one year of daily blogging and you're not a dumb f*ck!


tonight marks the completion of one year of daily blogging and w00f! nice to hit that finally  =)

and so what?

well, i did it more to see if we could. the “we” is important because it was not just me.  the authors are listed on the right side with Ener Hax and iliveisl being pretty much me. the diff is that iliveisl tries to be a bit outward looking and Ener Hax tends to be self-centered (hey!) and things that affect me directly (or when i wanna be mean, like i was to Edmonton – but that turned out nicely, the CIO has his finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest stuff and is a gracious guy). then we have some posts from subQuark, who is the one that created all of this anyway – he set up the blog to start with, made me read some stuff like Maki over at, and has been my biggest cheerleader (wow, that’s a tough mental image, sorry subbie). then Micheil wrote as our sim tester when we had our 19 sims in second life. he kept an eye on the lag and such and did a monthly post on that

them my die-hard sidekick, Dream Walker, she has written some of the most popular posts on this blog and i love her perspective when she writes. she is big into helping n00bs and on one post, i took her email to me about Reaction Grid and it got the big wigs at RG to comment back regarding her observations on OpenSim. i defend everyone’s rights to express themselves and did not apologise for her view. in fact, i find her view to still be what holds. OpenSim is just not second life yet, nothing wrong with that, but if you are coming from being fully entrenched in second life over to opensim, hold on! i found it pretty tough and so did subQuark. i think it is pretty fair to say we are both second life experts to a certain degree. i was an active mentor, ran the estate on my own, and he talked at international conferences about sl. but wham! smacked upside the head in opensim – subbie had to talk me into staying with it on several occasions! *lol, it’s been a year of blog tangents too!* =D

and special thanks to Sunny! she has only done a few posts, but holy cow she made a big splash in opensim with her store! she is also creating a LinkedIn like avatar community at the moment and her ener-gy is on that – stay tuned to learn more about that!

oh, and so what?

lol, me and my tangents . . . the big thing was just for the sake of discipline. it was kind of tough in the beginning, but then became easier. some top inbound marketing firms say you really should blog at least twice daily! o_O but those blogs tend to have many active writers and cover more topics. this blog has mainly been just the journey that one fake avatar who has stumbled along a virtual path. some things were pretty cool, like getting almost 4,000 friends in facebook – many of whom i actually knew and would talk with regularly. and some things were pretty lame, like facebook kicking me to the curb because i am fake. but what is being “real”?

does your name, the one given to you by your parents, make you more “real” than the name you pick out for yourself?

considering that the CEO of facebook, Zuckerberg, called it’s users “dumb f*cks”, then maybe they could see that even avatars are actually real people? well, i don’t think that you are a dumb f*ck, but then, i can’t think of anyone that i would actually say is a dumb f*ck. even M Linden who i think is not at all into second life is not a dumb f*ck. maybe a butthead, but dumb f*ck is pretty harsh and hurtful. nice job Zuckerberg and way to keep the stereotype of us Jews being money grubbers, sheesh already *shoves a matzo ball up Zucker’s butt* =p

lol, even the Suicide Girl’s forums are talking about the “dumb f*ck” comment from Zuckerberg! =D

so here is the blog breakdown: 681 posts starting on january 29th, 2008 with a post on our first machinima. and then on may 25th, 2009, we started blogging daily without missing any day and we posted an average of 1.3 posts per day! w00t! =)

so what is next? beats me – i may miss a day here and there, maybe even 2 in a row! i am going to start helping subQ write outlines for his environmental virtual field trip activity books. that kind of use of virtual worlds is really neat (plus my rl education is pretty much exactly what he is doing) . i never thought about it while in second life because 7th graders (earth science) can’t hit second life

this avatar will continue tripping down the virtual path and keep rambling about it right here. you don’t get rid of me that easily *ooh, a shiny thing . . . *


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written by Ener Hax

May 23rd, 2010 at 9:45 pm

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  1. I’ve never understood that phrase, you can be a good one, a bad one, but a dumb one? actually maybe a dumb one is one who think “mmMmmm Mmm ugh ahhh” is a good emote. *giggles and runs off*

    Mitzy Shino

    23 May 10 at 10:17 pm

  2. well, i was trying to see how many times i could say dumb f*ck in one blog post! but i guess Zuckerhead is a smart f*ck eh? =)


    23 May 10 at 10:28 pm

  3. google doesn’t know, and neither do I :P

    Mitzy Shino

    23 May 10 at 10:41 pm

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