2000 private sims lost in 2013?


on Valentine’s this year i projected that Second Life could end 2013 with fewer than 18,000 private sims and that projection still holds true (based on Tyche Shepherd’s numbers)

that’s still a lot of sims by most measures except when measured against Second Life itself – at its peak, there were 26,605 private sims in 2008

that’s about a 30% loss since the media frenzied days of SL . . .


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written by Ener Hax

May 24th, 2013 at 8:21 am

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8 comments to '2000 private sims lost in 2013?'

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  1. So the loss is slowing down?


    24 May 13 at 9:55 am

  2. yes, the loss has slowed down which is a good sign. there probably is some ideal number that would match attrition with new purchases

    i would expect that next year would see a further slowing, unless LL does something drastic

    for example, the prospect of losing currency exchanges could have had a negative impact on this rate

    while losing 5 sims a month is certainly not growth (and in greedy corporate America that is downright horrible), it is better than losing 8 per month!

    perhaps 14,000 private sims is the optimal level? that would still be a heck of a revenue stream

    time will tell, but, for now, the bleeding has slowed down! =)

    Ener Hax

    24 May 13 at 10:15 am

  3. The decline might have slowed some but it’s still means there is absolutely no growth despite all the so-called improvements. And the claimed 10,000 plus daily sign-up’s are still not producing growth in the traffic generally. In fact that still seems to be dropping – certainly it feels like that in world. A huge number of regions are deserted and in-world sales are flat due to SL’s online MarketPlace site. And there is an awful lot of empty land for rent too.


    25 May 13 at 6:47 am

  4. i agree, i don’t know what that 10,000 signup a day number is supposed to be

    LL has been touting that as meaningful for years now but it seems that concurrency slowly declines regardless of those supposed 10k daily signups

    that 10k doesn’t mean anything if their revenues are falling!!!

    Ener Hax

    26 May 13 at 11:48 am

  5. LOL, I haven’t logged in to SL for a while, and I grabbed the new version 1.80 singularity viewer, as I haven’t been able to run the SL viewer since v3.2, because I cant get newer grafix drivers, and logged in a avatar or two I still had on SL.

    I found the grid seemingly emptier than I remembered it was, and these were event sims too… I found a few new island sims I had not visited before, and got chased around by some zombies, and then teleported to an infohub, where there was lots of grey avatars (bots?). so I guess nothing much has changed… one of my avatars bought a new mesh top as well…

    Ener, they are losing 5 to 8 sims a day, not a month as you stated. (must have been a typo I guess)
    (oh btw, Chris is my avatar name on inworldz, but I haven’t logged into any virtual world much lately, too much RL happening)

    chris haylerson

    1 Jun 13 at 7:23 pm

  6. I am just wondering if this is an example of “people power”, or if it is just SL having too many sims to sell.. I would tend to think the first.
    There might be always be a market for this, but I think the boom days are definatly over.

    chris haylerson

    3 Jun 13 at 5:30 am

  7. I would say that this 10k signups per day are mostly the Alts.
    Several years ago everybody was happy with just one account, today each of my friends has at least 3 alts (extrem is one person I know having more then 80 alts), using them for different purposes, starting from taking parts in different contests and finishing with attacking other people anonymously or to be unfaithfull to his/her SL partner.
    So it means really nothing.
    And each decrease is naturally slowing down, you can hardly expect when there will be few hundreds sims left that same number per day will disapear. Its hard to tell, but more exact value would be percentage of sims which disapears each month…

    Martinek MartinSyde

    6 Aug 13 at 5:45 am

  8. woof, that’s a lot of alts but for sure they do make up a good number of them

    lol, people unfaithful inSL? no way! =D

    Ener Hax

    8 Aug 13 at 8:33 am

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