omg! you are the most awesome people in any world


okay, so you already know that i think the virtual world community is a cut above the average person. and even if you don’t agree, too bad, i am french canadian and the french part of me is arrogant and a snob – so clearly, anyone reading this must be a superior person! =p

by “a cut above” i mean that you (and me, coincidentally enough) are probably a bit more creative and a bit more persistent than the average folk. that does not actually mean you are better, but these are traits that i admire in others, so in my eyes, you rock! (awww)

a lot of people are pretty overwhelmed with life and rightly so. i know i get pretty stressed out about lots of things (especially since i don’t drink anymore – that really sucks) =/

and maybe you and i do virtual worlds to help deal with real world stresses? i dunno but what i do know is that the majority of avatar peeps that i know are a tolerant and helpful bunch

what brought all of this gushy lovefest on?

or did i become a country western singer and become all “it’s about you”?

well, i don’t have a cowboy hat and my dog did not leave me, but i do think the world (at least the virtual one) of you. i have learned a ton in the last two years from many, many insightful comments and now you gave me a super great reward!

thanks to all of you, the blog has broken through the 2% barrier for web traffic!

it only means as much as you make it out to mean and for me this is a metric i follow (obsess on) as a benchmark and it is a fleeting one at that! tomorrow it might be 5%, but for this moment it’s a big goofy grin on my face =)

top 191

okay, talking of numbers, i saw that Hamlet mentioned the Sharespost thing that i follow (he is always gracious and gives a nod out to where he gets stories – thank you Hamlet and maybe one day you can autograph my copy of your book which is well worth the read, it helps give you insight into Linden Lab and an appreciation for them charting out this new path no one has ever been down)

anyway . . . i commented my thoughts on Sharespost and wanted to repeat it here (with edits) to frame my perspective on that index and like the Alexa index above, it is just a number


hey there, well i have been a bit OCD at looking at the Sharespost index (it makes an easy daily post for me when it changes!) =o

i think what may have happened, in the latest 45% jump, is that they overlooked updating LL for the last two months and that it has been climbing steadily

Rod has to be increasing people’s confidence just with his background. having him at the LL helm must boost the perceived value of LL

Sharespost is one of so many indicators and should be seen as just that – one metric out of 100s

keep in mind that like the “real” stock market, this is all subjective and a best guess by a handful of people and one million percent a perceived value

the more telling thing is that SL is no longer the MySpace of 2005, someone else came along and is giving more options (and stoopid farmville)

will OpenSim ever be the size of SL?

never as a grid, but perhaps in number of regions deployed around the world but it will be a quiet giant, just like the majority of the web is powered by Apache =)


and again (picture me running in circles with my hands in the air like a little kid excited about something) thank you for making this blog such a big presence in the real world

pffft, and facebook thinks avatars aren’t worth anything! =p

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written by Ener Hax

June 10th, 2011 at 4:21 pm

posted in OpenSim,second life,virtual worlds

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4 comments to 'omg! you are the most awesome people in any world'

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  1. Hands Ener a glass of alcohol free wine and raises a toast to her…

    Nice one mon’amie


    10 Jun 11 at 9:28 pm

  2. well thank you =)

    Ener Hax

    10 Jun 11 at 10:53 pm

  3. Heck with the alcohol-free stuff…

    /me douses Ener with champagne

    DreamWalker McCallister

    11 Jun 11 at 4:13 am

  4. last drink was March 3rd 1989 sweety.
    Yes… I suspect a part of The Benevolent Monarchys current policy is to encourage the FailBook Farmville crowd… many of which aren’t geeks {Virtual worlds seem to require some “geekiness”} as well as a stubborn streak.
    We are a lil different, in a good way!

    brinda Allen

    11 Jun 11 at 3:39 pm

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