list of our environmental science activities


as you may know, my move from Second Life to OpenSim was more than just going to another world. it was also a shift in what i am doing in virtual worlds

that’s an important consideration if you are also looking for additional worlds, or an alternative, to Second Life. with the ability to export your creations, it makes sense to get a foothold in up-and-coming virtual worlds, especially if you enjoy selling your creations. content in OpenSim worlds tripled in the last year and growth is increasing. several factors at work include OpenSim getting less buggy, it can be much less expensive, more freedom in terms of service, less wacky policies, more hosted options available, et cetera

in Second Life, i started out doing projects for a few companies, schools, and small groups. soon it seemed that owning a sim made sense with what i was paying out in tiers to a private estate owner. then my OCD self kicked in and the iliveisl estate was born and grandiose plans of having 52 sims in “phase 1″.  so i was firmly in the estate biz and loved it. i loved all the people i met, seeing what they did with their land (i am so weird that i would never set foot on anyone’s land unless i was invited). in second life, it was all about selling land and being of service to my residents

but now in Reaction Grid‘s OpenSim world i am strictly a builder. my best friends from sl came over with me and i am really fortunate to have a few really great friends that are like rl family to me. maybe better than family because i can trust them so much o_O

it’s quite different doing just building than doing land sales. most of the time i am all alone which i like for building. Dream Walker is awesome to work with because we can work for hours and never say anything to each other. it may sound weird, but there is a lot of respect between us, and i draw a certain amount of confidence from her, even in silence (ener <– low self-esteem, blah, blah, blah)

that is one reason OpenSim works so well for me, i am not expecting a very social experience and i am not doing any shopping. there are many sims in the OSGrid that do have substantial shopping (119 listings) and you can see those listed at Hyperica if so inclined

if you can match your expectations and needs closely, then you will find the right virtual world supplement or alternative

for me, making environmental science builds is really rewarding. and so is the ability for kids to come see them

we have had a brother and siater building in our sandbox over the last week. he is 14 and she is close to him in age. i met their father last week who teaches hebrew and who was looking for an alternative to Second Life to teach in-world in an outreach capacity. he felt comfortable enough with Reaction Grid’s PG stance and in what i said (and in me) to allow his kids to come build

it is really awesome to see kids in OpenSim – they learn soooo quickly. i was trying to explain how to edit the position of a parrot to the girl and approaching it like i did in Second Life as a Mentor. pffft! by the time i rezzed an attached a box prim to my shoulder to explain it, she had already done it! i was expecting a few minutes!

i was so impressed with her that i gave her a copy of my prized parasol! (the one big thing that i cherish as a part of my virtual identity)

back to environmental science. it’s a great match for me because i have education in that and taught it at both secondary school and college levels. now i don’t have the experience that subQuark has with years at middle and high school level and then seven years at the college level, but we are on the same wavelength. so we feed off each other with ideas. i’ll come up with something that he may not have thought of and he will do the same (like his post on solar powered zeppelins) =)

so what are “we” building?

here is a list with mostly finished stuff in normal font and stuff yet to be built in italics. all these items are for virtual field trips that will go along with a workbook full of science trivia and exercises

Solar Energy

  • solar farm – solar panels that update every five minutes to the sun’s position scripted by Dream Walker
  • solar panels on the almost done cargo zeppelin
  • home solar panels in Enerville
  • solar cells on the city streetlights

Wind Energy

  • offshore stationary wind turbines
  • offshore floating wind turbines (in real life, this is only prototyped so far)
  • mini home wind turbines in Enerville

Water Energy

  • hydroelectric dam
  • tidal power
  • instream current turbines (submersed turbines harnessing river flow)
  • potential energy versus kinetic energy

Geothermal Energy

  • geothermal well in Enerville
  • geothermal wells for city of Enclave Harbour

Conservation (these address the balance of human activity with conservation areas)

  • coastal conservation areas
  • forest conservation areas
  • open water conservation areas
  • enforcement (even discusses the origin of the paint gun)

Clean Water Awareness program

  • municipal responsibilities with drinking water
  • bottled water issues (bioplastic alternatives)
  • bulk water (as in water coolers and pitchered water & real glasses for hotels & meetings, rather than individual bottles or paper cups)
  • wastewater treatment facility
  • ground water (city wells, personal wells, aquifers, artesian wells, desalination)

Hydrocarbon Energy

  • oil platform (hot topic & also pointing out that we need oil for much more than petrol & diesel)

Nuclear Energy

  • small nuclear plant (even has OSHA violations as a discussion point)


  • cars
  • boats
  • planes (trivia like contrails – condensation trails and their effect on climate because they increase albedo)
  • light rail
  • zeppelin =)


  • energy efficient homes (like capturing lower winter sun into masonry materials & shading in summer with deciduous plants)
  • city skylines (how winds are generated by buildings plus affect of wind on tall buildings – our twin twoer is only one metre taller than the current world’s tallest building)
  • noise pollution
  • light pollution
  • public spaces
  • open architecture (embracing your climate with harmonious designs – working with nature, not in opposition)


  • weather station with monitoring equipment
  • land & sea breezes (how they transport airborne particulates)
  • acid rain
  • paleoclimatic studies (ice coring of a glacier to measure trapped gases via mass spectroscopy)
  • ozone layer & greenhouse gases
  • the water cycle (my fave thing)

lol, that’s all i can remember at the moment! i know i am missing some topics and this very different than being an estate manager

if you take your time and define what you like to do in virtual worlds, then explore the options (like in the OpenSim hosting directory) then you will find something that works great for you

heck, you might even install your own OpenSim and start your own world! in any case, have fun and live your virtual life to the fullest! namaste  =)

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written by Ener Hax

July 14th, 2010 at 11:40 pm

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  4. Now that is a great list! I better get into high gear with writing! :)

    David Miller

    16 Jul 10 at 9:27 pm

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