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Some of our readers liked the analytics I discussed in the past (website stats | twitter impact | twitter grade), so here are some more.

Ener ventured into Twitter a few months back and then Facebook last month and has done a great job in connecting with like-minded people (2900 Twitter followers, 1100 Facebook friends).

Any web-based business, including Second Life endeavors from clothing stores to land, can benefit from a social networking campaign. The nice thing about social media is that most of the tools are free.  From blogs to Twitter to many more, it comes down to the question of how driven you are.

Even though it does take work and time, it can also be fun (in Ener’s case – often silly, like the poutine and martini blog posts!). =D

The image below shows the number of “hits” this blog receives from various sources.


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written by subQuark

August 30th, 2009 at 12:12 am

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  1. Those are big numbers for two weeks. Twitter is highly underestimated by most businesses.

    Torli Duffy

    1 Sep 09 at 12:54 am

  2. That is an understatemnet Torli (by the way, hello, how have you been?). These numbers are very high. Your Ad Sense must be doing alright.

    Paul Mason

    2 Sep 09 at 11:52 pm

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