SL private sim loss slowing down?


in the last few years, Second Life’s private sims have been decreasing

at its worst, it was losing 8 private sims per day!

that’s sounds like a lot to you and me but when you have over 20,000, then maybe it’s not a big deal (i dunno but if i had a hole in my pocket and was losing a penny every day, i’d work at stitching that up!)

for 2013, the loss averaged 4.7 private sims per day

it’s only 41 days into 2014 so any math here is early but . . . so far this year, that daily average has been 2.58 sims per day

it’s still a loss, but is that rate slowing down?


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written by Ener Hax

February 10th, 2014 at 12:43 pm

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InWorldz Ener Hax freebie store “new” items


there are a four items that were not for sale in the freebie shop that now are (or soon will be)

it was a bit funky to update because the shop was created in Kitely and exported before my account was downgraded. so that Ener Hax can’t upload the store to Kitely without either paying for a membership or removing Hax Nuit. since Hax Nuit has over 35,000 prims, i wouldn’t be able to put it back up after editing the store due to the 15K Kitely limit (i think, but it doesn’t matter)

the lesson here is that i should have built the original store as a Sim-on-a-Stick build and always mod the SoaS one and then upload it

the Ener Hax that built the store isn’t the same as the Ener Hax i create an SoaS account for so she can’t edit anything. BUT . . . loading the OAR to SoaS means that Simona Stick can edit items and it still shows that Ener Hax made them

all of that to say, as soon as Tranq swaps out the InWorldz Ener Hax Freebie Shop, and as long as i didn’t break anything, then you will be able get the four things indicated below (why does it say courtesy subQuark? well, those are builds specific to Enclave Harbour and are legally owned by the evil company called subQuark, LLC, but now InWorldz peeps are free to use them) =D



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written by Ener Hax

February 9th, 2014 at 11:34 am

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greythane’s Mac SoaS and new Windows SoaS – version 2


these are the latest greythane editions of the Mac SoaS Installer and the new non-MoWeS Windows SoaS 16 region =)

these are the next versions based on your feedback

greythane2the new Windows version is lighter than the older SoaS and has a nifty launcher that slides in and out from the side of your monitor

the Windows version isn’t placed in the installer app yet so you unzip it just like the old versions of SoaS. in the resulting SoaS076-16 folder, you’ll see “SoaSLauncher.exe” – double click that very nifty tool which is a control panel. it has options that you can customise as well

to start the windows SoaS greythane edition, slide the control panel open and click Run Sim-on-a-Stick. the command window will open and you’ll see OpenSim start up. once it is all up and running (screenshot below), then start your viewer and log into to local host at just like any other version of SoaS

greythane’s new architecture replaces MoWeS and does away with the Apache and PHP libraries resulting in only 175 megs for all of SoaS (versus 305 meg)

after further testing by you, these will become official on the Sim-on-a-Stick site. thanks greythane! =)

so Mac peeps, beat on the Mac version and comment any issues you have and the same for Windows peeps. without question, the Mac version is a massive addition to Sim-on-a-Stick and the windows version is so much smaller, easier to start, and up-to-date with HeidiSQL

AND . . . these packages grew out of greythane’s work on Whitecore on a Stick! check out his work on that right here

thanks greythane!


double click SoaSLauncher to open the new SoaS control panel


now you can start your viewer. to quit, just type q and hit enter

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written by Ener Hax

February 8th, 2014 at 9:04 am

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InWorldz Ener Hax freebie Shop

leave a comment

Tranq has been gracious in hosting the Ener Hax Freebie Shop and the InWorldz community lives up to its reputation (at least the reputation it has with me)

even though i never visit (VHD – virtual hermit disorder), i know it’s a nice grid from my longest running and dearest friends from SL. Sunny Whitfield and her passion and talent in creating clothes and more, and DreamWalker with her insane mythical scripting skillz =D

many InWorldz people have taken the time to send me offline messages and i want to say thank you and share an exemplary one with you:

Ener – myself, my wife and a friend, were out exploring the upcoming IW5 regions, and came across your shop. What amazing creations you have done! I just wanted to say, Great Work, and welcome back to Inworldz, and thank you for sharing your talents. Be safe, and again, thank you very much.

that kind of stuff makes my day and fires up my motivation like crazy!

thank you Tranq and thank you all the awesome people who call InWorldz home – the real world could use more like you (and like the vast majority of virtual world aficionados whom are among the best people i’ve ever met) =)

update: the InWorldz Ener shop is here

have a great weekend!

ps – tune in tomorrow for an updated Mac SoaS build from greythane!

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written by Ener Hax

February 7th, 2014 at 1:03 pm

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general ramblings and MAC Sim-on-a-Stick


from one to two posts a day for nearly 4 years to two posts a month! who says i’m extreme? =p

so what’s been going on for the avatar Ener Hax lately?

i’m bummed that we don’t have Enclave Harbour in Kitely anymore and since i switched Hax Nuit to a world only open to Kitely subscribers, its traffic has massively dropped off. only 3 people visited in the last month for a total of 63 minutes, a far cry from 42 hours logged last year. since it’s not listed as a public world, i’m not sure how people actually find it

however, Hax Nuit wasn’t built in vain. apart from being a fun experiment in “rapid development” by using modular pieces, it may eventually be given away for free. it depends if i hear from people and teachers that think they could use it for something. it still has its hidden loot in the underground labyrinth and the mazes in the street level shops (some are two story mazes – Hax Nuit info | Kitely Hax Nuit)

Hax Nuit will run fine on Sim-on-a-Stick but won’t be usable in most hosted situations because of its 35K prim count (Kitely shattered the 11 year old SL 15K prim/sim limit and i had hoped that was the new yard stick for OpenSim but, to be fair, their $100 a month plan for 100K prims and 100 avatars blows away SL’s $1000 setup/$295 a month 15K/60 avatar plan)

zombalambaHax Nuit’s also been inspiration for a zombie board game that subQuark and i are working on. i would’ve loved to place zombies into Hax Nuit but I don’t have the scripting skillz to create bots (the SL ones were cool because you could shoot them and they could also kill you if you were slow or a bad shot like me)

Zombalamba is the working title for the board game while designing it, i think of running around a zombie-infested Hax Nuit. the game even has dropping into manholes  and coming out somewhere else just like Hax Nuit

Enclave Harbour is on the way back burner, but we’ve pretty much decided to not write a student workbook and only write a teacher/parent workbook. student activities will be individual free PDFs and Enclave Harbour may be hosted online (the two hosters continue to support this option) or maybe as an SoaS offering

speaking of Sim-on-a-Stick, i have some exciting news about that!

greythane has created the Mac version of SoaS!!!

he’s also created what will be the next version of Windows SoaS that no longer uses the defunct MoWeS and made the package significantly smaller (on the order of 82 mb)

these have been very significant endeavors took a good amount of time and incredible skillz and i want to thank greythane for sharing his work with us all =)

now we need some hardcore Mac users to test it out and report back any issues

Mac SoaS 0.7.6 4×4 Installer Package (99 mb)

this version installs a single app into your Applications directory without the need to use terminals and command lines

Mac SoaS 0.7.6 4×4 Source Package (99mb)

this one is like the current SoaS in that you’ll navigate to your home directory and greythane says you should be comfortable with terminal and command line use to run this one

give it a shot and give greythane a shout out in comments! =)

2014-01-27 17.28

Hax Nuit – Analog Format! =D

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written by Ener Hax

February 1st, 2014 at 11:30 am

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how much should you charge


lol, sorry Maria, i’m in a silly mood and ripped off the title of her post of the same name! =p

in the past, i’ve done those twitter value things that supposedly figure out what your account is worth. i guess they calculate your followers, tweets, and whatever else to come up with a hypothetical value

tonight, i found a calculator from Time and figure that one has to be legit. and rather than calculating what you are worth from a marketing perspective, they figure out how much value you bring to Twitter

it’s an interesting article and i’ll gladly entertain any bids that you want to offer me (caveat – it must be more than the cost of a burrito at Loco Coco’s) *yum!*

try out your twitter account and come join me at the post office and let’s wait together for our cheques! =D


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written by Ener Hax

January 15th, 2014 at 5:07 pm

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no country for old avatars


i just realised this morning (i’m a fast one i tell ya) that this is the first time in nearly eight years that i haven’t had some form of paid virtual world home


GAM – gallerie art monkey inSL

when i started in Second Life i was a paid member and soon rented a 4096 sm plot and built a gallery for a Deaf artist. Sunny Whitfield and i were neighbors way back then and we each eventually “bought” sims

after closing the SL estate (my last SL login was feb. 22, 2011), i went to Reaction Grid where subQuark had started Enclave Harbour. first it was a “white label” private grid and then we moved to be part of the community grid

we (i) quickly overloaded the resources and we needed more power! so we went to SimHost for two years and that was a great learning experience and it was neat to have our own box



once i figured out Kitely (it took me a year!), it was an easy sell to get us moved because the price was crazy cheap ($35 versus $159) and the resources of 100,000 prims and 100 avatars was amazing

times change and for the first time in 8 years i don’t have a paid virtual home!

Hax Nuit is still in Kitely but it’s a free account (i’ll keep an eye on traffic and probably offer it as a freebie OAR)

i guess Sim-on-a-Stick is my home and i’m truly a virtual hermit now!

*time to rediscover myself and be all Zen-like*


Sunny’s rental apartments and shop are behind the gallery and that was a park i had to the right with fab Kriss Lehmann trees, and yes, that’s a dumpster that you can sit in with a scripted Hello Kitty lunchbox!


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written by Ener Hax

January 13th, 2014 at 9:47 am

SL private sim post and 2014 predictions


dang! another year has zipped by and the virtual world is still standing =)

Second Life saw the continued slow decline which has been the trend for over three years now. even with this slow decline of private sims, Linden Lab still makes serious bank with Second Life

this year saw a loss of about 1,729 private sims which works out to an average of 4.7 per day

revenue wise that means that a year ago the monthly private sim revenue was $4.3 million and today the monthly revenue is $3.9 million



if SL continues at this year’s rate of loss, the number of private SL sims next december will be 17,537

what about other predictions?

OpenSim is currently on version 0.7.6 and maybe 0.8 will come out (???)

regardless of the version number, OpenSim is very reliable (i never crash with Sim-on-a-Stick 0.7.6) and maybe BulletSim physics will become the default physics engine! that’s one prediction i’d really like to see come true in 2014 =)

maybe variable-sized regions will roll out with a new version of OpenSim – this is a nice feature that AuroraSim users enjoy and it’s being worked on by Robert of the OpenSim devs

make sure to follow Justin’s twitter and pop into his blog to write comments – those comments go along way to showing how much OpenSim is appreciated

here’s an easy prediction, Sim-on-a-Stick will get upgraded as official OpenSim versions come out and i predict there will be over 30,000 SoaS downloads by the end of 2014

.NET 4 will be a requirement in the next version and the SoaS installer will “sniff” that out BUT one challenge that will eventually be faced by SoaS are its server apps (Apache, PHP, MySQL) because those are running on the defunct MoWeS platform (we’ll cross that bridge when it comes and be heavily reliant on you for guidance!) =)

if you like SoaS, be sure to tweet your appreciation to Diva Cantos (Christa Lopes), she’s the one that makes it possible

other predictions?

chaos and pandomonium! */me runs screaming in circles with hands in the air*

there may be a contest to see who can do cool things with Hax Nuit if the OAR is made freely available and there might be a board game that’s inspired by Hax Nuit and zombies (that’s cheating, i have inside info that this is in the works)

regardless of predictions, i hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and that 2014 is kind to you and a year of prosperity and happiness in all your endeavors, both virtual and real! =)

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December 31st, 2013 at 12:44 pm

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2014 changes for us


no big surprise but with our project changes, we downgraded our Gold Kitely account to their free one

unfortunately, this is a bit sad because it marks a change in what i have online. Enclave Harbour itself was never public and only a handful of people checked it out to provide feedback but the freebie store and Hax Nuit did see some traffic (97 hours between the two as outlined a few posts back)

the creativity that OpenSim offers is phenomenal, imo, and being able to build stuff has been a great outlet for me. sharing some of that stuff has also been important to me to help others find that same joy

so . . . what’s that mean for the freebie store?

luckily, David from InWorldz stepped up! =)

they will be offering some of it (or maybe the entire store) as part of their free content and they’ll make an announcement about that today or this week still has the OARs online but the majority of the stuff in the store is now exclusive to InWorldz for 2014

why InWorldz?

that’s easy – the biggest reason is David (Tranquility Dexler) who has helped me several times with mundane PC issues that were too techy for me (including issues that helped me get SoaS updates out). David’s just that kind of guy – if he can help, he will

there are two other reasons too – Sunny and DreamWalker – both are long time friends from way back in Second Life and both enjoy InWorldz

as to Hax Nuit?

i dunno, it saw good use (over 42 hours) but i’d really love to see it get used by groups that would add to it – add scripting (zombies!) or RPG stuff. maybe i’ll give it away (but it’s big at 35,000 prims!)

stay tuned . . .

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December 30th, 2013 at 8:23 am

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Kitely 2014 – what to do?


what a dilemma! well, for me anyway – i’m the designated virtual world decision maker for our online presence

the 2014 pricing policy changes at Kitely raises uncertainty in making a decision because the entire policy will not be disclosed until after the New Year –

. . . several new yet-to-be-announced fixed-price options. from here

with our Gold plan, $35 a month will get us 30 sims! that is a heck of a deal (if each was a world, that would be 3 million prims!) =O

but we don’t need 30 sims and now we use 18 (16 for Enclave Harbour, one for Hax Nuit, and one for the freebie store – i removed the space base and cool ice campus)

as mentioned in the last post – Enclave Harbour won’t be worked on until at least the summer. at that time we can finish writing the exercises, make the graphics, finish laying out the book, proof and publish, AND complete/mod the OpenSim build. in trying to be realistic, that would maybe mean being ready in December 2014! (yikes! but then, i also thought it was going to be done last year!) =p

until Enclave Harbour goes live, all the work can be done with Sim-on-a-Stick

do we pay $35 a month for a year to “hold” our Gold plan or do we bank that and see what the new Kitely offerings will be?

OR . . . do we explore these three other options:

  1. a Sim-on-a-Stick version, a printed teacher workbook, and free student activity PDFs
  2. an offer to have an isolated and private deployment via a highly respected grid
  3. a highly ethical and passionate expert offering to install and maintain it on his servers

option One is the least work for us – i can complete one OpenSim activity and delete one that still needs lots of work. the teacher workbook wouldn’t need any images and the student PDFs would take less work to create. but this also has the tech challenges of running SoaS and the viewer (which i have bundled together in the past with localhost as the only grid choice). there would fewer book sales but also a lower cost to the teacher or parent and no recurring VW fees for us. this solution would work for tech minded peeps like you and passionate teachers like Kate Booth =)

option Two is attractive and a custom made viewer that launches into Enclave Harbour sounds easy for the end-user. this one would have comparable monthly costs (or less) and no time limits, but there are still a lot of unknowns (which are eased due by the trust we have for the people behind this offer)

option Three is heartfelt by someone who has worked closely with me in the past and has a tremendous depth of knowledge on anything server related including serious OpenSim skillz

what to do?

the Kitely $35 a month/30 sim deal is phenomenal and their performance is outstanding. if you’re crazy about building, this one is the deal but you have to get it by December 31st

well, what will you do?

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written by Ener Hax

December 27th, 2013 at 10:55 am

Kitely pay-as-you-play changes


i *think* i’m properly grasping Kitely’s new pricing policies but since they won’t be fully revealed until the first of the year, there’s still a little mystery in what they will be. i think if Kitely had done this from day one, there wouldn’t be such confusion

Kitely’s new pricing is still a heck of a deal and i have to keep reminding myself of what our past was. first there was SL and at $1000 setup and $295 a month for 15,000 prims, that is an extremely expensive offering. with SimHost, we paid $159 for 16 regions and an unknown max number of prims (it felt like 40,000 prims would have allowed about 40 avatars online)

chuchu2but . . . Kitely set their own yardstick and a shift from that causes concern

so much so that we have truly placed Enclave Harbour on the back burner. it was a slow go anyway and taking longer than we both thought, but now it is not an active project and won’t be until subQuark’s ChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat first series of books are published. that project has a timeline putting it at being published in May. along with that comes an effort to promote it, so neither of us will be back to work on Enclave Harbour until the summer

had their not been this “upheaval”, Enclave Harbour would continue to be poked at and slowly move forward (very slowly). there have been a couple of incredibly generous offers to host Enclave Harbour for free and for incredibly low-cost and we’ve also thought about doing it free on SoaS. the disadvantage of SoaS is that only Windows peeps could do it and there’s a significant technical hump to overcome

it’s funny how a shift like this can have profound effects

stepping back from our initial reaction, Enclave Harbour could move ahead and be done for $55 a month via Kitely ($35 for our Gold plan and $20 a month for 100 workbook user-hours). that’s a lot cheaper than SimHost would have been and has all the benefits of Kitely doing the accounts

but, we have changed priorities and Enclave Harbour is on hold until the summer but we probably will be keeping the Kitely $35 Gold plan (30 sims is amazing and i think would still be 100,000 prims per world – so Enclave Harbour’s 16 sims is 100k but so is the one sim Hax Nuit – i could add a 9 sim 100K EnerGoober world if so inclined)

we will see where things shake out and one of my fave grids may end up with the Ener freebie store in January (or it’s contents) and maybe even Hax Nuit!

i’ll be changing the access to our Kitely public worlds and removing the space base and cool ice campus – currently we pay the minutes, but starting thursday, visitors will be charged 1KC per minute and i’ll be interested to see how that impacts our history

OpenSim – ever changing and, overall, that’s a good thing! =)


ChuChu Chicken! =)

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written by Ener Hax

December 23rd, 2013 at 9:44 am

Enclave Harbour’s future?


you’ve heard me talk about Enclave Harbour. it’s been built over the last three years and is probably about 6 month’s of actual work. i’ve done very little with it over the last year because it goes along with a workbook that subQuark (David) is working on in his free time

the workbook consists of 26 virtual field trip activities that are about 90% written

David’s actually a registered, but fledgling, publisher with Ingram Content Group. his long-time web and avatar name of subQuark is technically a company (subQuark, LLC)

needless to say, we have a lot of time invested in Enclave Harbour

but there are stumbling blocks to Enclave Harbour

one of those is deployment. we started with Reaction Grid, then used SimHost because it meant we had a physical server and could have installed MOODLE, an open-source learning management system (LMS). but doing user accounts is a pain and requires a lot of support (resetting passwords, verifying access, etc)

when we moved to Kitely, not only did it save a ton of money ($125 less a month and better performance), but it took care of the account issue. Kitely’s ability to use Twitter and facebook plus manual accounts is ideal for us

another plus is how awesome the website is for total n00bs. for Enclave Harbour it means only providing a URL and the Kitely site installs and starts the viewer and world. talk about easy for the new user!

Kitely’s 2 free hours a month of access is plenty of time for a parent/teacher/student to check us out and start doing science activities. adding another 1000 minutes for a $5 is easy if they need more time

but . . . things change and the upcoming Kitely account changes may change what we do – Maria explored that more yesterday with Kitely pricing confuses; Zetamex steps up to cloud

i’m also basing this blog post and our future on Ilan’s plan change blog post and Maria’s earlier post

looks like there won’t be any more free minutes. this is unlike many other models such as

  • this blog, where we pay for hosting and domain name but you can read all day long or
  • flickr where you can host a million images and people can look at them all for free or
  • SL where a free account lets you explore all day long or
  • Inworldz which is just like SL with free membership or
  • Amazon where you don’t have to be a Prime member to shop and buy

the changes seem to mean that a parent/teacher/student can only visit us if we pay for their minutes or have a fixed monthly plan (the $100 one currently on the Kitely site – very affordable by SL standards). however, i know enough about the publishing business to say that it would be total fantasy to assume that subQuark’s workbook would sell enough to cover that cost

for Enclave Harbour, the hurdle of a $19.95 a month subscription will eliminate most of our prospective clients (especially if the book is priced at $9.95 to discourage photocopying)

due to JavaScript changes in browsers, the “no brainer” aspect viewer installation is gone. asking people to do installs and explaining how to do them is a hurdle for the mainstream. imagine if you had to install an app to access facebook or Twitter! adoption rates would be lower. this is outside of Kitely’s control but is a new stumbling block for Enclave Harbour

with the mystery about how the plans will be implemented, Kitely has succeeded is getting a lot of online press but also a lot of anxiety.  that’s a shame because i hope that the things i’ve said about Kitely in the last year and the 100 hours others have spent in my Kitely worlds have encouraged people to try virtual worlds

only time will tell (no pun intended) and we’ll have to wait until the new plans are rolled out to see what our options are

one of those options that we are contemplating is possibly giving away Enclave Harbour as a Sim-on-a-Stick build and only publishing a teacher workbook. the student activities would be free PDF downloads

this option is simply a way to share the work i’ve done and wouldn’t make much money (over 2 million new book titles were published last year and the average book sells less than 100 copies!)

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written by Ener Hax

December 21st, 2013 at 10:06 am

show your work to grow OpenSim


Enclave Harbour started in Reaction Grid around march of 2010, then moved to a private host (SimHost) for two years, and then to Kitely on october 7th of 2012

it’s been a long project . . . the build has been fun but making mods to fit subQuark’s workbook has been challenging (like deleting the post-apocalyptic sim and replacing it with a space station which still needs to have its activities built). i won’t tweak and complete the builds until the workbook is nearly done. but, that has a ways to go . . .

Enclave Harbour has pretty much been a private thing – i’ve written gobs about it and have hundreds of pics on flickr and some vids on YouTube BUT that’s not the same as having it as an open world that others can visit

and that’s the jist of this blog post – making your work accessible to encourage others to try OpenSim

one thing that made Second Life so successful in 2006 was all the content that people could explore. there was something for everyone, from furry communities to sailing to gambling to a zillion fantastic builds

i saw builds in Second Life that inspired me and had me saying “i could do something like this” and, ultimately, that got me into Second Life

with Kitely, we have the gold plan for $35 a month which gives us 20 sims and unlimited time for me. Enclave Harbour is 16 sims so that leaves 4 sims that i can do with as i please

on october 25th of 2012 i started my Kitely freebie store and then on december 6th i started Hax Nuit. these are builds i did just for fun

later i added the Space Base and the Cool Ice Campus to Kitely. the Space Base is a freebie OAR that you can get at along with the giant tree, Lux Center, and Haxor Outpost. the Cool Ice Campus is one of those projects that may never be complete and maybe i should just offer it as is (its purpose is as a conference and exhibit hall dealio) *reminds me of the cube office building – another halfway done project – if you build, you know what i mean* =D

back to encouraging others with your work!

you don’t even need to have a paid Kitely subscription to share your work – you can get a free sim. since that sim can have 100,000 prims, you can show off a lot of work!

the free plan comes with 2 hours a month which is ample if you build with Sim-on-a-Stick

it’s easy to think “who would want to look at my work” or “nobody gives a crud about what i make” but having your work available so that others can explore it as avatars helps build the OpenSim community

as an example of that, i went through my history page at Kitely and added up all the time that others (not me or subQuark) have spent exploring what i have. i don’t claim to be a building guru or creative ninja, i keep it simple and only use standard prims and simple textures, but the point of these numbers is to show that people are curious and will look at whatever is out there

so here it is, the total time that others (none of my time is included) have spent in my various Kitely worlds:

freebie store 45 hours 42 minutes
Hax Nuit 42 hours 4 minutes
Cool Ice Campus 1 hour 57 minutes
Space Base 2 hours 19 minutes
Enclave Harbour* 7 hours 11 minutes
Total 99 hours 13 minutes

nearly 100 hours of people visiting a one person’s 3D doodling! dang!

my builds aren’t anything phenomenal on their own (although i am very proud of Hax Nuit). but when you have many people with their work available for exploration, then we can have something phenomenal and exciting! =)


* – although Enclave Harbour is “closed”, some people have looked at it to offer critiques

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written by Ener Hax

December 4th, 2013 at 3:25 pm

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Second Life’s private sim watch


about every 6 weeks i post something about SL’s private sim growth. it’s an easy post to write thanks to Tyche Shepherd’s Grid Survey and it’s something that’s important to the virtual world community – its health does affect OpenSim to some extent

this time i’m looking at the last three years and the effect on Linden Lab’s recurring revenue stream. the vast majority of LL’s income is from private tiers

private sims have three tier levels but the proportion of them has stayed nearly identical over the last few years – about 55% from full sims and 45% from homesteads. openspaces count for less than half of one percent

  • nov 29, ’10 – monthly private sim revenue of $5.052 million (average of $202/mo/sim)
  • nov 26, ’13 – monthly private sim revenue of $3.975 million (average of $204/mo/sim)

the slight increase of average monthly tier is from the loss of educational discounts and grandfathered sims

  • nov 29, ’10 – yearly private sim revenue projection of $60,624,000
  • nov 26, ’13 – yearly private sim revenue projection of $47,700,000

the daily average loss is about 5 private sims (5491 sims/1094 days) and at an average of about $200 per month that means the recurring revenue stream is dropping $1,000 per day! *checks pockets & comes up with a washed receipt*



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written by Ener Hax

November 27th, 2013 at 10:19 am

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has your use of VWs shifted?


Botgirl Questi (a long time idol of mine for many reasons) wrote a thought provoking post: Indifference and Disillusionment: Has Second Life Changed or Have I?

Botgirl started inSL back in january of 2008 and was deeply involved in many aspects of Second Life. her post talks about the changes inSL from her perspective as well as her own personal changes as far as interests go

things change and people change so seeing a shift in what you are interested in is a part of everyday real life

it would be a boring world (and life) if we could never change. that said, it can be a wonderful life if you learn what it is you love to do and stick with it

i think of people like Kate Booth and her incredible use of OpenSim for her students. i don’t think it’s that she loves OpenSim, in and of itself, i think she loves what she can do with it – as an educational tool. OpenSim for Kate is like graph paper – it is really good for specific uses and does activate different learning pathways

you know my story – started inSL in 2006 and wanted to be a junior Anshe and had as many as 19 sims. having those meant being very social and i loved that during that time. then the service changed and what used to be fun became toil for me. breaking even took over a year of 20 to 40+ hours a week but it was personally rewarding. but once the openspace thing was announced, i lost many of my 101 tenants and simply didn’t have the ener-gy to rebuild it (or the ability to go into the red again)

the service changed and i did too

today, my use of OpenSim is almost purely utilitarian (95%). it’s like Blender 3D – a tool to create 3D assets that can be used in other ways (ie, science field trips). i also love the creative outlet and that’s why i built the freebie store and Hax Nuit (i consider those to be 3D doodles that went on to be completed and shared)

i’m currently looking at using OpenSim to create the cover art for subQuark’s childrens’ books. covers are expensive – $200 to over $1000 each depending on the illustrator – and maybe i can create something inanimate that will work (a farm in this case because neither one of us can draw a chicken or goat to save our souls!)

i had looked for a pose-able OpenSim chicken and goat but no luck. we have since found an illustrator but i’m still thinking OpenSim could work . . .

anyway . . . my shift over the last 7 years has been to OpenSim as a tool

if you have shifted your use – what has been the shift and why?

btw, Botgirl starts her post off with a quote from Alice and the Queen of Hearts and my fave quote is from the Red Queen (chess) to Alice in Through the Looking Glass:

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

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written by Ener Hax

November 7th, 2013 at 9:06 am