Hax International Food Company


i wanted some type of trash that tends to hang around a long time and empty cans seem like a good choice – they won’t blow away, they symbolise an abandoned place, and they are easy to make in OpenSim!

i didn’t have much luck finding complete labels online and decided to make my own =)

i first found food items that were written in both Chinese and English that i could copy the text and paste into Photoshop. then i created a label template so that they would look the same and collected photos, mainly CC ones from Wikipedia, and off i went!

the cans all have the same back panel and each texture is for one can and is around 60 kb

there are ten cans which is ample for throwing around as litter (it’s kind of fun to be a virtual litter bug!) =p













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written by Ener Hax

December 13th, 2012 at 7:54 am

posted in OpenSim,virtual worlds

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  1. Excellent! I like these type of details where you can zoom in and read something informative, or in the case, funny.

    One thing to note is that is that you should not be in the habit of exporting to PNG-8 with either “index” or “alpha” transparency selected, unless it is necessary for your texture.

    For solid textures without transparency, I have noticed sometimes odd “see through” behavior when two of these overlap (I sometimes see this in the shading texture you use in Enclave Harbour, such as on the lift-truss bridge).

    However, this issue may only be in Imprudence 1.3.2 since that’s the only viewer I tend to use. It may also just be an issue we had on our OpenSim hosting server, I’ve yet to log into Enclave Harbour on Kitely! :)

    David Miller

    13 Dec 12 at 8:23 am

  2. Humour in video game litter is a time honored tradition and great to see it used here.

    Again, graphic design ability saves the day + humour.

    In main stream game titles it can be hard to find and it is snuck in by developer/artists.

    I certainly appreciate it.

    Breen Whitman

    13 Dec 12 at 12:12 pm

  3. thanks subbie! yah, i noticed that too with png-8s and no longer export with transparency on

    thanks Breen! this build has been fun because it doesn’t have any boundaries (except for my lack of scripting skills)

    Ener Hax

    13 Dec 12 at 3:31 pm

  4. What, no twinkies? They hang around for a LONG time, everyone knows the company is still selling the original 1930’s batch (still fresh) and they would survive a nuclear war.


    13 Dec 12 at 7:18 pm

  5. Awww… I was gonna make the twinkies comment. lol

    Kiko Kenichi

    14 Dec 12 at 10:25 am

  6. well, it’s official then! with joe, Kiko, and the current news about Twinkies, i’ll find a Chinese version and toss it in there

    actually, because of joe and Kiko, it will be a quest item to find – maybe it’s good for your health or bullet proof!

    thanks guys! =)

    Ener Hax

    14 Dec 12 at 10:43 am

  7. I think the chinese twinkie should prominently contain the chemical melamine.

    One thought would be this making light of the fact, but actually it raises awareness.

    2008 Chinese milk powder scandel

    Breen Whitman

    14 Dec 12 at 12:41 pm

  8. Don’t forget about MSG and formaldehyde (it helps keep zombies around longer too) for preservatives.

    @Ener if you’re looking for some ideas about scripting, look at Adventure Maker for some ideas about game inventory and puzzles. The demo is fully functional, but has limits on the number of rooms.


    14 Dec 12 at 1:22 pm

  9. Fun labels. And I keep reading the first one as “Sweet and Sour Leeches”.

    Kimika Ying

    14 Dec 12 at 5:53 pm

  10. thanks Breen, i’m still on the hunt for a good Twinkies label to use and the awareness thing is a good one. i have a
    one” child poster already loaded – those types of things should not be forgotten and even in a :light” setting such as this, i believe it is okay to reference some of those issues

    thanks Joe on the Adventure Maker tip. i am starting to write down some things for this “game” and it’s turning into a bit of a paper and pencil game like really old Dungeons & Dragons

    don’t be silly Kimika, there are no sweet and sour leeches, everyone knows that it’s gummy leeches! =D

    Ener Hax

    16 Dec 12 at 9:01 am

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