi Joe, i am not sure that my answer is full-on correct but i think it is:

    the stick version is created from Diva D2 distribution of OpenSim and is the “official” release (May 27th) but . . . i think the full mesh stuff is in the 0.7.1-dev git branch of OpenSim which is after and considered as in dev atm

    not the answer you are looking for but i *think* that is what you are seeing (or not seeing)

    Diva does tweak the D2 distro for standalone deployment and their may be additional constraints and since the stick is the unmodified D2 Distro, it would be appropriate to ask Diva on the following bolg post:

    Ener Hax

    21 Jun 11 at 12:25 pm

  29. Downloaded, installed and ran. log-in attempt 1 with Simon Stick / 123 Login Failed. Reboot machine – attempt again. Login failed. Tried old usr/password (Test User/usbsim) Login Failed. Suggestions? You can always contact me in-world if you need. Second Life/Inworldz)

    Nachtengel Reisler

    6 Aug 11 at 4:05 pm

  30. Pardon, that’s “Simona Stick/123″. Can’t find Regions.ini either.


    Nachtengel Reisler

    6 Aug 11 at 5:39 pm

  31. hmm, i just tried and used Simona Stick and 123 – now did you select localhost in the Grid Manager? It’s not the default choice so that could be it (i hope)

    the RegionConfig.ini file is in diva-r15592\bin\Regions

    and MyWorld.ini is in diva-r15592\bin\config-include

    and OpenSim.ini is in diva-r15592\bin

    so start MoWeS, then OpenSim.exe (or OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe), then your viewer, switch to localhost and first name Simona, last name Stick, and password 123

    let me know if you succeed =)

    Ener Hax

    6 Aug 11 at 9:37 pm

  32. Hi, SimonaStick is wonderfull project and I’m using it to prepare objects and debug scripts for later use in SL. But I have just now one problem and would like to know if there is some solution to it.
    The last script I’m working on includes some money transactions. But it seems there is now way how to provide my avatar there with even a few coins of local currency (whatewer this would be)…

    Martinek Martinsyde

    7 Aug 11 at 6:09 pm

  33. […] came across the Sim on a Stick idea on the iliveSL blog several months ago.  The idea intrigued me and I filed it away in my head.  Now I’m […]

  34. […] this is where I thank the virtual gods for my local grid. I installed sim-on-a-stick thanks in no small part to Ener Hax and her blog…. some details […]

  35. I am having trouble creeating new regions, the program eccepts everything and sets the region up but when i get there all there is is a red beacon, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong

    Aussie Envee

    27 Oct 11 at 8:21 am

  36. hi Aussie, do you mean adding a 5th region? beyond the default 4?

    I don’t believe the Diva Distro will support more than 4 regions because it’s more like one mege region (you can set it to be one megaregion)

    to build a grid larger than four regions will mean using the OpenSim code from

    Ener Hax

    27 Oct 11 at 11:00 am

  37. […] was looking at what the top 10 posts were for this year and the sim-on-a-stick posts’ links page was way out in first place for the most […]

  38. Might be an idea to include somewhere that Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is required, rather than assuming that everyone already has it on their computer. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out why my installation wouldn’t work.
    Thanks all the same.

    Nedd Zeplin

    5 Jan 12 at 7:07 pm

  39. thanks Nedd, that’s a great comment and will help people out. i don’t have enough tech savvy to even know what .NET framework does let alone know whether it’s installed (i see it’s in my list of stuff i can uninstall)

    so, make sure you have all MS Updates!

    Ener Hax

    5 Jan 12 at 8:08 pm

  40. […] accounts via Wifi, and more sim-on-a-stick tips, are listed on the sim-on-a-stick posts page […]

  41. […] i was certain i had posted how to do change regions on sim-on-a-stick and that i had listed it on the SoaS blog posts page […]

  42. Got my soas to work…how can I hypertext to other places from there?

    BHakti Mimulus

    5 Apr 12 at 8:36 pm

  43. to hypergrid: grab the PDF at the end =)

    Ener Hax

    10 Apr 12 at 10:39 am

  44. When will this app be available for Apple?

    thanks….would love to see kids using this. They use minecraft and seems this product has even more value.


    14 Apr 12 at 9:36 pm

  45. hi Michael, that’s a great question and with 17% of people hitting the SoaS site being on Macs, there is a real need for it. unfortunately, i don’t have a Mac but i did try it once only to find that the Mac version of WAMP wanted to install a file on the root of the machine and not the stick

    two decent Mac programmers have tried making a Mac version but ran into some obstacles

    until some Mac guru jumps in, i don’t have much hope for a Mac version =(

    though a few people tell me they run it via Bootcamp and Parallels . . .

    Ener Hax

    15 Apr 12 at 2:23 pm

  46. […] it’s becoming clear that a set of frequently asked questions might be good. the link to sim-on-a-stick blog posts was kind of intended for that but that collection is becoming large and is arranged chronologically […]

  47. […] Website: […]

  48. when the moths flew out of my purse when i opened it, i thought twice about buying a virtual “island”.

    I downloaded simonastick (0731) found it very nice, and changed the land to an island .png file from

    Now, please excuse me for thinking i might be having a hiss here, but i think i found a bug.
    When my avatar jumps off a pose ball, my avatar tends to bounce up and down repeatedly unless you fly or make it walk.
    But apart from that,
    Thank you for the download.. its really great !

    chris haylerson

    30 Jun 12 at 11:11 am

  49. On further investigation of this so called bug i found ( or maybe it is a feature lol), i found it is to do with the pose ball script
    that is on, which i used.
    Its all good, i am not whining in the slightest little bit.
    I just thought i would add to my other comment.

    chris haylerson

    1 Jul 12 at 8:59 am

  50. great feedback on that script chris! i get that behavior at times and always thought is was just OpenSim and never thought it was the script! thanks! =)

    Ener Hax

    7 Jul 12 at 9:42 am

  51. Phenomenal resourse Ener! Something to be very proud of! :)

    David Miller

    8 Jul 12 at 4:23 pm

  52. In my individual case it appears that it is to do with the pose ball script.. my avatar stuck in the ground the other day with the same pose ball btw..

    chris haylerson

    10 Jul 12 at 6:30 am

  53. Feeling Silly

    Got everything installed and it worked flawlessly. Was even able to import my OSgrid OAR file and again it worked flawlessly. Then I tried to change some things and that’s when the problems began.

    I cannot build on my own sim. The land is owned by Simona and won’t let me change ownership. I cannot get edit to function either and everything on my oar is now owned by Simona. Any suggestions welcome.


    Michael Timeless

    30 Jul 12 at 7:44 pm

  54. no need to feel silly at all because what you are seeing is the way it is setup. because this is a “compiled” Diva D2 Distro of OpenSim, all the configure.exe questions have already been answered and that is where the default, or God, avatar is declared. Simona is that avatar

    luckily though, you can export your OAR and when you reimport it on an OpenSim that has you as the default avatar, that oar will now be created by the new avatar

    so, how do you get to that point?

    that depends on your goals. the best thing for you is probably to compile the D2 Distro from scratch

    before you do anything, export and save your OAR so far:

    save oar c:\myoar.oar

    now you will build your own OpenSim deployment where you can name your land anything you want and your avatar. once you build it, i’d suggest keeping a clean copy before you even upload your OAR and you’ll have your own SoaS that you can deploy anywhere you want

    compiling your own OpenSim will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 minutes depending on how well you follow instructions, for me i miss things and it takes my longer than i think it would for the average person

    give yourself time so that you don’t feel rushed (lol, i am more speaking to myself than to you!) =)

    Roger Stark’s video is what i use every time i build this

    a few things have changed but i follow it each time and use the same info he does except for the local host info. when he uses, i use you can do it his way if you like. that change helps reduce conflicts with things like Skype

    so get hi video going and also follow his page here

    it sounds like a lot, and to me it is almost overwhelming . . . but if i can do it, so can you

    alternatively, and more easily perhaps – try the New World Studio deployment which walks you through all the stuff above in a “wizard” type fashion

    crud, scratch New World, they are in development of their new version and took down their old one =(

    so . . . compiling your own is likely the way to go unless you use Kitely. i don’t know what their permissions thing does to OARs but they may load up and show you as the creator. it may be worth 5 minutes to see and i think you can load your first OAR and have two hours in-world free

    woof, i hope my answer did not bum you out

    first i might try Kitely and load your OAR

    second, i’d say build your own (honestly, i think you can do it without much hassle)

    phew, let me know what happens! and good luck

    ps- if you know how to edit MySQL databases, that might be another way?

    Ener Hax

    30 Jul 12 at 9:51 pm

  55. Looking for someone who can help me figure out why I can’t get the
    diva-r18611\bin\opensim.exe to show up, it’s not showing up using the installer, nor the zipped file…the other files and such for diva are all there in the zipfile, but not in the installer where mowes is. If anyone’s up for helping someone new to running SOAS, please feel free to contact me in InWorldz- I’d like to use this for my own personal building space, where I’m not dealing with IM’s all day long lol

    Raya Sunlight

    21 Aug 12 at 4:46 am

  56. hi Raya, i just tested both with fresh downloads and installs/unzips and the files are there

    now for the installer, there is no diva-r18611 folder anymore to allow for more efficient use of Diva’s update function. for the installer, the folder is called diva-os

    the default path would be


    the exe is an 80 kb file and if you have a 64-bit system, you can also use OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe

    in the zip file, the path would be something like


    if your operating system is set to hide file extensions, it can be difficult to find the proper one as there are also a files named OpenSim.exe.config, OpenSim.ini, OpenSim.log, and OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe.config

    your start files are there

    Ener Hax

    21 Aug 12 at 8:25 am

  57. hey hey I got it workin!
    Thanks so much Ener!

    Now let’s see if I can make logins for a couple of friends, so we can hang out and build/texture/script in peace:)

    Raya Sunlight

    30 Aug 12 at 1:34 am

  58. excellent Raya! i have never tried the multiple login hack but Erik knows his stuff and has it working at his school

    if you want remote people in, i’d recommend trying the pre-configured OSgrid version of OpenSim

    you will need to mess with your router, but if you get that one working – you’ll be on the OSgrid and anyone in the world can visit you =)

    Ener Hax

    30 Aug 12 at 8:26 am

  59. WOW…

    i just used the 16 region hack on my simonastick on my pc..
    btw its a dinosaur pentium d out of about 2006 i think..
    its works fine ! No issues with the sim crossings either lol..
    already loaded a terrain and 4 or 5 oar files on it..

    you just might be doing SL out of sales with this (giggles)

    chris haylerson

    21 Sep 12 at 8:26 pm

  60. fantastic chris! and awesome on being low overhead

    16 regions changes the game for me as well

    let us know how you progress, your example will inspire others

    Ener Hax

    24 Sep 12 at 8:12 am

  61. I have faithfully followed instructions. All works well until I get to the viewer, when I am told ‘unable to connect to local host’.
    I have tried to modify the port number – it is in the 3000s and cannot be changed (I am assuming because I am a technophobe)to the expected 9001???? Is this the problem.
    I am running Windows 7 64 bit….
    And this has occurred on two computers, work and home.

    I would truly appreciate some words of wisdom…


    11 Oct 12 at 9:06 pm

  62. hi Yvonne, you are right – the login URI has to be for localhost

    and if you can’t edit the default one, you can add a new grid and add that URI as the one for it

    if you use Imprudence 1.3.2, the one on the SoaS site is already set with that as the default localhost

    also, the Zen viewer has Sim-on-a-Stick listed in its grid manager and will connect

    i also use Windows 7 at home and work – let me know what happens and good luck! =)

    Ener Hax

    12 Oct 12 at 7:46 am

  63. Hello, I sim on a stick is epic! I just wanted to ask if it is possible to have a door or to cut a hole in the wall without having separate pieces of blocks.
    Thank you.

    simona stick

    19 Oct 12 at 3:45 am

  64. Just a quick hello, My simona is doing a lot of lazing aroud on the sofa at her island house, because i have been quite busy in RL..

    chris haylerson

    20 Oct 12 at 8:00 am

  65. […] on a Stick would probably suit your needs best. Here's a link to read about it: sim-on-a-stick posts at i live in science land Here's a link to the downloads: Sim-on-a-Stick It's like having a mini Second Life on a thumb […]

  66. Hello. llEmail function not working! Add SMTP support please.

    Beast Winterwolf

    11 Dec 12 at 11:58 am

  67. if it’s not part of 0.7.4, then it’s not part of SoaS

    i wish i had the skill to add code like that but it’s all i can do to make a sit script! =)

    maybe in 0.7.5 your function will be in there

    Ener Hax

    11 Dec 12 at 10:17 pm

  68. Question?
    I created my own account with my own name
    1) wont let me change my Av to a Male ( ie its locked it)
    2) The Estate Owner is Still Simona Stick
    3)i also want to create areas for friends to have there own homes there own Parcel`s
    So how do i change all that?

    apart from that love what you done and lets me put on a USB stick :)


    13 Dec 12 at 12:56 pm

  69. When i installed the Sim. and logged in as admin.

    I could not wear the clothes (Diva’s free outfits\KEN )

    Especially the prim hair.

    I can not wear it. cause i the ADMIN have no rights to use it.

    the owner of the ‘Dirty Biker hair’ prim shows as ‘Mr OpenSim”

    And i cant rezz it.

    And i have no clue how to force ownership of stuff still in your inventory.

    Can you help me ?

    SnowWolf Weizhen

    25 Dec 12 at 10:36 am

  70. hi SnowWolf (great name btw), is this for Sim-on-a-Stick? so you logged in as Simona Stick/123 and are unable to change clothing?

    the default avatar should be fine for clothing and hair, but the body shape and skin won’t be editable. for shape and skin, you have to open Inventory and Create new body parts ? skin and shape and wear those

    but for clothing, hair, and other existing shapes and skins, you should be able to drag them from Inventory onto Simona and see the change immediately

    in fact, here is a post using SoaS and Simona to try out folders of clothing and shapes:

    i just fired up the 0.7.4 SoaS and looked at the Dirty Biker hair” and do see that it says Mr OpenSim! but i was able to drag it onto Simona without issue

    please let me know if you are running the 0.7.4 SoaS, this is a very odd issue and i believe you but am not sure why you would have this frustrating issue! =(

    here’s a pic of Simona with that hair:

    Ener Hax

    26 Dec 12 at 8:24 am

  71. Meryy christmas, or seasons greetings, if you prefer, and a i hope 2013 will be good for everyone..
    when will soas 0.75 come out?
    Im looking forward to it :)

    Just an oddity i found..
    on the imprudence login it shows “Total Users 4″,
    when I only have 3 avatars registered..

    apart from that, just need to find more time to build things.. :)

    chris haylerson

    1 Jan 13 at 7:00 am

  72. As i use enough of linda kellie’s things in my soas..
    I thought i would add her web page link if that is permissable.

    chris haylerson

    1 Jan 13 at 7:28 am

  73. Anyone have issues running SOAS from inside a firewall? Can’t use it on my university network and the computer services helpdesk couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Any ideas?

    Luas Lasrach

    4 Jan 13 at 8:52 am

  74. soas073 was good. whichever you selected from the downloads, you’d receive a zip file with instructions to unzip it to a USB stick or a folder on a HD and the only thing actually installed on your computer would be the viewer cache(s).

    Now there’s soas074 but its not a zip file you download etc, its an installer so it gets installed on your computer! Check your add/remove \ programs and features for “Sim-on-a-Stick OpenSim 0.7.4-“.

    Another oopsie I spotted was after the installation of it on your computer, the installer places 3 shortcuts on the desktop: Mowes, OpenSim, & “How_to_Start_and_Login”. The latter being the newer text file which tells you what to do if your new installation fails to start.
    “If shortcuts fail –
    1) navigate to the SoaS074-x folder
    2) launch mowes.exe
    3) launch \diva-r20232-b\bin\OpenSim.exe”

    #3 is an oopsie for anyone like me using a 64-bit computer as that should be OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe”

    does Sim-on-a-Stick collect any of your data
    Interesting post. Wonder who much data would get collected & sent with an installed soas074…

    I haven’t actually tried the new soas074 installation as in an older folder on my C:\Drive is the soas073 (16-regions) I did last year. I’ll give it more thought but ATM I’m thinking of uninstalling soas074 and sticking to ye olde soas073.

    blonde pink tiny

    7 Jan 13 at 3:31 am

  75. hi Luas, are you using the zipped version of Imprudence i have online? if not, the viewer may be trying to use blocked ports

    i have been able to use that viewer at work which has ports blocked that won’t let me access SL or Kitely

    if you can fire up SoaS first at home and log in, then you should be able to log in without any internet connection

    i used SoaS last week without any connectivity when my router was down for a few days – so it will work w/o that (maybe try that at school, disconnect from the internet because that’s the whole idea of SoaS) =)

    good luck and let me know

    hi blonde pink tiny, there still is a zip for 074 and the link is “one region zip” but it no longer uses the bat file

    the “launch with opensim.exe” is correct for 074 and works on both 32 and 64 bit. however, Justin does say to use the one you mentioned if the other fails. they changed the code and are trying to get it to work in all cases with just the opensim.exe

    lol on wondering how much info the installer collects! since i’m the one that made it, i can assure you i don’t collect anything (i have no idea how). the installer is basically just a program that zips it up and then unzips it, it isn’t very sophisticated:

    at work i use InstallShield but don’t know if that could collect info (i think you’d have to write, and install, a program for that like Adobe uses to connect and verify licensing)

    thanks blonde pink tiny for helping Luas – people like you make this community pretty friggin’ awesome! =)

    Ener Hax

    7 Jan 13 at 1:32 pm

  76. oh, another thing blonde pink tiny, you should be able to use 0.7.3 and do Diva’s update function in it

    if you need a link to 0.7.3 it’s here:

    =) good luck and thanks again!

    Ener Hax

    7 Jan 13 at 1:33 pm

  77. Hey there, Ener, thanks for putting together such an easy to use tool. I’d given up messing with OpenSim a few years ago, mostly because it was such a pain to get everything configured. Thanks to SoaS, I’ve gotten sucked back in again. I’d forgotten how nice it is to have a place to build with no griefers, no lag, no prim or script limits, and no autoreturn (and no fees :)

    I have a couple things I thought I’d mention, for whatever they’re worth.
    First, I can’t find anything that actually ties the Apache (and php) installation into the rest of SoaS. Wifi uses Opensim’s built-in web server, so apache isn’t needed for that. And (at least with out-of-the-box SoaS) anti core’s os services package doesn’t work with it due to some missing/broken php stuff.
    Mowes gets fussy if you delete the apache exe, but that’s really all.
    I only figured this out by accident: the apache2/logs folder is usually empty, so I deleted it one day. Mowes still ran without error, except for “Apache is not running.” It took me a week to notice since Wifi, MySQL and everything else was working fine.
    It’s possible to add relative paths to MySQL’s config file (my.ini) and run it with the option –standalone, making it effectively portable without needing an external launcher to wrangle the config file.
    TL;DR: SoaS doesn’t need apache or php, you can save about 50 megabytes by getting rid of them. But it’s a little tricky because Mowes is a jerk.

    Second, if you want a point-and-click GUI to manage your MySQL database without needing anything server-side, there’s a free, open source program called HeidiSQL that works really well.
    By the way, if you want to change the default avatar’s name from Simona Stick to something else, without creating a new one, get the SQL server running (either standalone or through Mowes). Without running OpenSim, log into the database (with whatever tool you’re comfortable with), and look in the table called useraccounts. Find the avatar with FirstName Simona, LastName Stick, and change those to whatever you want (Just letters and numbers). Clear your viewer’s cache so it doesn’t get confused, and that’s it. Start Opensim back up, and use the new name when you log in with the viewer. Since inventory and objects and estate ownership (and everything else) is tied to your avatar by its UUID (which didn’t change), your new name carries over automatically.

    Last thing: Since the guys who make Mowes pulled the plug last November, Might I suggest a switch to the platform?


    12 Jan 13 at 4:57 am

  78. thank you Gench for both the kind words and the incredible advice (and sorry that the commenting caused some issues with the double thing)

    interesting about Apache – i have only messed with that minimally and a long time ago and thought it was needed for Wifi but i believe you. if this thing can run without it (especially for the 0.7.5 update) that would be great and mean fewer issues for others

    what a great tip on the master avatar name and i’lll have to see if i can figure that out – i’m not techie so this will be a challenge – but if i can do it, then so can others and it is the most requested thing i get emailed about

    bummer on MoWeS and i glanced at XAMPP and figured that i’d try it on the next SoaS update (but again, my confidence is pretty shaky on how to do it!) =p

    HeidiSQL ( looks pretty good and i’ll put that on my testing list – being able to edit the SQL db would be appreciated by many SoaS users =)

    thank y9ou for all the excellent and useful tips, stay close! when 0.7.5 comes out i may be crying for advice! =D

    ps – i’m so glad to hear that you are back into OpenSim – it was far too complex for me to ever get running, thus the birth of SoaS which is all Roger Stack – i just package it and have it online

    it is nice to build in solitude! (which is what i am doing after this comment)

    Ener Hax

    12 Jan 13 at 9:25 am

  79. …I guess I should mention that Wifi’s user manager lets you edit avatar names a lot more painlessly.


    13 Jan 13 at 3:58 am

  80. Okay, piece of cake. To change Simona Stick’s name to something else without losing anything and without any database tinkering:

    1. Start up Mowes/opensim as normal.

    2. Once it’s running, open a web browser and go to

    3. On the Wifi login page, type “wifi” for firstname, “admin” for lastname, and “secret” for password.
    (Don’t actually type the quotes, but you probably already knew that :)

    4. Once you’re in, click on “Manage Users” in the Main menu on the right.

    5. In the blank under Retrieve users on the left, type a space and click Search.

    6. On the list of accounts that comes up, click “edit” in Simona Stick’s row.

    8. Type what you want for First Name and Last Name, and click the Update button.

    9. That’s all there is to it. Fire up your viewer and log in with your new name.
    (You may want to clear your viewer’s cache, since otherwise stuff may still show Simona’s name on it. But that’s just the viewer.)


    13 Jan 13 at 5:03 am

  81. lol, are you kidding me Gench! ha, ha, ha – i have such narrow blinders on that i never tried using the admin Wifi account (it never even occurred to me to explore it!) =D

    dang, you are going to be like a super hero (or at least a rock star) to many people!

    this i will try out this week! derr on me eh?

    thanks for the step by step and once i do it and then see what exported XMLs and OARs are like, i’ll post your steps and give you all the credit! =)

    Ener Hax

    13 Jan 13 at 3:49 pm

  82. Heh, me too. I was so tied up with the database that it was only after I posted the thing with HeidiSQL that I went “wait, doesn’t Wifi have a username editor?” And thanks, you flatter me.


    14 Jan 13 at 4:49 pm

  83. Using the downloaded Imprudence viewer on the same stick, how do I save Imprudence preferences? Or, what file are they in so I can change the defaults

    Mark Dubin

    14 Jan 13 at 11:46 pm

  84. hi Mark, the SoaS version will try to write to the root of your C: drive but that is easy to change (you can also delete the files it writes, they will be rewritten the next time it fires up)

    to change where they are written to, start the browser and then

    Edit > Preferences > Network > Disk cache location Set and change it to whatever you like

    deleting the contents of whatever folder you choose is similar to Clearing the viewer cache and can help solve some issues from time to time

    Ener Hax

    15 Jan 13 at 9:22 am

  85. Almost, thanks, I am familiar with compiling and running OS on a web-server, and with normal Imprudence. What I am hoping for with SOAS and soas-viewer on the stick is that the viewer could be set up so that it writes nothing to C: (root) and everything it needs to the stick in a persistent form. However, even if I change the cache location, some things get written to hidden folder C:/….AppData…. and some things, such as time of day are not apparently retained on the stick. Also, the only way to use Imprudence preferences to change the cache location is via “Set” which then assigns the cache the letter currently assigned to the stick (e.g. G:), which may not be the letter assigned the next time the stick is plugged in.

    Obvious workaround: Have the user download Imprudence permanently to their computer, grid-address it properly and avoid using SOAS-viewer.

    Preferred solution if possible: Compile SOAS-viewer such that it writes nothing to the host computer and allows indirect addressing of what it does write to the stick. Of course, also needed is that if the computer already has Imprudence loaded, that the stick fully ignores that. I understand that this may all not be readily accomplishable. If you think it can be done, I would try to help accomplish it.

    Mark Dubin

    15 Jan 13 at 4:17 pm

  86. Hmm, what you are saying sounds correct and I think the issue is the nature of a thumb drive and that it does not have an absolute path

    Even using the zipped version of SoaS and only placing the folders on a stick, the drive letter can still change

    I think your solution is possible with a clever BAT file that would set the detect and set the drive letter for the cache AND start MoWeS

    Last summer, WhiteStar crafted a great BAT file that could establish a one or four region world and detect 32 vs 64 bit system and start the proper OpenSim EXE

    Based on that Mark, I believe what you want to do is possible and would be an excellent modification. However, I have no clue how =(

    but I think a BAT file might be the ticket

    Another possible resource is PortableApps – they have many USB drive specific tools

    Ener Hax

    15 Jan 13 at 5:42 pm

  87. I agree and rather than deal with this now, will instruct users to install Imprudence on their main computer, not the stick.

    Mark Dubin

    15 Jan 13 at 6:38 pm

  88. Sounds like a plan – the ‘installer’ version makes it easy to install

    It’s basically an unzip program and is much simpler for me to use than InstallShield

    If you have a way you want to package it up, say including Imprudence, you can use the free version of InstallSimple. It’s pretty easy to use to make a custom package

    Good luck and I’ll be checking out PortableApps for the 0.7.5 version of SoaS

    Ener Hax

    15 Jan 13 at 7:16 pm

  89. I’m missing something here. I installed the 16 region SoaS74. That came up fine. Then I loaded the oar files for Haxor_outpost78.oar, Gianttree.oar and luxe-centre.oar. My avatar falls through most of the horizontal surfaces (prims). Did I forget a parameter when loading the oars?

    Bruce Williamson

    1 Feb 13 at 9:21 pm

  90. the SoaS 16 region version is intended for new building BUT you can combine the OARs in the way you want to

    it has to do with a megaregion setting and that a “megaregion” only considers the south-west most region as its root region. it has to be changed from one megaregion to 16 standard regions

    that post talks about megaregions and you have to turn that OFF in the SoaS 16 region version

    once you do that and restart, then you should be able to load individual OARs normally:

    change the current region to the one you want to load your OAR file to. go to your OpenSim console panel and type change region simonastick 2 to put the focus on the second region and so on (below)

    then do load oar c:\two.oar to load an OAR file named two.oar located in the root of the C drive, in this example. you can also load an OAR via a URL

    Ener Hax

    3 Feb 13 at 9:05 am

  91. How can I sell parcels to accounts I create? (i.e. for my kids or students). I tried but it won’t let me.

    August Chrome

    6 Feb 13 at 12:21 pm

  92. hello August, that is a very good question and i could see how that would be useful in a class situation

    however, i don’t believe that you can sell land in this D2 Distro version. land can not be sold for zero cost unless you specify a person’s name. i just tried with a fresh instance of SoaS and created a second user and set a parcel to sell to that specific named user (which you can do inSL and charge zero)

    then i logged in as that user but the option to buy the land was dimmed out. the parcel info did show that it was set to sell to that avatar name, but the button was not active

    i guess i would ask “why” do you need to do that and is there another option?

    for example, let’s say you wanted each student to build on a particular parcel and have 12 students’ work all on one SoaS

    1) one solution might be to have each student build on a parcel on their own instance of SoaS and have those parcels divided out and named with their names or as a Cartesian grid

    once they all build, you could do a merge OAR command. so you’d save all their OARs and then merge them together one at a time into a master SoaS (do test this before choosing this as a solution)

    “If the –merge option is specified then the oar will be merged with the existing region objects rather than replace them. The existing terrain, region settings and parcels will be left in place.” from:

    2) each student could do a build within the dimension you specify and then link their entire build into one object and export that. then you’d import all of them into one master SoaS instance

    i came up with those with an assumption that maybe you want to showcase your students’ work in one region to share with parents or at a conference – this could be to display their projects or artwork i suppose

    Ener Hax

    6 Feb 13 at 1:41 pm

  93. Anyone help?

    When ever I import stuff I have built in SL to Simonastick, all I get is white prims.

    How do I fix this without having to reapply every texture to every prim?




    12 Feb 13 at 12:52 am

  94. hi Webby! hmm, that means the textures are corrupt, locked, or missing entirely. when you exported the builds, the folder you exported them to should have both the XML file for the object plus a bunch of files with nonsense names for each of the textures (ie – 04b47c4d-0dd7-41e8-a821-84d88acad2ca)

    if those files are there, then they might not have permissions to be uploaded. if that is the case, try changing your avatar name to match your name that you created them with (although it’s really looking for a UUID but it’s worth a try)

    i’ve never had issues with textures but i also make all my own

    if none of that works, try a fresh install of SoaS and maybe an older version with less item security such as this:

    good luck and let me know if you discover something weird, this is the first time i have heard of this with SoaS

    Ener Hax

    12 Feb 13 at 9:09 am

  95. Thanks Ener.

    I changed my client and everything just rendered correctly when I relogged. I had been using Firestorm to export from SL, and Imprudence when I was logging into the local machine. I got the latest version of firestorm and use it for both. Seemed to fix my issue.

    Thanks again for the advice.



    13 Feb 13 at 1:48 am

  96. thanks for the update Webby! huge DERR on me, i should have suggested clearing the viewer cache and an uninstall/reinstall of it

    thanks for the update, that will help others!

    on another note, how do you like using Firestorm?

    i am so slow to change but hear great things about it

    Ener Hax

    13 Feb 13 at 8:53 am

  97. Ener

    I did clear the cache and reinstalled both before I posted here, but I forgot to mention what I had already tried.

    There must be somthing in the XML or linkset that is read differently by the two viewers. It seems exporting and importing on the same viewer made the issues go away.

    As to using FireStorm, I am liking it more and more. I just wish I understood more of what the settings do and how they impact the user experience. However, in FireStorms defense, they do teach a huge amount of classes on the client. I’ve only been able to make enough time to go to a couple, hence my ignorance on most of what the “Good” stuff does.

    Thanks again for your help, I am off to find another build of mine I can screw up :0P



    PS: For god’s sake, keep up the good work……folks like me need you and the community that supports this wonderful distro :0)


    13 Feb 13 at 11:11 am

  98. thanks for the kind words! that’s how Firestorm seems to me, i can’t figure out where things are – LOL, i can’t even figure out how to change the time of day!!! =D

    good luck with all of your endeavors! =)

    Ener Hax

    13 Feb 13 at 12:46 pm

  99. Just a FYI for anyone running into the issue i did when installing SOAS. If a pop up message appears stating that Net 3.5 is not installed on your machine even though you know it is, then the solution for me was to also install Net 4.0 and Net 1.1 including all patches. After that, the installation continued. This was on a WinXP sp3 machine.

    Arielle Popstar

    22 Feb 13 at 6:48 pm

  100. thanks Arielle, interesting that it is looking for higher – technically (from the OpenSim site) it needs NET 3.51

    the installer i use can’t sniff for higher than 3.5, so this might be a probllem (clearly it was an obstacle for your installation) =(

    thanks for letting me know =)

    PS – i have a good friend name Ariel

    Ener Hax

    27 Feb 13 at 2:07 pm

  101. What a great package! It is perfect for what I’m doing right now, and it seems many others are doing similar things: packaging pages with VR settings. I’m building a VW that is the setting for some writing of mine, and I can get to it with Imprudence easily.

    Here’s a question. From the viewer, I’ll need to access Web pages that will reside on the stick with the VW, and for whatever reason I can’t get the proper location defined at which to gain such access using HTTP. I’ve reviewed the Apache documentation, the OpenSim documentation, and more, and I know I’ve missed something elementary. Is there a lead or a link to the settings I’ll need to make possible the following:

    1) Entering the VW with a viewer;
    2) Clicking on a scripted object that returns a chat line;
    3) Selecting a hyperlink from the chat line to open my Web browser to the page being linked?

    I apologize if this seems too naive or misdirected.

    With much appreciation for what you’ve achieved already,


    Dana Paxson

    2 May 13 at 2:05 pm

  102. that is a very good question Dana and i know that it can be done. Beacara, who created and shared an art catalogue had external links

    i don’t know about links in a chatted text, but it works to open links from an object such as “click this apple to learn more about apples online” with a click asking to open the viewer browser or an external browser

    i would say that a good source would be to try both the OSGrid forum and perhaps the Kitely forum. the scripting that works in those situations should also work from the stick

    Ener Hax

    7 May 13 at 12:54 pm

  103. Thanks very much! As I work on this project and find answers, I’ll come back with updates.

    Dana Paxson

    13 May 13 at 8:15 am

  104. I found the answer to my question. All it took was to load the book’s pages (in my case, XHTML) in the WifiPages folder in my own subfolders as specified by Apache for user pages (the My Documents/My Website subfolder as defined in the UserDir entry in httpd.conf).

    The WifiPages folder is identified as wifi in paths.

    In my stickworld I clicked on the object containing the LSL to run the script, and it presented me with a chat window line with the link highlighted. I clicked on the highlighted link inworld, and up came the external browser window with the specified page.

    I hope others find this useful!

    The test program LSL script in the object:

    llSay(0, “Startup”);
    touch_start(integer num_touches)
    string waddr = “”;
    llSay(0, “URL: ” + waddr);

    Dana Paxson

    13 May 13 at 11:03 am

  105. hi Dana! thank you so much for coming full circle on this! your scripting has a lot of possibilities for SoaS – especially for something that a person would like to redistribute

    for example, our science project could be deployed as a pre-loaded SoaS package that a student could install on their own PC. then we could use your script to launch additional info pages

    a specific example would be the reverse osmosis tubes in our desalination plant – there could be a “more info” icon on them that would allow a student to click and be sent to a custom HTML page that we want distributed only with the stick (and thus keep it all self-contained for students)

    hmmm, i may need to add this to our project!

    thanks Dana! =)

    Ener Hax

    16 May 13 at 8:09 am

  106. […] found out how to do it and posted how he did it and that’s another reason the VW community is awesome – people sharing what they learn […]

  107. […] by the idea of putting an OpenSim server on a USB stick. It seems Second Lifer, Ener Hax, has been experimenting with the “sim-on-a-stick” idea for several months now and has gotten to the point where she is now sharing the fruits (on a stick) of her labour with the […]

  108. Hi Ener,

    Desalination!? I’ve been working on a project proposal for evolving a solar-driven, mostly-low-tech, local-materials desalination and pumping system for water purification and delivery. See my Webpage document for more on that. The cool part is that I’ve been able to build illustrative models of it in Second Life on my land – no active parts, but a 3D build of its appearance. If you’re curious, IM Jeddin Laval in SL or send me contact info here or there.



    Dana Paxson

    25 May 13 at 1:31 pm

  109. thanks Dana, i grabbed a copy of your PDF! =)

    all our models in Enclave Harbour are also illustrative – some have simple rotations, like the turbines for wind, water, hydro, and nuclear energy

    Ener Hax

    7 Jun 13 at 3:40 pm

  110. Hi Everyone, thank you all for providing assistance with SoaS, especially Ener Hax. I am a teacher in Australia and have been creating worlds for my students using SoaS. I have been having fun, but have run into some difficulty. I don’t have a computer background, although I am happy to experiment with this learning. I am wondering if you could help me with a problem I am having with 2 OAR uploads to two of the sims on the 16 region SoaS?

    The upload worked and looks good, but:
    * Some builds are phantoms which I can’t change. That box is ticked, but grayed out.
    * Some items have no names and will not allow me to rename nor copy them.
    * I can’t delete the phantoms and the unnamed, even though I was the creator.

    I do have back up xml files of these items, but I can’t delete the faulty items to replace these.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Annemaree Michigan

    12 Jul 13 at 9:52 am

  111. ah, Diva Cantos mentions this and let me see if i can find that work flow

    this sounds similar to your phantom issue:

    here is the “fix” that i think you need:

    particularly the “fix-phantoms” bit (the Kitely part does not apply but doing this should get you set up)

    i had to mess with my multi-sim build several times to get it all fixed (make loads of total copies of your SoaS)

    Ener Hax

    15 Jul 13 at 7:32 am

  112. Thanks Ener, that seems to have done the phantom trick! Much appreciated!

    I can’t get the sound objects to work in the mega region, though. They work in the smaller region SoaS from the same oar file. Any ideas? I note that the objects are blank in information too when I click on them. I thought it might have been a permissions issue, but they work on the smaller region SoaS.

    This reminds me. Is there a way to turn on voice for SoaS? Or is that a whole different process? A friend and I followed the instructions you posted over a year ago and we both got to log onto my SoaS. It was very exciting. We communicated by typed chat, but wondered about voice?

    Thanks for providing the tools and guidance. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :-)

    Annemaree Michigan

    18 Jul 13 at 10:16 am

  113. thanks Annemaree for letting me know. despite some people thinking that i am techy, i’m not very techy at all and your feedback helps others fix similar issues (and me to understand them a little better)

    for sound, i do believe that’s an issue with mega regions that has not been addressed in the current release of OpenSim. i think Oren from Kitely did fix that in Kitely and contributed that code to OpenSim, but it won’t be out till the next version

    however, it might be worthwhile making a test copy of your SoaS and running the update function because Diva may have rolled that into her build since she like mega regions

    you are 100% correct, voice is another matter and requires a third party service like Vivox. here’s a starting place (it’s currently free and likely to stay free for individual users like yourself)

    i’m not sure of the requirements as far as needing a static IP or anything, but i could see that SoaS may be a special case since it intrinsically does not need a permanent IP address

    good luck and thank you for letting me know that you find it useful =)

    Ener Hax

    19 Jul 13 at 1:16 pm

  114. Hi Ener,

    Thanks for the information. I really enjoy the steep learning curve and I love the SoaS communal support too.

    I managed to get my sound going, but I am not sure how. I replaced the OAR file again, just in case the upload had corrupted. But it still had the same problems. I used the same OAR on a smaller region and confirmed that the OAR was intact, so it was the mega region issue as you identified. I then used the imprudence reset of scripts function, but nothing happened. So I called it a night. But, on restarting SoaS the next day, all the sounds were working and the nameless objects were all rectified. Wish I could say what the remedy was!

    I will look into the free voice software.It would be great to get a few students in-world on the same SoaS.

    Thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated!

    Annemaree Michigan

    19 Jul 13 at 10:49 pm

  115. Ah, I posted too soon. Back to the drawing board for me. I have lost sound again. I will explore your strategies Ener. Stay tuned. lol :-)

    Annemaree Michigan

    20 Jul 13 at 4:38 am

  116. dang on losing the voice (which i don’t understand how you had it going in the first place – but i have never used audio in SL or OpenSim – except to test a radio script)

    good luck and i think it is safe to say that you are an OpenSim power user Annemaree! =)

    Ener Hax

    25 Jul 13 at 6:53 am

  117. Hi Ener, no it was the sounds not the voice that I gained and lost. So my birds and waterfall sounds only had very short lifespans. I must write down the steps I take in future, so that I can back track if needed. I tend to forget what I do because I just experiment without understanding. Anyhow, if I work it out I will let you know. :-)

    Annemaree Michigan

    28 Jul 13 at 7:24 am

  118. hi all

    hope someone can help me with this
    i am using soas for a pretty long time now
    but all of sudden i am getting problems . the problem is :
    when i create a new account and want to login with the new account
    it says ”Login Failed. Service request failed: Unable to connect to the remote server” this never ever did happen before and all old accounts are working just fine except if i create a new one.

    i tried a fresh soas but that one work fine if i create a new account and login


    8 Sep 13 at 7:59 am

  119. hmm, not sure what it is trying to connect for. usually those just fail silently without causing any issues

    is the one causing you issues an older version of SoaS?

    that should not cause issues with creating accounts. and i assume you are using the Wifi admin panel for new accounts (i don’t think you can make them any other way)

    did you leave the email field blank when making a new account? i always leave it blank

    i wonder if you could save the OAR for the region and also export your main avatar’s IAR and load both into a fresh instance of SoaS?

    i’m at a loss why SoaS would suddenly start trying to connect to anything?

    have you tried launching it with


    Ener Hax

    12 Sep 13 at 7:18 am

  120. hi Kathje, i just tried making an account and i did place an email address in it to see if that was the issue. i was able to log in fine but i also and connected to the internet

    when you get that problem, are you connected to the web or completely standalone?

    Ener Hax

    12 Sep 13 at 7:36 am

  121. hiya Ener

    thx for the reply

    yes its a very strange thing.
    i tried to do it with the latest release and previous one as well
    and both have the same problem with new accounts and logins
    tried also to setup an account with email and with a blank one
    i also tried connected to the internet and as standalone. the same happens again with both

    i saved all the regions ”oars” and my own account inventories ”iar”
    except those from a few friends. would be great if i could move theirs from the
    one with those login issues on to a new fresh soas.


    18 Sep 13 at 5:15 am

  122. and you tried both OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe and OpenSim.exe?

    have you tried with diff viewers?

    i still use Imprudence 1.3.2 and it works great for OARs (notr sure what else it could be?!?!) =(

    Ener Hax

    5 Oct 13 at 11:47 am

  123. I have a real stupid question: How can you add regions to the one region SOAS without them becoming super-regions? A side effect of having them as super-regions is that you only have one region name showing – the root region – even when you are in the other three. This makes it impossible to change ground textures, raw terrain maps, etc for the other three regions.

    There has to be a way in the region config to make them separate standard regions – how?


    8 Oct 13 at 7:31 pm

  124. Hi everyone,

    following a hint of a friend, I installed the ZIP version of Sim-on-a-stick and tried to enable the latest Firestorm Beta OS for joining it. Unfortunately, the making of any settings on the OS Grid tab in the Preferences menu was just impossible! Thus I couldn’t log it to my local Sim-on-a-stick by means of this viewer.

    Meanwhile I have downloaded and installed the (vintage!) Imprudence viewer which made eventually a login possible. However, this is like a time travel back to my very beginnings in my SL in 2009 and not what I really have in mind.

    All in all not quite a convincing experience so far:( Any idea out there how to persuade Firestorm OS to accept the data required for a login? Thanks in advance for replying.


    Almut Brunswick

    14 Nov 13 at 4:33 pm

  125. Hello, it’s me again with the “recipe” how to set up Firestorm OS for running Sim-on-a-stick:

    – In the Firestorm OS Viewer, go to “Preferences” and open the “Opensim” tab.
    – On the Grid Manager tab, write in “Add new grid”:
    – Hit the Apply button. Now the settings for this grid will show up below in the list.
    – Close “Preferences” and go to the “Log In” dialog
    – Before you log in, make sure that mowes.exe and \diva-r23797\bin\OpenSim.exe (32-bit operating systems) OR \diva-r23797\bin\OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe (64-bit operating systems)
    are already running
    – Choose Log into Grid:
    – Log in as Username: Simona Stick, Password: 123, Start at: Last location

    Almut Brunswick

    15 Nov 13 at 8:51 am

  126. […] avatar ramblings from the virtual world  […]

  127. Now this was fun. I had a nine-sim-on-a-stick configuration with a big complicated build on it. I wanted to skinny it down to a single sim, since only the center sim was really being used. That would cost me less whenever I wanted to copy it to another OpenSim site.

    A certain amount of digging taught me that the only thing I needed to change was the coordinate locations of the objects in the build. Other things like landmarks would have to get replaced too, but let’s stick to the easier part. My job was to find the coordinates and replace the position values with new ones computed for the single sim, using a fixed position offset.

    It turns out that the values are stored in the OARs for the region. Each OAR is actually a special form of zip file, which can be unzipped by a package called 7Zip (by You unzip, and dig until you find \SoaS075-9\diva-r22043\bin\, locate the oar you want to use, and pull out a copy. Inside the oar you find a folder called ‘objects’. It has subfolders and xml files. Each xml file has object positions in it, marked up as xvalueyvaluezvalue

    Then you write some code. I did mine in Python. The task is to pull out each x, y, and z value for group position, apply your shift to it (in my case it was -256 for the x and -256 for the y), and store it in a new version of the same xml file, to replace the old version. After all the xml files are processed, in the same folder structure they came in, you plop the new objects folder in to replace the old one, and now you’ve got the whole build moved.

    Then you can write out a new oar using 7-Zip, and load it in a 1-sim-on-a-stick, and you’re done with moving the objects.

    I’ve oversimplified a lot, but it’s doable.

    Dana Paxson

    12 Dec 13 at 11:14 am

  128. Darn! I forget that markup tags get processed when they’re in the text. I’ll find a way to fix that with the xvalueyvaluezvaluie that lost the tags.

    Dana Paxson

    12 Dec 13 at 11:27 am

  129. One issue though that i have noticed.
    I have tried it so far using the 16 region, as well as 9 region.
    That all regions show owner as Sandy.Dee
    Rather than me as owner.
    Any idea how to fix and resolve this one?
    Thank you in advance for any help to a solution.

    Jake Thomas

    27 Dec 13 at 5:19 am

  130. hello
    For an unknown reason, Mowes don’t work on my 2 computer since the start of the year. Am’i alone to have this problem ?
    Any solution ?
    Thanks and happy new year :)


    9 Jan 14 at 10:20 am

  131. hi kay, i haven’t had any issues but i’m not certain i’ve downloaded any Windows Updates yet this year

    did it happen after some updates?

    mine is working okay, but when i get home, i’ll mess with it and see what the dealio could be

    btw, i just tried on my work PC and it looks okay here (this one does have updates)

    Ener Hax

    9 Jan 14 at 12:33 pm

  132. hello
    Thanks for your answer. I don’t think the problem come from an update. After some tests, i discovered i can still use Soas but i need the new viewer dedicated to V2 (Firestorm for OpenSim).
    The strange thing is i need this viewer also for old version of Soas. Maybe i was wrong saying the problem is from Mowes.
    It’s not easy to upload mesh with the Firestorm for open sim ^^
    BTW thanks again for your reactivity :)
    I love Soas !


    14 Jan 14 at 1:45 pm

  133. phew, thank you for letting me know – i tested SoaS on several machines and was going to use the testing lab at work on friday! (i’ll still do that because that’s kind of interesting stuff)

    i do agree with your thought too that something else is going on if you need a V2 viewer, so that seems to indicate that Imprudence 1.3 might no longer work with updated Window machines? or at least with some configuration you have)

    BUT, i am very glad you found a workaround! =)

    Ener Hax

    15 Jan 14 at 5:16 pm

  134. I haven’t found SoaS easy. I’ve tried to install it twice over the last couple of years and it always errors out. The error is always something about Watchdog and a time out and needing a root name. I’ve tried what I could find information for and it doesn’t work. This is the Windows 62 bit install, and I’ve tried the other .exe install but it doesn’t work. Its Supposed to be easy right?? well it isn’t for me in the 2 times I’ve tried to install the program.
    There isn’t much of a support group or even a forum to help you with your install problem.

    Even if I was successful in the install I would have problems with the viewer reconfiguring other programs that use that viewer accentually cutting them off because there isn’t any information on how to configure the viewer’s grid manager if you are already using it for other programs.

    I’ve tried twice, I had hoped that todays download and install would go better but no such luck:( With incomplete install, and the lack of support and information for the product I am forced to delete the program and give up on it.

    Maybe the very similar NewWorlds program will go better. NewWorlds dose have a forum and support community, and with a very small charge per year your world can be HiperGrid connected. I cant get SoaS to run so I’ll check it out.

    Hunter Helsley

    16 Feb 14 at 4:19 pm

  135. is your PC completely updated? i had terrible issues two years back do to the .NET version i was running – you should get the latest one (at least 4 i believe)

    Ener Hax

    19 Feb 14 at 4:43 pm

  136. Just wanted to say Thanks. Setting up “OpenSim” is so much easier using this for a stick, or desktop. Most places have one to five stars as a rating.

    You get 10 Stars ********** and an A++

    Oh, one thing when Simona first rezzed in-world she looked so sad. I asked her what was wrong all she said was “look at me”. So we had a makeover shape, skin, hair, clothes, and AO. She is so cool and much happier now as my Administrator for all my regions. ( grins )

    I know I can switch her out, but after all it was Simona’s world first so nice to keep her around. ( LOL )

    Thanks again great job……


    20 Feb 14 at 10:16 am

  137. Awww! Priscilla! You made my day! Thank you for the ginormous grin you gave me! I think I may need to share your comment as an example of how wonderful and supportive awesome folks like you are

    I hope your creativity continues to flow. With your imagination, I am certain that you create lots of beauty and happiness =)

    Ener Hax

    21 Feb 14 at 6:00 pm

  138. I start mowes, and when Apache is running and MySQLO is running, I try starting OpenSim with the desktop icon, it does some stuff and terminates.I am seeing an error [SERVER UTILS]: Error loading plugin OpenSim.Services.Connectors.dll….it gets rather lengthy.

    Since I am running on Windows 7 64-bit, I also try running OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe but I am getting the same error.

    I don’t know what else to try.


    13 Mar 14 at 11:12 pm

  139. Now it’s working. It looks like I’ve done a lot of unnecessary work….Making a new install of the most recent version of MySQL for instance….and configuring it….and still it Sim on a stick wasn’t working. Then, I ran the sim on a stick installer again, installing to the same folders as i used before, and for some reason that seems to have fixed the problem, because now it works.


    14 Mar 14 at 12:58 am

  140. Hello.
    I commented to you: THANKS to you and new version of OpenSimulator to USB, I have managed to install my own virtual world. Honestly, it was a task I tried to do for years and I could not.
    It is easier now!!!. However, the instructions to install OpenSim are in languages I can not understand well (I’m Mexican).
    Now that I have achieved, I made a few changes to the original files for people who speak Spanish can install an easier way of your virtual world.
    As you are the creator of all development OpenSim, I want to share this release ( I hope the validated and taken into account in your downloads page. Just ask for it, I will send to you.
    Les comento: gracias a ustedes y a la nueva versión de OpenSimulator a USB, he logrado instalar mi propio mundo virtual. Sinceramente, fue una tarea que traté de hacer durante años y no pude.
    Es más fácil ahora! Sin embargo, las instrucciones para instalar OpenSim están en idiomas que no entiendo bien (soy mexicano).
    Ahora que lo he conseguido, he realizado algunos cambios a los archivos originales para las personas que hablan español puedan instalar de forma más fácil su mundo virtual.
    Como ustedes son los creadores de OpenSim, quiero compartir mi aportación ( Espero que la validen y se tome en cuenta en la página de descargas. Sólo hay que preguntar por ella y se las enviaré (116 MB).


    19 Apr 14 at 3:25 am

  141. Bien, no he recibido comentarios acerca de mi versión OpenSim en español.
    Dejo la liga donde pueden bajarla, incluye instrucciones en español y un arreglo para instalar de forma fácil. En síntesis, una vez que se corre Mowes se abre una página Web con la siguiente instrucción.
    También, en la carpeta principal viene un archivo .html que les lleva a una serie de páginas para ajustar regiones, visor y recomendaciones de sitios Web para bajar archivos OAR e IAR.

    Nota: Todo el paquete se integró en archivo ZIP. Para descargarlo hay que usar login y password (es un espacio FTP). En la página siguiente están las claves y la liga respectiva al FTP:
    Ficha y datos para bajar archivo


    1 May 14 at 12:38 am

  142. Hi I have no idea how to forward this to the devs or where to ask about it so I am posting here. Forgive if this is out of line and just turf this post! Thanks!

    Oh! Also I am no geek, this was a happenstance event – noticing this – as I tried to understand the setup – so if I am making a fool of myself, please delete this post as a gift to my ego :)

    For Sim-on-a-Stick OpenSim 0.7.6 the delivered OpenSim.ini has this:

    ;# {PhysicalPrimMin} {} {Minimum size of physical prims?} {} 10
    ;; Maximum size where a prim can be physical. Affects resizing of
    ;; existing prims. This can be overriden in the region config file.
    ; PhysicalPrimMin = 0.01

    I think this may be a copy-paste of the PhysicalPrimMax that didn’t get edited completely, with the default ending up as 10 and not 0.01 and if this is the case I am sure the devs would like to correct it. As I said, if I am talking nonsense, please remove this! Thanks.

    Naomi Sloan

    27 Jun 14 at 4:27 pm

  143. Hi Ener,

    A couple of weeks back I downloaded a single region version of SOAS and began building. I have created a number of buildings made from ordinary prims, imported a number of mesh objects, embedded a number of reasonably simple scripts, and imported a range of textures for the buildings and other objects. As I added new items to the build I saved the whole region in an OAR file which I labelled progressively from 1 – 10 (so far). I also organised my inventory so that all of the things I built and imported are easy to find. Each time after saving a new OAR I would then load the newest version of the OAR and at the time everything went smoothly. I was able to re-log into the region and continue building. Now, a week later, when I try to fire up SOAS everything loads to the point where the line “[SCENE]: Loading objects from datastore” appears but then just hangs. I have tried waiting for up to ten minutes but still nothing further happens.

    I tried using a completely new, clean installation of SOAS and then loading my latest region. This worked fine and the region loaded with everything in it. However, all of the scripts, objects, textures, avatar appearance, etc. I had saved previously were no longer available.

    My question is, why is SOAS hanging at the point where objects are being loaded from the datastore? Is there something I have done wrong or overlooked? If you save a lot of things in your inventory does this overload SOAS so that it hangs?

    Any advice hugely appreciated.

    ** Screen print out below:

    10:32:21 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:21 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:21 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:21 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:21 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:21 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:22 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:22 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:25 – [MIGRATIONS]: Presence data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:25 – [PRESENCE SERVICE]: Starting presence service
    10:32:25 – [MIGRATIONS]: os_groups_Store data tables already up to date at revis
    ion 2
    10:32:25 – [Wifi]: Administrator account Wifi Admin exists.
    10:32:25 – [WifiScriptFace]: Starting…
    10:32:25 – [Wifi]: Starting with extension methods type Diva.Wifi.ExtensionMetho
    10:32:25 – [Wifi Module]: Wifi enabled.
    10:32:25 – [TOS MODULE]: Not Enabled
    10:32:25 – [MI IMAGESERVICE]: Initializing…
    10:32:25 – [RADMIN]: Creating default avatar entries
    10:32:25 – [RADMIN]: No default avatar information available
    10:32:25 – [RADMIN]: Default avatars not loaded
    10:32:25 – [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Loading region configurations from filesystem
    10:32:25 – [REGION LOADER FILE SYSTEM]: Loading config files from .\Regions
    10:32:25 – [REGION LOADER FILE SYSTEM]: Loading config file .\Regions\RegionConf
    10:32:25 – [REGION LOADER FILE SYSTEM]: Loaded config for region simonastick 1
    10:32:25 – [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Loading specific shared modules…
    10:32:25 – [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Done.
    10:32:25 – [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Creating Region: simonastick 1 (ThreadID: 1)
    10:32:25 – [LLUDPSERVER]: Average Environment.TickCount resolution: 15.6ms
    10:32:26 – [SCENE]: Using the FrontBack prioritization scheme
    10:32:26 – [REGION DB]: Loaded terrain revision r1
    10:32:26 – [PHYSICS]: Added meshing engine: ZeroMesher
    10:32:26 – [PHYSICS]: Added meshing engine: Meshmerizer
    10:32:26 – [PHYSICS]: Added physics engine: OpenDynamicsEngine
    10:32:26 – [PHYSICS]: creating meshing engine Meshmerizer
    10:32:26 – [PHYSICS]: creating OpenDynamicsEngine
    10:32:26 – [UTIL]: Loading native Windows library at lib32/ode.dll
    10:32:26 – [ODE SCENE]: Setting terrain for simonastick 1 with offset
    10:32:26 – [ODE SCENE]: Setting terrain for simonastick 1 took 16ms
    10:32:26 – [MODULES]: Loading Region’s modules (old style)
    10:32:26 – [REGIONMODULES]: Loading Region’s modules (new style)
    10:32:26 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Module added to Scene simonastick 1.
    10:32:26 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Response and fragment cache directory already exists.

    10:32:26 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Set up snapshot service
    10:32:27 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: data service
    .py notified. Secret: dff9d4f0-d879-4250-a797-afec9f642687
    10:32:27 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Added new data provider type: ObjectSnapshot
    10:32:27 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Added new data provider type: EstateSnapshot
    10:32:27 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Added new data provider type: LandSnapshot
    10:32:27 – [CHAT]: Initialized for simonastick 1 w:10 s:20 S:100
    10:32:27 – [HGAssetService]: Starting…
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: AssetStore data tables already up to date at revision 8

    10:32:27 – [HGAsset Service]: Starting
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:27 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:27 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:27 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:27 – [RegionInventoryService]: Starting…
    10:32:27 – [XInventoryInConnector]: Starting with config name HGInventoryService

    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:27 – [HG SUITCASE INVENTORY SERVICE]: Starting with config name HGInventor
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:27 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:27 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:27 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:27 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:27 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:27 – [HG SUITCASE INVENTORY SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:27 – [BASE PRESENCE SERVICE CONNECTOR]: Enabled for region simonastick 1
    10:32:27 – [HG MESSAGE TRANSFER]: Message transfer module HGMessageTransferModul
    e active
    10:32:27 – [Groups]: Registering Groups HG Service Connector with simonastick 1
    10:32:27 – [XEngine]: Script stop strategy is abort
    10:32:27 – [AUTHORIZATION CONNECTOR]: Initialise
    10:32:27 – [AUTHORIZATION CONNECTOR]: Local authorization connector enabled
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: localtime offset is 360000000000
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: Mode is SL
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: Initialization completed. Day is 14400 seconds, and year is 60
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: Axis offset is 0.5
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: Percentage of time for daylight 0.5
    10:32:27 – [SUN]: Positional data updated every 100 frames
    10:32:27 – [WINDLIGHT]: windlight module disabled
    10:32:27 – [WIND]: Enabled with an update rate of 150 frames.
    10:32:27 – [PERMISSIONS]: allowed_script_creators All
    10:32:27 – [PERMISSIONS]: allowed_script_editors All
    10:32:27 – [PERMISSIONS]: Enabling all region service permission checks
    10:32:27 – [HG INVENTORY ACCESS MODULE]: HGInventoryAccessModule enabled.
    10:32:27 – [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: MaxOutgoingTransferVersion set to SIMULATIO
    10:32:27 – [HG ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: HGEntityTransferModule enabled.
    10:32:27 – [EnvironmentModule]: Module is enabled.
    10:32:27 – [EXTENDED PHYSICS]: module is not enabled
    10:32:27 – [Diva.ScriptEvents]: ScriptEventsModule is on.
    10:32:27 – [Mass Teleport]: Enabled…
    10:32:27 – [XEngine]: Initializing scripts in region simonastick 1
    10:32:27 – [WIND]: Found Plugin: ConfigurableWind
    10:32:27 – [WIND]: Found Plugin: SimpleRandomWind
    10:32:27 – [WIND]: SimpleRandomWind plugin found, initializing.
    10:32:27 – L … GenericSystemDrawing
    10:32:28 – L … RAW32
    10:32:28 – E … ChannelDigger
    10:32:28 – L … LLRAW
    10:32:28 – L … JPEG
    10:32:28 – [WORLD MAP]: JPEG Map location:
    10:32:28 – [ESTATE MODULE]: Setting up estate commands for region simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [RegionReady]: Enabled for region simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [RegionReady]: Region simonastick 1 – LOGINS DISABLED DURING INITIALI
    10:32:28 – [Diva.ScriptEvents]: Adding region simonastick 1 to this module
    10:32:28 – [DATASNAPSHOT]: Marking scene simonastick 1 as stale.
    10:32:28 – [HG INVENTORY CONNECTOR]: Enabled HG inventory for region simonastick
    10:32:28 – [LLLOGIN IN CONNECTOR]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:28 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: Presence data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:28 – [PRESENCE SERVICE]: Starting presence service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:28 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: FriendsStore data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: HGTravelStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 1
    10:32:28 – [LLOGIN SERVICE]: Using LibraryService given as argument
    10:32:28 – [LLOGIN SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [LOCAL GRID USER SERVICE CONNECTOR]: Enabled local grid user for regi
    on simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [SIM SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [LOCAL USER ACCOUNT SERVICE CONNECTOR]: Enabled local user accounts f
    or region simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Loading library archive Library\Clothing Library (s
    mall).iar (Clothing Library (small))…
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Got content for folder OpenSim Library (diva distro
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Outfits__e8ceed4
    0-7dcd-470d-b4ab-a52fc3c63c48/ from IAR
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Outfits__e8ceed4
    0-7dcd-470d-b4ab-a52fc3c63c48/Hippo Avatar__59af6a38-9bf9-4155-884d-c1bf59de794f
    / from IAR
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Outfits__e8ceed4
    0-7dcd-470d-b4ab-a52fc3c63c48/Ken__83bdaa21-304d-4c4a-a2a2-3959b7a0720a/ from IA
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Outfits__e8ceed4
    0-7dcd-470d-b4ab-a52fc3c63c48/Paula__9d793332-f59a-4b5b-a51e-15583d007ec3/ from
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Outfits__e8ceed4
    0-7dcd-470d-b4ab-a52fc3c63c48/Jessica__f5315f7f-ebe7-4e32-846d-3a1514bcdb52/ fro
    m IAR
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loaded 50 assets…
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loading IAR with version 0.1
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 72 assets with 0 failures
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 38 items
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Diva’s Freebies Outfits 90e4f17b-1
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Hippo Avatar 6e306709-c37e-4034-b1
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Ken 10d5a293-af32-4351-a626-fad9ec
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Paula 7e25881d-522e-46e9-ad92-0d3f
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Jessica a6657532-4e9a-4109-9134-28
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Loading library archive Library\Objects Library (sm
    all).iar (Objects Library (small))…
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Got content for folder OpenSim Library (diva distro
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loading IAR with version 0.3
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Created folder Diva’s Freebies Collection (shor
    t)__0e25c467-76ab-4b2e-bced-4a8b52ba17c7/ from IAR
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loaded 50 assets…
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 55 assets with 0 failures
    10:32:28 – [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 5 items
    10:32:28 – [LIBRARY MODULE]: Fixing perms for Diva’s Freebies Collection (short)
    10:32:28 – [NEIGHBOUR CONNECTOR]: Enabled remote neighbours for region simonasti
    ck 1
    10:32:28 – [GridInfo]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [GRID INFO SERVICE]: Grid info service initialized with 7 keys
    10:32:28 – [HypergridService]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: FriendsStore data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [HYPERGRID HANDLERS]: Active
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: HGTravelStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 1
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: FriendsStore data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: UserAccount data tables already up to date at revision
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridUserStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 2
    10:32:28 – [GRID USER SERVICE]: Starting user grid service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: InventoryStore data tables already up to date at revisi
    on 6
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: Avatar data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:28 – [AVATAR SERVICE]: Starting avatar service
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: GridStore data tables already up to date at revision 9
    10:32:28 – [GRID SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: Presence data tables already up to date at revision 2
    10:32:28 – [PRESENCE SERVICE]: Starting presence service
    10:32:28 – [HGFRIENDS SERVICE]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: HGTravelStore data tables already up to date at revisio
    n 1
    10:32:28 – [HGFRIENDS HANDLER]: HGFriendsServerPostHandler is On (standalone)
    10:32:28 – [AUTHENTICATION IN CONNECTOR]: Starting…
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: AuthStore data tables already up to date at revision 3
    10:32:28 – [HG ASSET CONNECTOR]: Enabled hypergrid asset broker for region simon
    astick 1
    10:32:28 – [HG ASSET CONNECTOR]: Enabled asset caching for region simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: os_groups_Store data tables already up to date at revis
    ion 2
    10:32:28 – [Groups.RobustHGConnector]: Starting with config name Groups
    10:32:28 – [MIGRATIONS]: os_groups_Store data tables already up to date at revis
    ion 2
    10:32:28 – [REGION COMBINER MODULE]: Adding root region simonastick 1
    10:32:28 – [MI IMAGESERVICE]: Set up image service
    10:32:28 – [MI IMAGESERVICE]: Starting watcher for DataSnapshot
    10:32:28 – [MI IMAGESERVICE]: Creating directory DataSnapshot
    10:32:29 – [Compiler]: Allowed languages: lsl
    10:32:29 – [AuthorizationService]: Region simonastick 1 access restrictions: Non
    10:32:29 – [AUTHORIZATION CONNECTOR]: Enabled local authorization for region sim
    onastick 1
    10:32:29 – [MODULE COMMANDS]: Script engine found, module active
    10:32:29 – [TEMP ATTACHS]: Registered script functions
    10:32:29 – [WATCHDOG]: Started tracking thread InventoryWorkerThread0, ID 18
    10:32:29 – [WATCHDOG]: Started tracking thread InventoryWorkerThread1, ID 19
    10:32:29 – [SCENE]: Loading objects from datastore

    *** Nothing happens beyond this point :-(


    28 Jun 14 at 7:45 pm

  144. I gave up with the Simonastick because I was sinking into the ground and went with the reg OpenSim but after hitting my head several times on the computer table out of frustration.I am ready to try the Simonastick again.

    Here is the problem I am having with the Simonastick. My root sim is fine,but I made 3 more regions.On the other 3 regions I fall into the ground -7341 and counting.
    Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to fix it?

    This is the 2nd computer I have tried installing the Simonastick on. I had this same problem with the first computer,I thought it was because I didn’t have enough ram.
    This computer has lots of ram and is hooked directly into the modem and not a router.

    Dixy Dreamscape

    27 Aug 14 at 4:01 pm

  145. Heya all

    i am using SOAS since 2013 or so
    thing have been just fine but since i am using 7.6 and also tried 8
    just two regions are working but the rest doesnt, if i want to TP to them i end up on the corner and sometimes i end up a few sims away from the one i want to enter and drop down in the water

    anyone with the same issue? or is there anyone who might know whats wrong?


    3 Mar 15 at 6:05 pm

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