Ener’s 2012 OpenSim PC build series


there has been higher than normal traffic to the posts regarding the PC i built this year so i thought i’d list this on the sidebar like the Sim-on-the-Stick posts are

computers get out-of-date in a very rapid manner, so i’d use these posts as more of a confidence builder to help you determine if building a PC is right for you

i had some advantages that made it more economical than normal such as an operating system from subQuark, extended time to build it meaning savings from promos ($90), and some consideration from one of the manufacturers because i mention them favourably on this blog. oh, and the biggest savings – subQuark reimbursed me used it as biz write-off (ooh, so corporate eh? dang, i should have gone for a higher end graphics card!) =p

these posts chronicle my ups-and-downs as a low tech n00b and each has links to all the other posts in the series

Ener builds an OpenSim PC:

  1. taking the PC building plunge (using PCPartPicker to spec it out)
  2. Ener’s VW computer project update (preliminary components selected)
  3. PC rebates for do-it-yourselfers (saving money!)
  4. PC build project – nite 01 (all the parts are in!)
  5. PC build project – day 02 (learn to love the mobo manual)
  6. PC build project – moment of truth (will it roar to life or spark and die)
  7. PC build project – odds and ends (sound foam and wifi card)
  8. PC build project – retrospect (stacking the odds for success)
  9. Ener Hax’s 2012 OpenSim Computer (final part list, prices, rebates)
  10. Ener’s homemade PC – one year later (a solid year of use)

speccy EH PC 2012

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written by Ener Hax

September 30th, 2012 at 4:29 am

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  1. […] you can read the build series with the link on the right – Ener builds an OpenSim PC […]

  2. […] keep saying that i am. i am only techie enough to do what i want to do and no more. yes, i did build my own PC but using ensured i would not have mismatched parts – which means all i did […]

  3. […] Since this thread seems to be merging with another….well as far as Rex is concerned…Imma paste a responce…. I'm poor. Not as poor as I was a year ago, but still can't afford upgrades to my hardware. I have however, upgraded all of my software when it came up. I don't have automatic upgrades turned on, because it slows down my system if I'm already doing something. BUT, when I get a notification, I do it. My graphic card doesn't notify me. It's a NVIDIA 260. I used to update it religiously, but then I started having problems with graphics in SL. I followed some good advise here, and rolled back a few versions. Anyhoo, my point is that this computer was purchased 6 years ago, and I can run SL just fine today. No extra upgrades necessary. I do need to get a new graphics card at some point, but I'm holding out until I get the last drop of use out of it. **forgot about the part where Rex thinks relying on SL for income is a good idea….. SL was never meant to be for low end computers. I'm still surprised that some laptops can run it today. It's a complicated system, and it gets more complicated with every upgrade and "fix" that LL implements. That's why we see so many breaks in the system when they add a new feature. Welcome to pioneering. Take a day or two to upgrade your software. Stop being childish about it. Everything else will break if you don't get up to date. Also…'s a blog that shows how to get an awesome computer for cheap: Ener’s 2012 OpenSim PC build series at i live in science land […]

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