Kitely 2014 – what to do?


what a dilemma! well, for me anyway – i’m the designated virtual world decision maker for our online presence

the 2014 pricing policy changes at Kitely raises uncertainty in making a decision because the entire policy will not be disclosed until after the New Year –

. . . several new yet-to-be-announced fixed-price options. from here

with our Gold plan, $35 a month will get us 30 sims! that is a heck of a deal (if each was a world, that would be 3 million prims!) =O

but we don’t need 30 sims and now we use 18 (16 for Enclave Harbour, one for Hax Nuit, and one for the freebie store – i removed the space base and cool ice campus)

as mentioned in the last post – Enclave Harbour won’t be worked on until at least the summer. at that time we can finish writing the exercises, make the graphics, finish laying out the book, proof and publish, AND complete/mod the OpenSim build. in trying to be realistic, that would maybe mean being ready in December 2014! (yikes! but then, i also thought it was going to be done last year!) =p

until Enclave Harbour goes live, all the work can be done with Sim-on-a-Stick

do we pay $35 a month for a year to “hold” our Gold plan or do we bank that and see what the new Kitely offerings will be?

OR . . . do we explore these three other options:

  1. a Sim-on-a-Stick version, a printed teacher workbook, and free student activity PDFs
  2. an offer to have an isolated and private deployment via a highly respected grid
  3. a highly ethical and passionate expert offering to install and maintain it on his servers

option One is the least work for us – i can complete one OpenSim activity and delete one that still needs lots of work. the teacher workbook wouldn’t need any images and the student PDFs would take less work to create. but this also has the tech challenges of running SoaS and the viewer (which i have bundled together in the past with localhost as the only grid choice). there would fewer book sales but also a lower cost to the teacher or parent and no recurring VW fees for us. this solution would work for tech minded peeps like you and passionate teachers like Kate Booth =)

option Two is attractive and a custom made viewer that launches into Enclave Harbour sounds easy for the end-user. this one would have comparable monthly costs (or less) and no time limits, but there are still a lot of unknowns (which are eased due by the trust we have for the people behind this offer)

option Three is heartfelt by someone who has worked closely with me in the past and has a tremendous depth of knowledge on anything server related including serious OpenSim skillz

what to do?

the Kitely $35 a month/30 sim deal is phenomenal and their performance is outstanding. if you’re crazy about building, this one is the deal but you have to get it by December 31st

well, what will you do?

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written by Ener Hax

December 27th, 2013 at 10:55 am

3 comments to 'Kitely 2014 – what to do?'

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  1. I just signed up for $20 a month for 10 regions in kitely– again. it doesn’t really suit me because I want everyone to visit without paying. so I may do a 1-region later.

    since I am concentrating on 3D virtuals, neither sl or opensimulator really give me what I want except for avatar humanoids. for horses or rex, its a different story. I could use “freeze frames” or statues so people can walk around the scene. then I could still use kitely for the final presentations.

    I would still use SOAS as the building tool and use zbrush and maya/blender for the poses/animations.


    27 Dec 13 at 5:19 pm

  2. Again, the new Kitely model (to accommodate non-Kitely visitors coming in via hypergrid and make the experience more SL-like) is that all visitors will be non-paying, even on metered worlds (where the owner will pay).

    I’m sticking with the 10-world Kitely Silver Plan, largely because of the flexibility of the Kitely offering. If I need new worlds on a short term basis, generating them in Kitely is fast and inexpensive. It also covers the cost of my visiting any other regions so I’m not a burden to other world owners. However, one thing I’m not enamoured of is the rise in the cost of OAR creation.

    Graham Mills

    28 Dec 13 at 7:32 am

  3. Hi Graham,

    Our operation fees for Metered worlds need to cover our related datacenter expenses and leave us some profit. OAR file operations (load/save) can require a lot of server resources and take a long time to complete. The previous 10 KC / region cost (~$0.03) did not cover our expenses for many of the more complex worlds people created. It also encouraged people to start very resource heavy operations multiple times per day for the same world. This isn’t a problem in itself but the costs to people doing that should reflect the datacenter fees we are charged as a result.

    Please keep in mind that only Metered worlds are charged for OAR-file related operations. Worlds that use a fixed price option aren’t charged extra for such operations. Also please consider that the new OAR operation fees that we charge for Metered worlds are just 150 KC (~$0.50) per operation.

    Ilan Tochner

    28 Dec 13 at 10:42 am

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