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i see that Diva updated her OpenSim D2 build last week to version

if you are using sim-on-a-stick, you don’t have to update but if you do, you can use the update function that Diva includes with it (post about that here – note that if you are updating from the previous version of 0.7.1 you won’t need to enter the config settings, only for versions prior to the last)

or . . . you can download a fresh build at (save your OAR and your IAR files first if you have made things). one thing i neglected to think about in past builds is the Disk cache for Imprudence and it may be a good idea for you to set that in Preferences > Network > Disk cache location and use a location on your machine or stick. right now it points to the root of C:\ and that may cause your avatar to be a cloud until you force a refresh by going into Appearance and hitting the skin tab. if you are using a viewer you have on your machine, you can ignore this part

what does OpenSim have that would make anyone spend 30 minutes updating the download? well, according to Justin:

This is a minor point release on 0.7.1 and is dedicated towards fixing the more annoying bugs that have come to light since 0.7.1 and culling some of the verbosity of the log entries.

This release also has an implementation/fix for inventory links, which will hopefully mean that viewer 2 outfits now work correctly.

the outfit thing may be important to you (for me, i gave up and am resigned to wearing the same underwear forever) and the log dealio should mean this runs a tiny bit lighter (i mean an OCD tiny amount)

OpenSim wiki release notes for


how to tell your OpenSim version & yes, you get the Official Enclave Harbour Municipal Works skid steer loader as a free gift, but only if you act now! operators are standing by =)

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written by Ener Hax

June 9th, 2011 at 12:11 am

one comment to 'new sim-on-a-stick build'

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