lost bot is found again!


it was a bummer, after three years of hounding subQ to make an avatar (he had a little beaver like i did in second life), he finally “started” one in reaction grid. it was way cute, a little robot made out of leftover parts. except he never textured it or made it into hisĀ avatar. well, when we moved from private to connected to reaction grid, he forgot to pack it for the move =(

the move dumps your old inventory so you have to stick all your stuff into boxes or copy them out with Meerkat or Imprudence

with the loss of his bot, i figured “oh well, he’ll never make an avatar now” =\

fortunately, while converting the Eville Speedboat 3000 into a Harbour Patrol boat, it sank

i rezzed it and it went partly into the ocean floor! but when i cammed down to find it i saw an eerie site! subQuark’s bot! =)

i was soooo happy! it’s way cute and we had been messing with it and he had given me a copy to texture. i had messed with it and made it physical and lost it. after the move, some sims were placed in my name so that my builds would stay mine and his bot also became mine. fortunately, in reaction grid subQ has “god powers”. so he can force it back to himself (ener keeps a copy, just in case!) =p


yay! subbie's bot is found!


green eyes - his power cell is still good! =)

harbourPatrol (17)

whose motto could that be? hmmm . . .

harbourPatrol (12)

click to get to the flickr set =)

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written by Ener Hax

March 21st, 2010 at 1:58 am

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  1. /me shakes his head in wonder – what an amazing story:-) It reminds me of files I have thought deleted, then found copied into some forgotten subdirectory – the concept is the same but here there are physical analogies – way cool!

    And yeah, that bot was worth diving for – looked great!

  2. lol, thank you! yeah, it was funny at how “jarring” seeing a little robot laying on the ocean floor was. i know i “lose” myself in virtual worlds and that it’s all just file, but it was still unexpected and imparted am emotion

    but then, smileys also impart an emotional response don’t they? =)

    Ener Hax

    21 Mar 10 at 1:49 pm

  3. Nice bot! Glad his power cell is still intact ;)

  4. yeah, subQuark is soo lucky (he is irl too – just not fair i tell ya). i’m gonna make the av for him and hope he likes it (he will, he would stay as a default avatar otherwise)


    23 Mar 10 at 2:51 pm

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