does Sim-on-a-Stick collect any of your data


yes – i collect Google Analytics data on website visits to ( redirects to i use that data to determine the number of monthly downloads and i also look at general demographics such as what countries have downloaded it. i don’t dig any deeper than that, but Google Analytics does capture the city and other information such as browser type, etc.

as far as being able to identify a street address or name of a person, Google Analytics doesn’t present that data to me. nor do i have any interest in collecting that info (maybe if i started my own USB stick company, i would try to send spam to you but that’s not likely!)

Google itself collects tons of data and there is a post in the “go to” links in the right sidebar that helps you reduce what they collect

however, the D2 Distro used in creating Sim-on-a-Stick does collect some info. fortunately, you read all documentation included with the various components of SoaS and already know this

“For licensing information, please see licenses in the Apache, diva-r20232-b, mowes, and php5 folders. Additional licenses, such as for MySQL, may also apply.”

but, just in case you missed it, here is an example of what D2 Distro collects and how to “opt out” from some of that

this info comes from here

  1. if you use the convenient update.exe feature, then your IP has to be used to deliver the updated files
  2. when you fire up OpenSim, the grid’s IP is added to an index of simulators for public searching. since the IP is your local machine, it doesn’t identify your box because your world is a standalone, one-person deployment  however, if you want to be certain no information is going out in this case, you can make a change to your MyWorld.ini file:

index_sims = false

i have no doubt that Diva would never do anything nefarious with that vague data but it’s also not up to me to decide what is right for you

if you are concerned with data collection, you can run SoaS without an internet connection (i used it yesterday for a few hours at home and my router’s been dead for two days)

and as Diva writes in her included documentation:


that seems simple enough, and don’t pay attention to that person with the pink hair in the tree across the street, she’s doing research on the local squirrels i believe . . . =D

update: see WhiteStar’s comment to understand what is being collected

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written by Ener Hax

January 2nd, 2013 at 10:13 am

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  1. […] does Sim-on-a-Stick collect any of your data – jan 2 what info is collected via Soas? […]

  2. Google Analytics and most any other software such as that cannot give you info sufficient to locate a person in the Real World. The best these can do is to provide the IP address you are using from your ISP. Depending on your ISP’s gateway port location, that is what will be shown as your IP address’ local.

    For Example:
    My IP (which is dynamic like most others) is registered to Primus-Canada.
    I’m in Ontario, their gateway port to the internet is in Markham Ontario.
    Markham Ontario is 600 km’s (+/-) from my actual location.
    From Markham to here, the only way it could be tracked back to my RL location is IF someone was inside the Primus Routers, which would require a court order (new crime bill makes that easy for cops) or some serious hacker OR Primus Staff doing their maintenance work.

    The DataSnapshot feature / function only collects data from items on a region which you have for sale, freebies etc. That collects the information about your land, products & materials for sale and sent to the search system… The same search system that the viewer uses to locate places, objects etc. (Provided you have a viewer that can use search on the grid your on).

    Diva populates the Metaverse Ink Search system from the DataSnapshot IF, the settings point to data_services=””

    OSgrid populates their search engine similarly except the DataSnapshot data is sent to data_services=””

    Hope this adds a little clarity to a potential murky pond of ideas.


    2 Jan 13 at 10:45 am

  3. thanks WhiteStar! excellent detail about what Diva collects – since 99.99% of people use SoaS as standalone, marking things for sale would only apply to yourself =)

    the amount of data collected online is phenomenal and i find it interesting in how it is used. some of my favourite uses are in determining if a vendor, such as a car repair shop, is good. looking at data such as invoice amounts (from CC transactions) and number of CC transactions per person can let you know if a repair shop did the job right the first time

    i also like info such as time a person spends in a place (like a coffee shop) as tracked by their phone’s location to indicate whether the place is good or inviting (long times with few CC transactions equal place friendly to hanging out)

    Ener Hax

    2 Jan 13 at 11:05 am

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