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a few days ago the Kitely market splashed down and it made waves. Maria at Hypergrid Business already wrote two posts (1, 2) on it and even a commentor on her posts decided his response warranted its own blog post

as you all know, i am a massive fan of Kitely – it really fits our never-ending project well and i like how it works for things like Hax Nuit and my freebie store

so what’s my perspective on this new marketplace?

well, i like that you can get money back out via PayPal and i really like the export permission security but i can’t even speak to those two things very well. mainly because, i have never really tried to use any marketplace or even sell things in-world. when i was inSL, i had a few things on my estate that were for sale, but just for a dollar and it was never part of any business plan

today, i do have things i’ve made available for others, but they are free. i don’t have any inclination to try to make money by directly selling things i make. as such, i can’t speak with conviction on what i think of the specifics on the new Kitely market. i’ll never explore how this or that compares to the SL market or what percentage someone makes here versus there but i can speak to something else . . .

i can speak to what my experience and thoughts are regarding Kitely and Ilan and Oren

Kitely is so easy to use from simply sending someone a URL for my world to using Twitter as a log in tool. a few people are checking out Enclave Harbour for us and being able to control that access securily has been easy and impotant

Kitely is also easy to deploy into and export out of – it’s nice being able to use Kitely with Sim-on-a-Stick as an integrated workflow. the peace of mind from that is priceless

speaking of priceless, the cost to use Kitely is ridiculously low in my opinion especially when you consider its performance. i can only compare its performance to what i have experienced in the past. for me, Kitely runs better than SL, Reaction Grid, and even better than our own dedicated physical server of two years. you know what SL costs and our server was $160 a month, but Kitely’s $35 a month plan does run faster and smoother than anything i know (even better than SoaS!)

there are so many things that Kitely does right for us

and my praise (fangrrl) for what they have accomplished (come on, the cloud aspect of it is environmental too!) doesn’t end with what i’ve mentioned so far (oh good grief, more lovefest coming) =p

Ilan and Oren donate good code back to OpenSim and they don’t have to. i don’t think that i would if i were them, but i am thankful that they do

personally, Ilan and Oren are fantastic “partners” for our endeavor and also a fun place for me to use for my own fiddling around

i may not be able to talk specifics about being a merchant with Kitely, but i can attest to their technical prowess, their business acumen, and their honest passion for virtual worlds as a whole, and their genuine commercial ethics

another marketplace means that virtual worlds outside of Second Life are growing and that’s also a very good thing

we all know the expression Caveat emptor,  or buyer beware and that means that you should be educated and take responsibility for your actions as a buyer. but there is also Caveat venditor, or seller beware which means it is up to the seller to be educated and sell quality goods in an ethical manner

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written by Ener Hax

September 2nd, 2013 at 9:51 am

posted in OpenSim,virtual worlds

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4 comments to 'Kitely market – Ener’s perspective'

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  1. “Caveat venditor”
    Blimey that’s a bit clever.
    Ener sapientiam profecto habet.

    True enough, prepping items for marketplace does require a higher level of discipline than the average bit of sandbox doodling.
    Amazing how many things in my inventory are not quite finished, probably because I started something else. The prospect of activating a new product does concentrate the mind.

    I’m planning to put my freebies on the Kitely market at the lowest allowed price of 10KC. People have a better chance of finding them that way, and I think paying practically nothing for the convenience is reasonable. I’m not quite sure what 10KC is in real money, probably about 2 cents worth american, maybe 3, or in English money, one of those little brown coins that you can’t remember when you last saw one.

    Actually I think I have activated some on full perm already, but possibly not yet tagged for export.

    Keith Selmes

    2 Sep 13 at 12:38 pm

  2. Thank you Ener :-)

    Ilan Tochner

    2 Sep 13 at 4:46 pm

  3. hey now Keith – i may be short and petite but there’s no need to call me a hobbit! (i shave my toe hairs btw)

    you are right, from what i remember from my SL days (back on the shire), prepping stuff was a pain. even in my freebie store in Kitely i always seem to forget to set something properly in the edit perms

    full on agree that a 10KC item in a store is likely to be found and i think that is a great strategy. actually, i think you could probably charge more and use any monies to offset a Kitely subscription

    well Ilan, you and Oren have your s#!t together in my opinion. your technical expertise and ability to create a smooth user experience is freakin’ amazing (i work at a 110 million a year company that creates software and SaaS stuff and we don’t have anyone nearly as sharp as either of you (and we have close to 500 employees!!!)

    Ener Hax

    4 Sep 13 at 12:47 pm

  4. Thank you (again) Ener :-)

    Ilan Tochner

    5 Sep 13 at 9:46 pm

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