freebies, sculpties, and my ego


the ego is quite a force in your life – everyone has one and it is a necessary part of your being

being egotistical is seen as bad but it can be good in Western culture because that is often needed to become the CEO of a company, for example. something like 4% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are so egotistical that they are clinically pathological! (from some study i read in the last two months but did not bookmark)

i think Ener has a pretty sizeable avatar ego (coupled with a touch of french canadian snobbery and wow, what a package i am!) =p

that egoism affects my virtual world building as i have prided myself on having done 100% of everything that will be used by students at Enclave Harbour. part of that stems from a defense mechanism to cope with the trauma of moving from SL to OpenSim last year (i was traumatised, waaah, poor Ener) and that “self-reliant pioneer” mantra baloney helped me cope

there was nothing “pioneer” about coming to OpenSim a year and a half ago. it was new to me and OpenSim was rough and bumpy, but “pioneer”? hardly . . .

all I did was create an account, try it out, and compare it to SL! that’s hardly being a pioneer (can you tell that i have a soapbox issue about people having bravado about this) =D

in the last few weeks subQuark has been using one of Enclave Harbour’s “openspace” sims to create temporary stuff for some eLearning courses. as a nosy, err, i mean helpful avatar, i have popped in to see what was up. i even helped film some video, met one of his coworkers (who was so cute when she realised she could make her own animations – she instantly went from serious corporate person to fun loving inner child), and as a result of all of this i had a change of ego (or heart) about using other people’s creations

some things just are outside of what i can, or want to, do. scuplties are an example of that and i am all about “build with prims because everyone can” (see Prok was right – i am clearly a socialistic, yet elitist, communist frog)

subQuark needed a bed for one of his sets and i admit that prims make lousy pillows and sheets (now that i think about my elitism, i do have one sculptie table cloth that i have used for a year at my Enclave Harbour home – oh the hypocrisy!). thus the Transgenia bed by Daniel H. i mentioned here yesterday (there is also one of his plants in the pic below)

people do create things that are licensed for all types of usage and by adding their beautiful work, i can enrich the user’s experience without taking away from my own work

it’s taken a year and a half, but i suppose my avatar is growing, just like OpenSim is =)


the drapes are just cylinders & the TV is a Hax-O-Vision! =)

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written by Ener Hax

July 29th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

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  1. Thats bollocks! You are not egoistical just because you wanted to try to build it all out of prims. I have had the same ideas. Its the best way to learn and prims rezz faster. Nothing wrong to use one or two sculpties tho, but I prefer prims too and i dont feel im a egoistical psychopat just because of that. If anything u are too humble.

    (I agree about Chief executives,I read that too. In wester world it pays off to be a phychopat, sorry to say…. In asian countries, for example, they have a lower rate of psychopaths on executive level).

    //Mera xxxx


    29 Jul 11 at 3:14 pm

  2. Advanced SL Hybrid Viewer
    Blog > Kirstens Viewer S21(9): Did we hear mesh?


    29 Jul 11 at 11:04 pm

  3. There’s also the satisfaction of providing a showcase for some really nice work that is out there.

    Sarge Misfit

    29 Jul 11 at 11:21 pm

  4. *pulls away skirt and looks down*

    bollocks!?! the closest thing to bollocks around here is my favourite Swedish meatball! =D

    well the ego is an odd thing, i have to be somewhat egotistical to blog daily and to build twitter numbrs. and i also have to be egotistical to work for a year on Enclave Harbour – i mean to think i can help get kids excited about science does require me to think that i can make things that will and that it will make a difference

    it’s not a bad thing, but my ego has to be spurring me on to do these types of things, otherwise, i’d just lay around and watch TV

    i suppose one could argue that all of us avatar type people have stronger egos than farmville types?

    i think i might write a children’s book:

    The Little Herring’s Ego

    very very good point Sarge, i am mentioning the non-Ener content here on the blog and should create a list (like a permanent sticky blog post). that’s a great idea!

    thanks Euro on the link, i have always liked Kirsten’s viewer and holy cow (pun intended) those pics look really good!

    Ener Hax

    30 Jul 11 at 9:41 am

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