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Enclave Harbour started in Reaction Grid around march of 2010, then moved to a private host (SimHost) for two years, and then to Kitely on october 7th of 2012

it’s been a long project . . . the build has been fun but making mods to fit subQuark’s workbook has been challenging (like deleting the post-apocalyptic sim and replacing it with a space station which still needs to have its activities built). i won’t tweak and complete the builds until the workbook is nearly done. but, that has a ways to go . . .

Enclave Harbour has pretty much been a private thing – i’ve written gobs about it and have hundreds of pics on flickr and some vids on YouTube BUT that’s not the same as having it as an open world that others can visit

and that’s the jist of this blog post – making your work accessible to encourage others to try OpenSim

one thing that made Second Life so successful in 2006 was all the content that people could explore. there was something for everyone, from furry communities to sailing to gambling to a zillion fantastic builds

i saw builds in Second Life that inspired me and had me saying “i could do something like this” and, ultimately, that got me into Second Life

with Kitely, we have the gold plan for $35 a month which gives us 20 sims and unlimited time for me. Enclave Harbour is 16 sims so that leaves 4 sims that i can do with as i please

on october 25th of 2012 i started my Kitely freebie store and then on december 6th i started Hax Nuit. these are builds i did just for fun

later i added the Space Base and the Cool Ice Campus to Kitely. the Space Base is a freebie OAR that you can get at along with the giant tree, Lux Center, and Haxor Outpost. the Cool Ice Campus is one of those projects that may never be complete and maybe i should just offer it as is (its purpose is as a conference and exhibit hall dealio) *reminds me of the cube office building – another halfway done project – if you build, you know what i mean* =D

back to encouraging others with your work!

you don’t even need to have a paid Kitely subscription to share your work – you can get a free sim. since that sim can have 100,000 prims, you can show off a lot of work!

the free plan comes with 2 hours a month which is ample if you build with Sim-on-a-Stick

it’s easy to think “who would want to look at my work” or “nobody gives a crud about what i make” but having your work available so that others can explore it as avatars helps build the OpenSim community

as an example of that, i went through my history page at Kitely and added up all the time that others (not me or subQuark) have spent exploring what i have. i don’t claim to be a building guru or creative ninja, i keep it simple and only use standard prims and simple textures, but the point of these numbers is to show that people are curious and will look at whatever is out there

so here it is, the total time that others (none of my time is included) have spent in my various Kitely worlds:

freebie store 45 hours 42 minutes
Hax Nuit 42 hours 4 minutes
Cool Ice Campus 1 hour 57 minutes
Space Base 2 hours 19 minutes
Enclave Harbour* 7 hours 11 minutes
Total 99 hours 13 minutes

nearly 100 hours of people visiting a one person’s 3D doodling! dang!

my builds aren’t anything phenomenal on their own (although i am very proud of Hax Nuit). but when you have many people with their work available for exploration, then we can have something phenomenal and exciting! =)


* – although Enclave Harbour is “closed”, some people have looked at it to offer critiques

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written by Ener Hax

December 4th, 2013 at 3:25 pm

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Ener :-)

    It should help people see that even though there are over 5000 user-owned regions in Kitely, people do visit other people’s worlds when they are kept open to the public.

    Ilan Tochner

    4 Dec 13 at 8:59 pm

  2. Maybe we could organise a visit of the Kitely Educators Group to Enclave Harbour sometime? It would be great to see it.

    Graham Mills

    5 Dec 13 at 7:27 am

  3. you know Graham, a month ago i would have said “nah, this is proprietary and only for people that use the yet-to-be-published workbook” BUT . . .

    subQuark (David) made me read APE by Guy Kawasaki about self-publishing and both of our perspectives changed regarding that

    David was hesitant to open Enclave Harbour to the public because I have spent a good amount of time building it and he equated that time to a “real” corporate project like he has done with both SL and SoaS

    his value was about $30,000 for what i have made (keep in mind that the one aloft hotel built inSL in 2006 cost $120,000). his number came from $30 an hour and about 6 months at 40 hours per week

    and i certainly could understand that perspective (although, i haven’t had $30kK worth of burritos for my efforts, hmm)

    so . . . i believe we came to the conclusion, after reading APE, that we should open Enclave Harbour and that students/parents/teachers will want to get the workbook if it is reasonably priced (like $12.99 or something – about 50 cents an activity)

    of course, that now means that *I* am going to want to finish all the activities so that they are useful to everyone

    since you know me Graham and i very much value your suggestions, what are your thoughts about it requiring a paid Kitely account if the person is in there beyond the free 2 hours a month?

    originally, we were going to set it to be the $100 a month unlimited time thing, but that would mean selling 20 books a month to cover it

    we don’t want this to become something we have to sponsor because it could start to add up quickly

    Ener Hax

    5 Dec 13 at 10:18 am

  4. Reminds me of “what would google do ?”, book by Jeff Jarvis.

    Keith Selmes

    5 Dec 13 at 5:04 pm

  5. Would I be willing to pay a premium to visit Enclave Harbour? Yes, and I’d buy the book but I’d be coming from the perspective of a science educator interested in virtual worlds rather than a teacher or parent.

    I’m not aware of anyone outside education who has provided schools (as opposed to companies) with student experiences similar to Enclave Harbour. The nearest I can think of is Heritage Key (run by Rezzable of SL Greenies fame) which ran virtual explorations of Egyptian antiquities in OpenSim.

    I don’t know what the implementation issues might be with schools with regard to firewalls, suitably equipped PCs, online safety, etc.

    Parents who home-school might be an alternative niche market and I know Clark Aldrich has been active in that area and put together a directory of sims (in a broader sense) that you could join:

    Graham Mills

    5 Dec 13 at 5:49 pm

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  7. […] "…it’s easy to think “who would want to look at my work” or “nobody gives a crud about what i make” but having your work available so that others can explore it as avatars helps build the OpenSim community….."  […]

  8. thanks Graham – that was very persuasive and i think we will do it

    thanks on the link for Aldrich, that’s a good call

    i delved a bit more into the account aspect and the fist month you get 6 hours free and then 2 hours thereafter. that should be sufficient to do most activities. additionally, a parent could buy Kitely Credits rather than a subscription and get 1000 minutes for $5

    if my understanding is correct, then i think this is feasible (it’s like joining the high school ski team, you have to buy your own equipment and pay for lift passes)

    thanks for the vote of confidence and excellent suggestions

    PS – i also think that David would be open to licensing Enclave Harbour to schools for their own deployment – he spoke with the Miami Museum of Science last year about something like that

    Ener Hax

    6 Dec 13 at 7:44 am

  9. well I wish I was there, the future of opensim:


    11 Dec 13 at 2:51 pm

  10. lets a long breath out…how I remember Greenies, been there lots of times and took a few friends there. Sadly I had to delete my TP to that wonderful place. Was nice looking at the world from an ants perspective. How I miss you Greenies but I still have my Memories.

    Mira (Shemira.Atlass)

    15 Dec 13 at 7:54 pm

  11. the greenies were totally awesome and fresh

    Ener Hax

    19 Dec 13 at 1:33 pm

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  13. Reference confusing price changes.
    Well, I can’t log in to Disqus yet again,
    but I think the article at Hypergrid Business is more confusing than the actual changes.

    At Kitely , Ilan has said
    “The Regular Account (which will replace the Free Plan) will continue to include 1 free Metered region (what we now call “time-based billing region”). The amount of monthly time quota that will be included with the Regular Account hasn’t been announced yet. We’ll provide the full details of all the options once we make them available on Jan 1.”

    So we don’t yet know how much free time people will get, but seems to be not much change ?

    Keith Selmes

    20 Dec 13 at 4:49 pm

  14. Meanwhile in other breaking news, my Kitely world went public on 17th December with a free flying day.
    Work well and truly shown, and flown.

    (110th anniversary of first flight at Kittyhawk)

    Keith Selmes

    20 Dec 13 at 4:55 pm

  15. thanks keith! the mystery of the regular account is causing stress, so another week or two should alleviate that

    very cool on your Quayside!

    Ener Hax

    21 Dec 13 at 9:19 am

  16. well, the yule log is on the fire, whisky in the jar, I think I’ll enjoy yuletide, weinachtsabend, vigilia, christmas, boxing day, christmas week and new years, and then settle in and see what the new year is all about

    slainte mhor and may your poutine be plentiful

    Keith Selmes

    21 Dec 13 at 10:46 am

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