Sim-on-a-Stick 0.8 post fixes

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back in August, Diva made an update to include fixes made to OpenSim 0.8 after its official release

finally, these “post fixes” have been rolled into the installer and zip package of Sim-on-a-Stick. this should mean better performance with fewer crashes

have fun and happy holidays! =)


floating campus made in SoaS

see for a handful of starter SoaS OARs, and other freebies, free for your use


UPDATE (dec 17, ’14): it looks like an additional line of code in the opensim.exe.config file will help SoaS run better. i’m checking it out with an expert (Austin who alerted me) to make sure i add it properly. you can read up on it and do this mod yourself. i’ll add another update once i rebuild the installer and zip files for the downloads =)

here’s the link:

UPDATE (about 30 mins later): all new and improved with the Austin Tate fix!  =) thank you Austin!

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written by Ener Hax

December 16th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

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update from the real world


lots of time has passed since my blabbing everyday. 45 months straight of never missing a day with an average of 1.4 posts per day (lots of hot air! turns out that i’m the cause of global warming) =p

i truly enjoyed blogging that much and building up a zillion twitter followers. but after the Kitely billing change that left Enclave Harbour high and dry, the drive to continue in the virtual world was gone

the same happened with Second Life, i was looking for a hobby that would at least pay for itself and maybe make lunch money. but Jack Linden took that away. actually, Linden lab or Kitely isn’t to blame for any of that. the issue was with me putting my faith in things i have no control over

i don’t regret any of it, it was a heck of a learning experience

Second Life was intense with 19 sims and spending up to 40+ hours a week (on top of a day job). Torley will always be in my heart – he helped show me a wonderful world where you can create almost anything  =)

OpenSim’s been, and continues to be, awesome

i do think my year of building Enclave Harbour was a bit of a waste, only because no one is using it. but who knows, David and I sometimes talk about completing the workbook and giving the actual OpenSim build away free on a special version of Sim-on-a-Stick (but it would have to be with no support at all and it has some small projects needing about 20 hours of solid work to complete)

the last build of SoaS was actually done by David and now i see that there is a later version, 0.8.3, that should be applied (adding it to my list). you can run the update function though and it will grab that from Diva’s site  =)

so where is OpenSim for me now?

it’s a tool for creating 3D art fast. it’s a bazillion times faster than Blender and i still love making things, but they need to be for a purpose. that purpose will be Mint Tin Villagers that i blogged about here

my OpenSim spaceships that you can get at and maybe still in InWorldz did actually make it into David’s fabulously successful Kickstarter and over 1000 games with it are going out all over the world (a true invasion!)  =)

in Mint Tin Villagers, there are cards that represent parts of a village (imagine that!) and all of those will be created via SoaS by yours truly

have a great weekend and be creative in everything you do! =)

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written by Ener Hax

November 14th, 2014 at 2:34 pm

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Sim-on-a-Stick for game art


last month i created an OpenSim graphic for possible use in one of subQuark‘s Mint Tin Games

i’m thrilled that it was used for the final deck of Mint Tin Aliens and six copies of that game have already been sold (even though the Kickstarter isn’t for another month) =)

it fit the style of the other graphics well and we then used OpenSim images for the game label. i’ve always thought of OpenSim as a nice way to create 3D graphics for other uses and subQuark has spoken at conferences about using Second Life and OpenSim for this purpose (you can see pics of the actual games on subQ’s blog, where this article will also be published)

if you’ve followed this blog in the past, and others for Second Life, you’ve probably seen Wagner Au talk about subQuark’s use of Sim-on-a-Stick for hospitality training videos and for creating 3D art for advertising agencies to show their clients what product displays can look like in cinema lobbies


playtest card

anyway . . . we are working on another game, Mint Tin Villagers, and subQuark decided we should see about using OpenSim for most of the card art. this game has medieval villagers trying to complete a village before winter sets in and has village cards and merchant cards

the village cards are 2-sided and include a forest for lumber, mountain for iron ore, field for a cow pasture and so on. one side of the village card has the undeveloped resource (like a mountain) and the other side will have it developed (iron ore mine). the merchant cards are things like a pick axe, milking stool, whiskey barrel, and so on (thankful, i have some things like that already built) =)

today i fired up Sim-on-a-Stick 0.8 and used Singularity for my first real time. i wanted nice shadows and graphics and that viewer seems to do a good job (plus i can understand it)

i’m thrilled with the results and will go on to create the other cards, which means creating things like a cheese shop and pub, but only top views


first draft graphics

it’s exciting to use OpenSim for this purpose (and way easier and faster than Blender)

if you’ve never made 3D graphics, I’d encourage you to give Sim-on-a-Stick a try – it’s free and you’ll see how fast it is to learn and to build stuff

the “first draft graphics” here uses stuff that’s all included and is simply doing some terrain editing and using default pine trees. it took me less than 10 minutes to download SoaS and build what you see

the rectangles in the screenshot below are my building guides for making this the right aspect ratio for mini poker cards

have fun! w00t! =D


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written by Ener Hax

August 23rd, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Mint Tin Aliens – in OpenSim!


it’s been a while since i’ve posted – i can’t keep away from OpenSim, especially as a creative tool =)

so when subQuark asked for graphics help for Mint Tin Aliens (a 10 minute, 2 player game), i thought of the two quirky UFOs i had built in the past

those are available free on and i actually downloaded those models plus Sim-on-a-Stick so that i could create this away from home (incidentally, you can use the Update function that Diva has built into Sim-on-a-Stick – Update.exe in diva-r23797 > bin)

not sure if this image will be suitable for the game, but the rest of the playing cards in it are of a cartoony style, so fingers crossed!  =D


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written by Ener Hax

July 16th, 2014 at 3:24 pm

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a six leaf clover

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the thing is, the little seacoast town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is across the river from the US Navy yard that works on nuclear submarines . . . =D

in addition to the last post, i found a 5 leaf clover too! here you can see two 4 leaf clovers in these pics in addition to the 6 leafed one (these pics are all the same clovers, just slightly diff angles)


click to see larger


click to see larger


click to see larger

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written by Ener Hax

June 12th, 2014 at 2:28 pm

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need some luck?


last year subQuark nearly plucked a four leaf clover from the lawn but i suggested he leave it and there would be more this year =)

clover4 clover3 clover2 clover1

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written by Ener Hax

May 23rd, 2014 at 3:33 pm

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what a great run – a virtual one


wow, i’ve been in VWs since mid 2006 and have experienced a lot of interesting things

com "the making of A Life Transformed"

me with dark wings for “A Life Transformed”

from my first 4096 parcel and building a Deaf artist’s gallery complete with a gala grand opening to 19 sims and 101 tenants. i truly loved Second Life and am so glad that i documented my avatar’s journey through it all

15,000 pics on flickr, a few dozen videos, over 2000 blog posts, and 46K followers – hitting the top 1.72% of global web traffic . . .

from Second Life to Reaction Grid to SimHost to Kitely to Sim-on-a-Stick


my office on my first sim – Enerville =)

all those numbers are important to me but don’t really mean much else – earmarks in a lifelong journey =)

the numbers that are meaningful are the friends i’ve made along the way – from n00bs when i was a Second Life Mentor to long lasting friends that stay in touch via email

so many awesome people, so many awesome friends, so many awesome memories

the last chapter of this book is done and that means a new book is starting – who knows the memories that will create, but i bet they’ll be awesome too =)


the future’s always bright when you face the sun and Ener Hax will live on as the hero in a semi post-apocalyptic novel – funny, all that time spent making fallout shelters in the virtual world will be shared with an even broader audience! =D

namas te!


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written by Ener Hax

May 20th, 2014 at 8:18 am

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Spanish version of Sim-on-a-Stick

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i think this is a Spanish version of SoaS and if you are fluent, read the comment below and let me know if it isn’t, but Google Translate seems to say it is

also, download at your own risk, i haven’t checked it for viruses – but i have no reason to believe it would be nefarious

lol, i don’t understand what that link actually is! derr on me! is it an FTP with the creds listed below?

any brave and intrepid testers, please let us know – this would be nice

if it is a working Spanish version, that’s very cool and it’s all thanks to Nestor Fernandez Sanchez =)

original comment:

Bien, no he recibido comentarios acerca de mi versión OpenSim en español.
Dejo la liga donde pueden bajarla, incluye instrucciones en español y un arreglo para instalar de forma fácil. En síntesis, una vez que se corre Mowes se abre una página Web con la siguiente instrucción.
También, en la carpeta principal viene un archivo .html que les lleva a una serie de páginas para ajustar regiones, visor y recomendaciones de sitios Web para bajar archivos OAR e IAR.

Nota: Todo el paquete se integró en archivo ZIP. Para descargarlo hay que usar login y password (es un espacio FTP). En la página siguiente están las claves y la liga respectiva al FTP:
Ficha y datos para bajar archivo

what Translate says:

Well, I have not received feedback on my OpenSim version in Spanish.
I leave the link where you can download it includes instructions in Spanish and a fix to install easily. In short, once Mowes runs a Web page with the following statement opens.
Also, in the main folder is an html file. Leads them to a series of pages to adjust regions, visor and recommendations of Web sites to download OAR and IAR files.

Note: The whole package was integrated into ZIP file. To download you have to use login and password (FTP is a space). On the next page are the keys and the respective link to FTP:
Listing data loss and file

Nestor also posted this comment (this is why i believe this is legit but i’m pretty trusting)  =)

I commented to you: THANKS to you and new version of OpenSimulator to USB, I have managed to install my own virtual world. Honestly, it was a task I tried to do for years and I could not.
It is easier now!!!. However, the instructions to install OpenSim are in languages I can not understand well (I’m Mexican).
Now that I have achieved, I made a few changes to the original files for people who speak Spanish can install an easier way of your virtual world.
As you are the creator of all development OpenSim, I want to share this release ( I hope the validated and taken into account in your downloads page. Just ask for it, I will send to you.
Les comento: gracias a ustedes y a la nueva versión de OpenSimulator a USB, he logrado instalar mi propio mundo virtual. Sinceramente, fue una tarea que traté de hacer durante años y no pude.
Es más fácil ahora! Sin embargo, las instrucciones para instalar OpenSim están en idiomas que no entiendo bien (soy mexicano).
Ahora que lo he conseguido, he realizado algunos cambios a los archivos originales para las personas que hablan español puedan instalar de forma más fácil su mundo virtual.
Como ustedes son los creadores de OpenSim, quiero compartir mi aportación ( Espero que la validen y se tome en cuenta en la página de descargas. Sólo hay que preguntar por ella y se las enviaré (116 MB).

thanks Nestor!  =)

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written by Ener Hax

May 13th, 2014 at 9:34 am

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virtual worlds, oculus rift, facebook – the future? not in my opinion


in 2006 i got hooked big time on Second Life

over the next few years i’d build a 19 sim estate and have 101 tenants, post 15,000 images on flickr, get in the top 1.7% of web traffic, and garner 45k twitter followers. i even had nearly 4,000 facebook friends in january 2010 when facebook disabled my avatar account (probably shouldn’t have said i was a fake person in the fb bio!) =D

Second Life and virtual worlds were going to take over the world and IBM, Best Buy, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and so many other huge companies thought so too

remember Google’s O3D or Lively – the HTML embedded 3D rooms – now they’re wikipedia entries . . .

what about Oculus Rift?

facebook thought they were worth buying and Mark Zuckerberg is certainly a zillion times more enterprising than i’ll ever be but i can still pontificate and share my opinions

i would love to hear your opinions too because it’s opinions that made facebook wildly successful and also opinions that held SL back from taking over the world in 2006. your opinions are the votes that decide what the next big thing is and what becomes mainstream

my fallback reasoning for my opinion is looking at the web today. it’s by far mostly text

this blog with over 2000 posts, New World Notes written by the guy that was hired by SL to be their chronicler, and Maria’s Hypergrid Business – we all pontificate about virtual worlds and do so as deeply impassioned voices

but how many of those articles are done via video from the virtual world?

i could have done that here and Maria could do that just like Huffington Post has dozens of video blog posts per day (smooth eh Maria? lumped you in with Huff Post!)  =)

so why isn’t it done?

doing a news story at a desk as an avatar and posting to YouTube isn’t a heavy lift

text still rules supreme – it’s fast both in access and getting info, easily translatable (see sidebar for free 52 language translations), easy to digest, and cross-platform and multi-device compatible

the US government has been on the side of net neutrality (at least in saying so) but it’s now starting to shift and see why big companies like AT&T want to have their own “fast lanes” for their customers like Netflix (“it’ll be better the consumer”)

in our legally defined corporations are people country here in the US, it’s only a matter of time before we see high-priced access to the internet for some services. i believe there will always be a free part but it won’t be an even playing field anymore

and that’s a shame . . . =(

Oculus Rift made it big by starting on Kickstarter which is easy to access for most of the world

what happens when the internet isn’t so fast and isn’t so free?

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written by Ener Hax

April 24th, 2014 at 8:17 am

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why the spike in Sim-on-a-Stick downloads


it’s been weird not writing everyday and even though i ended the 45 month daily-post-a-thon over a year ago (feb 17th, 2013), it still tugs at me. often i miss it quite a bit, but i guess doing something so routinely becomes a habit

other times, i wonder why i did it at all? *must be loco en la cabeza* o_O

that one’s easy – because i love the creativity people can have with OpenSim and Second Life =)

*dang, over a year since i stepped back? holy crap*

anyway, in reporting the Sim-on-a-Stick monthly download numbers to Maria, i’ve noticed that they seem higher than normal. i took at look at the google analytics for that site

from the chart below, which shows unique visitors and not total traffic, you can see that new daily visitors “stepped up” and has stayed elevated as of last october – going from an average of about 35 a day to around 145 per day!

october 13th saw the update of SoaS and its website to version 0.7.6 but no other version updates ever did that to site traffic

is 0.7.6 just that much better? is it because the SoaS site is a true HTML5 site and easier to find?

since i haven’t done daily blogging, traffic here has dropped off and that typically affects SoaS – but not in this case

i can’t draw any definitive conclusion as to why the adoption of SoaS’s Opensim has increased, but clearly OpenSim is seeing more use


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written by Ener Hax

March 28th, 2014 at 9:40 am

has Second Life private sim loss hit bottom?


over the past few years, Second Life has been losing private sims like mad. and that means beaucoup bucks in monthly subscriptions and it’s something i tend to post about every 4 to 8 weeks

thanks to chris haylerson’s comment on the last such post, i took a closer look at this year. keep in mind that it’s early to make big conclusions, but the rate of loss in the first two months of 2014 is much less than it has been in the past

two years ago, the average daily loss of private sims was 8 per day o_O

last year it was about 5 per day!

in the first 63 days of 2014, that’s down to only 1.2 sims per day

it’s still a loss but way less than it’s been in a while – is this the bottom?


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written by Ener Hax

March 7th, 2014 at 8:05 am

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Lani Physical Vehicle Flight Engine v3 for ODE


the fab Lani Global (fab in crazy building skillz and particularly mad scripting skillz – no particle pun intended) has graciously shared a very cool vehicle script and in her own words

These scripts are suitable for: Starship, Spacecraft, Hovercraft, Hoverpod, HoverJet, Helicopter, Ornithopter, Submarine, Flying Wing, Airplane, Aeroplane, Whirly Bird, Magic Carpet, Starships, Death Stars, Galactic Ships, Space Ships, Spaceship, and other types of vehicles.


i can’t wait to get home and try this out on my hovercraft which currently needs a ginormous invisi prim to keep it from flipping over!  =D

get her awesome script here!

ps3000_031also check out her other scripts on that same page, like head lights, running lights, and even landing gear! o_O

dang, the landing gear would be uber cool for my kookie free spaceships!

PS.3000 | Roswell ’52 Saucer

thanks Lani! =)


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written by Ener Hax

February 25th, 2014 at 8:57 am

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Hax Nuit inspires


Hax Nuit is the inspiration for subQuark’s Zombalamba game. it’s a board game we’re working on and making a non-computer thing is a refreshing change of pace (and a nice break from relentless InDesign typesetting, ugh)

2014-02-02 11.13

Bella the cat! – Isabella! she’s a huge help and loves to get rid of zombies in her own way!

but how friggin’ cool is what Graham Mills is doing with Hax Nuit!?!

this is paraphrased from him from the Kitely forum:

“The NPC’s behaviour forms the basis of various epidemiological puzzles. I do find that having a build like Hax Nuit to work from helps me get past the “blank page” block.”

for the lay person, that means ZOMBIES! (not really but kinda close, the CDC did a zombie preparedness page btw) =)

NPCs were my dream for Hax Nuit when i hooked up with Ohn Lang, but she suddenly poofed and was never heard from again (prob my fault, my avatar stinks – never changes her underwear! ewww) =p

thanks Graham for thinking of such a clever project for university students and thanks Keith for bringing this to my attention and the suggested fix for a better performing OAR!

ps – i think i’ve mentioned the origin of the name Hax Nuit and here it is again. it’s a french derivation for the nickname of this abandoned city – Hacker’s Sleepless City (which is what i used to get the Chinese name from Google Translate). the real world inspiration for this build was the Kowloon Walled City which was an unregulated and ungoverned area in Hong Kong. i wanted it to be a literal island for both OpenSim purposes and to convey the feel of the real Kowloon. i also wanted it to feel isolated and distant from any mainland and have been a long ago colony of France (the french colonised lots of the far east but not Hong Kong as far as i know). so Hax is short for hacker (and oddly enough, my name too) and Nuit is frog for night – Hacker’s night – Hax Nuit, which i envision sounds like Hacks Knew It

UPDATE: Dot and the Devokan Trust have Hax Nuit in Kitely!

consider this as official as possible – the Devokan Trust can do anything they like with the Hax Nuit OAR,  including commercial use, and they do not need to give attribution


Graham Mills unleashes an epidemic in Hax Nuit! run!!! =) image credit – Graham Mills

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written by Ener Hax

February 14th, 2014 at 8:38 am

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Hax Nuit now free to all!


i read Guy Kawasaki’s book APE which is about book self-publication. it’s an excellent and easy read. it has loads of real examples on how to do it all. if you’ve ever thought of writing a book, i highly recommend APE

apart from teaching me more about publishing, it changed my perspective on my OpenSim work

how so?

i’m glad you asked. Guy gives an example of an author who published a book and sold less than 26 copies in the first two months. he then set the eBook version free for two days and had 2,500 copies downloaded. free! he didn’t make a penny from those 2,500 copies BUT he was listed all over the web and now sells thousands of copies a month!

giving it away for free led to more abundance than he had before

it’s easy to hold your work tight and, while i don’t sell anything in OpenSim, my work has value to me. however if i keep it to myself, especially now that it’s offline, i’m the only one that thinks it has any value (or that my skillz have any worth)

Hax Nuit isn’t a building masterpiece by any stretch, but it is an example of modular building and what can be created in less than two weeks. the building textures are simple and just white with shadowing – that allowed for only one texture to be used for all of the outside walls and simply tinting those walls allowed for different coloured buildings

i’ve written posts chronicling my thoughts on the modular building approach and the city actually only took a few hours to erect (to what?!?) o_O

anyway, the main gist of the build and my thoughts about it’s use are in the perpetual link on the side bar (here)

but now Hax Nuit is free to anyone as an OAR! w00t! =D

i’d love to see it get used by an RP group and see it get all modded (totally a CC license – build, adapt, mod, blow up, fold, spindle, and/or mutilate)

i don’t expect any one to host it free like InWorldz is with the freebie store (thanks Tranq!) because it’s a wee bit large at 37,488 prims! o_O

but maybe you’ll like it (and find all the hidden loot – Wow Loot! or w00t!) =)

or maybe you can stress test your 16 region SoaS with it – 16 times Hax Nuit is 599,808 prims! o_O

get Hax Nuit free today!


four modules laid out as building guides


modules being duplicated as a test


planning the underground labyrinth and the access points (green balls)


lost temple maze leading to a golden trumpet


laying out a two story maze on the street level using balls to mark entrances and ladders – these mazes were generated with an online maze program


stairwells were also modular and placed first – the floating floors are ready for shift duplicating


once built, each building was edited in place, removing doors, placing trash, adding some lights, making holes in floors, blocking hallways, and adding loot! like the golden temple cat hidden in a fridge

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written by Ener Hax

February 13th, 2014 at 8:08 am

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the size of a person is measured by the size of their problems


some drama on a G+ group was brought to my attention by my fave goth VW scripter

some noise about my freebie store (seriously? my simple prim stuff? nothing magical, no fancy textures, and not even any scripting) =p

first off, i have a wonderful and respectful relationship with Tranq. he’s helped me with hours of advice and step-by-step instructions to get my machine running properly =)

secondly, when Kitely changed its access options, the loss of the two hour a month free access for free accounts hosed our Enclave Harbour access plans. it’s no longer feasible and that was a call made by subQuark and myself. Enclave Harbour is on the back burner but will eventually be realised (it is important to us – SubQ taught middle and high school for years and i’m a direct result of a positive role model for my college science and math studies). Enclave Harbour will either be hosted by nice people (two awesome offers) or given away free (now that Mac SoaS exists, that might be reasonable)

rather than continuing to pay $35 a month for something that we’d never use, we dropped it and that meant me losing the extra sims i had for the freebie shop and Hax Nuit (yes, yes, yes, i know that Kitely’s awesome, i’ve blogged about that a bunch)

and for me, what’s the point of having the shop or Hax Nuit up if i wasn’t going to tweak them (i can’t see spending $19.95 a month and yes, yes, yes, i could have created multiple accounts – but there’s only one me)

when i decided to drop the store i thought of Tranq and maybe paying back the favour, plus have this content available to InWorldz people (including my top two old timer friends and my fave Swedish meatball). the content had been online for a year at for anyone to snag and then exclusively on Kitely for a year (favouritism!)

i asked Tranq if he was interested in any of the store’s content or the entire thing; he was thrilled and i was happy, what a concept – two friends helping each other out and feeling good about life – virtual and real (i <3 and respect Tranq very much) =)

anyways, i added notes in italics into excerpts from that G+ group to put in my canadian two cents:

” . . .  remove the shop from Kitely when likely they will become Hypergrid enabled . . . Ener’s freebies would have been available to a much bigger public . . . Still, it’s her decision but I do wonder why she didn’t add a little freebie shop to Hax Nuit before she downgraded. She could have added some freebies to Kitely market too.”

ugh, forget about duplicating my work with the Kitely market! it was already free and why would i want to spend hours figuring out that noise? i’m not a merchant, i don’t sell anything

and i can’t figure out how i would add the store to Hax Nuit – the store is the size of an entire sim and Hax Nuit has over 35K prims. to me the store’s scale makes it fun, not so much the contents, and tossing my chairs into a shop in Hax Nuit makes no sense for an abandoned walled city

“Still, I wish Ener every success at Inworldz with her freebie shop.”

aww and thank you, but you do realise that i am not in InWorldz and how do you have success with freebie stuff? i don’t have any near future plans to login – i’m kind of busy with a full time job, a part time job, and a family. it’s now InWorldz’s shop and their content, and frankly, there’s no way i’m sweeping the floor of that giganto 16 acre shop every night!  =p

“What I find good about this is now it is obvious that despite those grid owners saying they do not play favorites, this shows folks they in fact, do. Nothing wrong with giving someone a free region at all, to my thinking, just be upfront and real about it.”

doh on ass-umptions – and why is imagining a nefarious endeavor ever a “good” thing? i don’t have a free region! the store is evidently a full region, but it’s not mine anymore and i’m flattered that the InWorldz team thought it was fun too (if you haven’t been, i think it’s rather unique, i’ve never seen anything built to this scale) *pats self on the back*

and who played favourites? it was free online, then in Kitely, and now InWorldz (hmm, maybe i get around too much!) – i asked Tranq if he wanted some or all of my freebie OAR – it’s my stuff, i do what i like with it. it’s now part of the freebies InWorldz offers its residents

guess what, you can do what you like with your prims too =O

hmm, i’m asked subQuark at lunch today if he wanted some of my shrimp quesadilla because i didn’t eat it all, is that favouritism? (it’s my favourite for sure!) YUM! =)

“Tho [sic] I suspect if this got out some other [sic] probably would not like it to [sic] much, but that’s their own fault. I doubt they would admit to this openly or in their own forums.”

if what gets out? that someone gave some prim objects to someone else? it’s not a winning lotto ticket or the cure for cancer. ugh, i don’t have a free sim in InWorldz or anywhere else either (i deleted Hax Nuit yesterday – that’s tomorrow’s post). shhh, since this might spread in forums, don’t tell anyone that i’m a french canadian jew with a big nose and maybe even chlamydia, that’s a secret and isn’t that the excessive love of clams linguine anyway? *ewww* o_O

“. . . Ener has stated she did not like the Kitely costing changes [while not apparently fully understanding them and still much lower than inwz], it is a full region OAR she gave David, and that OAR is loaded into inwz…unless Ener has decided it is ok to pay inwz 75 a mth, of course.”

nope, i don’t pay nobody nuthin’ and yep, i’m an idiot not understanding enough (certainly not able to understand that $35 a month is less than $75, but it sure is less than the $2,920 i was paying SL!) but i am learning to tie my shoes – the only OpenSim home i claim now is Sim-on-a-Stick! \o/ FTW! for the effing win!

“In any case, giving OARs to others is common in the Meta, and as Talla said, it is Ener’s choice to do as she wishes with it.”

yay, thanks for allowing me free will (i knew i left socialist canada for some reason – damn poutine eating frogs) *shakes fist while looking north*

“And it does not matter anyways, inwz won’t ever be anything other than a small niche grid while the rest of the HG’ed Meta continues to move forward.”

gee, that’s mean spirited and if it doesn’t matter, why bring it up? i know that my dear friends like it there and i heart Tranq, so i’m as happy as a clam (doh on the clam reference!) =D

so there! na-na, na-na, boo-boo! =p

btw, “na-na, na-na, boo-boo” is an example of my new fave word – onomatopoeia!

flame on ya flamers! =D

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written by Ener Hax

February 11th, 2014 at 9:25 pm

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