changing out solar panels and saving load time


i have been slowly redoing textures in Enclave Harbour mainly because i am a bit OCD on them. none were really bad but many of them i”m not sure of and as i replace them, i upload them to Flickr with the hope of having them better organised. as i do this, i am also moving to more 256 pixel squares and as many 128s as i can. a lot of my older textures were 512s

eh_solarCell128p8today i swapped out a solar cell that i had grabbed from CGI Textures for one that i made from scratch since it’s geometric and simple. the old one was a 512 pixels with a file size of 40 kilobytes; not so bad because it did have details like water marks on it. i don’t have water marks on the new one and, for our purposes, it still looks like a solar cell (amazing but true) =p

at 128 kilobyte, and completely made by me, i don’t worry about copyright and also save on total file size. what was 40 kilobytes is now 1.93 kb!

even after 6 years doing virtual world stuff, i’m still refining my building practices and textures are a aspect i have been lax with *bad, ener, bad! go to your room*

will 38 kilobytes be noticeable?

now at all, but my little OCD self is happy plus i have peace of mind about copyright and the ability to share it in the future, and i’ll tend to use it more in places that it fits in! =)


nicely scripted to follow the sun by DreamWalker – new textures at the top, old at bottom


after reading how Germany is massive into home solar, i thought i’d reflect that here (doh! pun!) =p

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written by Ener Hax

June 25th, 2012 at 5:55 am

posted in OpenSim

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2 comments to 'changing out solar panels and saving load time'

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  1. Very smart. Conservative prims everywhere thank you for your OCD-ness!

    Seriously, these little performance things you think about do add up, and make the OpenSim experience better for all. You rock, Ener Hax :)

    Besides, it’s more fun than RL OCD, which sometimes requires hand-washing, floor mopping, closet reorganization, and the likes, lol.



    25 Jun 12 at 11:41 pm

  2. no, not that OCD – no floor mopping! =p

    and my shoes are just tossed all over my closet floor!

    Ener Hax

    26 Jun 12 at 7:48 am

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