Enclave Harbour’s future?


you’ve heard me talk about Enclave Harbour. it’s been built over the last three years and is probably about 6 month’s of actual work. i’ve done very little with it over the last year because it goes along with a workbook that subQuark (David) is working on in his free time

the workbook consists of 26 virtual field trip activities that are about 90% written

David’s actually a registered, but fledgling, publisher with Ingram Content Group. his long-time web and avatar name of subQuark is technically a company (subQuark, LLC)

needless to say, we have a lot of time invested in Enclave Harbour

but there are stumbling blocks to Enclave Harbour

one of those is deployment. we started with Reaction Grid, then used SimHost because it meant we had a physical server and could have installed MOODLE, an open-source learning management system (LMS). but doing user accounts is a pain and requires a lot of support (resetting passwords, verifying access, etc)

when we moved to Kitely, not only did it save a ton of money ($125 less a month and better performance), but it took care of the account issue. Kitely’s ability to use Twitter and facebook plus manual accounts is ideal for us

another plus is how awesome the website is for total n00bs. for Enclave Harbour it means only providing a URL and the Kitely site installs and starts the viewer and world. talk about easy for the new user!

Kitely’s 2 free hours a month of access is plenty of time for a parent/teacher/student to check us out and start doing science activities. adding another 1000 minutes for a $5 is easy if they need more time

but . . . things change and the upcoming Kitely account changes may change what we do – Maria explored that more yesterday with Kitely pricing confuses; Zetamex steps up to cloud

i’m also basing this blog post and our future on Ilan’s plan change blog post and Maria’s earlier post

looks like there won’t be any more free minutes. this is unlike many other models such as

  • this blog, where we pay for hosting and domain name but you can read all day long or
  • flickr where you can host a million images and people can look at them all for free or
  • SL where a free account lets you explore all day long or
  • Inworldz which is just like SL with free membership or
  • Amazon where you don’t have to be a Prime member to shop and buy

the changes seem to mean that a parent/teacher/student can only visit us if we pay for their minutes or have a fixed monthly plan (the $100 one currently on the Kitely site – very affordable by SL standards). however, i know enough about the publishing business to say that it would be total fantasy to assume that subQuark’s workbook would sell enough to cover that cost

for Enclave Harbour, the hurdle of a $19.95 a month subscription will eliminate most of our prospective clients (especially if the book is priced at $9.95 to discourage photocopying)

due to JavaScript changes in browsers, the “no brainer” aspect viewer installation is gone. asking people to do installs and explaining how to do them is a hurdle for the mainstream. imagine if you had to install an app to access facebook or Twitter! adoption rates would be lower. this is outside of Kitely’s control but is a new stumbling block for Enclave Harbour

with the mystery about how the plans will be implemented, Kitely has succeeded is getting a lot of online press but also a lot of anxiety.  that’s a shame because i hope that the things i’ve said about Kitely in the last year and the 100 hours others have spent in my Kitely worlds have encouraged people to try virtual worlds

only time will tell (no pun intended) and we’ll have to wait until the new plans are rolled out to see what our options are

one of those options that we are contemplating is possibly giving away Enclave Harbour as a Sim-on-a-Stick build and only publishing a teacher workbook. the student activities would be free PDF downloads

this option is simply a way to share the work i’ve done and wouldn’t make much money (over 2 million new book titles were published last year and the average book sells less than 100 copies!)

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written by Ener Hax

December 21st, 2013 at 10:06 am

9 comments to 'Enclave Harbour’s future?'

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  1. Change is constant and those who can change do better in life (far less stressful).

    Madonna wanted to be a dancer and studied that for years before going to NYC. However, she seized the opportunity to be a singer and can now dance all she wants.

    Enclave Harbour will go on in some form and be a useful resource to a small niche group of students and teachers.

    David Miller

    21 Dec 13 at 10:13 am

  2. I’m in that small group and I appreciate your work. I’m a licensed science 6-12 teacher active in SL (8bitBiologist) and I will make sure my school invests when the workbook and SIM is ready – whatever platform its on. :)

    Enrique Cachafeiro

    21 Dec 13 at 10:30 am

  3. Minecraft.

    Graham Mills

    21 Dec 13 at 10:45 am

  4. Sorry, that was unduly cryptic. I was just thinking that if you release it then modding becomes a possibility. I might just as well have said “Willy Wonka”.

    Graham Mills

    21 Dec 13 at 11:46 am

  5. As I’m just throwing out ideas: advertising, sponsorship. But I’m guessing you considered and rejected all these ideas already, smart folk that you are. :)

    Graham Mills

    21 Dec 13 at 11:55 am

  6. I was hoping that Kitely & Pixie Viewer would have gotten together as they seemed a match made in prim-heaven. Certainly is a downer for a new user to have to install a viewer, learn how to use it and go through all that. It is, I am certain, the single greatest stumbling block to expansion and acceptance of OpenSim into the general public realm. Seems no-one at present has any ideas as to the status of Pixie so it may have even just fallen by the wayside which would be a sad thing indeed.

    The idea of including Enclave Harbour as an SOAS package sounds like a good one. Maybe other “packages” could be deployed or deployable with it.

    Good Luck & Have a Very Merry Christmas One & All !

    Steve Avro

    21 Dec 13 at 10:37 pm

  7. Another obvious thought would be to sell it in parts via the Kitely Marketplace, like Lego.

    re Pixie, I believe there was a timeline described at OSCC13 but can’t recall details though I suspect around this time was the earliest anticipated release. I dare say porting to other web-friendly platforms will have been considered?

    Graham Mills

    22 Dec 13 at 1:01 am

  8. Re Pixie, . The fact that it is quiet on the blog is not necessarily cause for concern — there was little advance notice when it first emerged either.

    Graham Mills

    22 Dec 13 at 4:41 am

  9. Not Christmas but Easter — due to bad accident to Sunny :(

    Graham Mills

    30 Dec 13 at 4:34 am

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