just a boat pic


i still don’t like the “new” flickr layout – i find it really sucks to try to browse your photostream casually

while doing so i found these two pics that called out to me – the first is a motorboat i made a long time back

the second is a sim i had developed for Enclave Harbour to talk about closed systems – it’s a post-apocalyptic colony (Energon flickr set) that is fully self-contained except for its energy source. just like we are a closed system here on Earth, except for the sun which provides energy, the colony’s external energy is a small nuclear power plant

that build is no longer there because subQuark thought it was a bit dark (not so much for students, but for teachers and parents) and to take its place, i built a huge space station with similar concept. the station itself is a closed system yet it has solar panels to generate energy



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written by Ener Hax

October 27th, 2013 at 2:00 pm

posted in virtual worlds

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2 comments to 'just a boat pic'

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  1. mmm nice boat.

    and no, Flickr new style isn’t growing on me either.
    still a lot of grumpy people out there.

    Keith Selmes

    27 Oct 13 at 6:49 pm

  2. thanks Keith! i find the flickr interface to be too in your face for my liking

    Ener Hax

    29 Oct 13 at 8:28 am

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